Grocery stores say prepare for heavy lines ahead of Super Bowl weekend

first_imgCustomers like Judy Smith says she was prepared for the long lines. Nearly every register was open at Wegman’s Friday afternoon filled with customers shopping for their Super Bowl parties and Wegman’s service manager Rusty Dewing says it will only get busier throughout the weekend. Customers say the key to Super Bowl shopping is having a grocery list and patience. While workers at the store made sure Super Bowl food essentials such as chips and dip, veggie trays, and chicken wings were front and center. “Normally I would be out earlier than today but normally it’s great. It’s fine and you put up with the crowds anytime it’s a holiday weekend or something else is going on. You just have to expect it,” said Smith. With kickoff approaching, Wegmans says Saturday might be your best bet to get that last minute party food. JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) – All eyes will be on the TV Sunday for Super Bowl 54, but before game day comes a lot of preparation. “It is, I believe, the second biggest food holiday of the year… and with that being said we are very busy,” said Dewing. “You can come anytime from Saturday until Saturday evening. It’s going to be busy no matter what. But the thing is… Sunday morning is going to be the craziest and it’s going to be the busiest until about 3:00 P.M. …because that’s around the time people will start concentrating on their parties,” said Patty Darrow, the head of knowledge based service at Wegmans. “We got our Monster Wing Bar. That’s a huge variety of wings that people can mix and match throughout the day. That’s on Sunday morning,” said Dewing. “If you follow your list, you’ll be fine. If you start veering off that, you’ll end up spending more. It happens all the time,” said Smith.last_img read more

Village of Endicott residents could soon see lower energy costs, all while going green

first_imgBy switching to solar energy, residents could see an eight to ten percent savings. You also won’t have to put solar panels on your home. “People don’t have to do anything different, you just have to connect to it,” said Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson. According to the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, using solar power instead of fossil fuels helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants in the air. By diversifying ventures into clean energy production, it’s all part of a plan for Endicott to become a hub for clean energy. Officials are looking at a possible solar farm for the village. The move would cut costs for not only residents but also for village operations. This latest project on solar energy is in an effort to branch out Endicott’s economic capabilities. “[We can] save the taxpayers money because this is going to save on our electric that we pay for the wastewater, the airport,” said Jackson. center_img (WBNG) — Village of Endicott leaders say they want Endicott to be a clean energy capital. In an effort to go green, officials say they may have found a way to reduce energy waste and your energy bill. “We had everything into IBM. IBM left and we died. Solar is just another different direction we can go in,” said Jackson. Endicott Deputy Mayor Cheryl Chapman is meeting with solar energy companies this week to discuss the project and how it will move forward.last_img read more