11 Companies That Let You Work Remotely

first_imgParexelCompany Description: “At Parexel our ability to do what we do starts with all of us each and every day. Our compassion, drive and commitment to patient health combines to create a deep level of caring that is authentic to our customers and to each other.”Open Roles: Medical Director, Project Director, Vice President of Technical Compliance SME, Clinical Operations Leader, Principal Consultant, Senior Director of Project Leadership, Clinical Site Manager, Senior Medical Writer, Recruiter, Senior Consultant & more.What Employees Say: “Best work culture and work life balance.” —Former Senior Drug Safety Specialistyour_label Technical Support Remote Reps LLC Pinedale, WY 23 hours ago 23h N/A Part Time CDL Instructor – West Valley CR England – Remote Office Salt Lake City, UT Grand RoundsCompany Description: “Grand Rounds is a new kind of healthcare company. Founded in 2011, the company is on a mission to raise the standard of healthcare for everyone, everywhere.”Open Roles: Provider Partnerships Manager, Senior Workforce Planning Analyst, Senior Director of GTM Strategic Partner, Specialist Staff Physician, Social Worker, Clinician Manager, Director of Strategic AllianceWhat Employees Say: “Great company growing incredibly fast to become one of the front runners of digital healthcare disruption in the US.” —Current Employeeyour_label 3.1★ 23 hours ago 23h Instructor Remote Medical International Seattle, WA 2.8★ Unmanned ISR Pilot Remote Imagery Technologies, Inc North Las Vegas, NV Hot New Jobs For You UnitedHealth GroupCompany Description: “Our mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help the health care system work better for everyone.”Open Roles: Per Diem Home Infusion RN, Full Time Home Health RN, Home Health RN $3000 Sign-On Bonus, Home Infusion Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Director of Nursing RN Home Infusion, Clinical Coordinator Home Infusion & more.What Employees Say: “Culture seems to be a high priority for the company (Stems from Wickman & Hemsley, which is good) and the benefits are decent (Including the ESOP).” —Current IT Program Manageryour_label PPDCompany Description: “We are vital links. Between a pharmaceutical and biotechnological innovation and a drug delivered. Between an idea for a cure and a population that needs it. We are the people of PPD—thousands of employees in locations worldwide connected by tenacity and passion for our purpose: to improve health.”Open Roles: Senior/Principal Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Director of Regulatory Consulting, Clinical Scientist, Remote Site Manager & more.What Employees Say: “In addition to an excellent offering of management, clinical and personal development training modules, PPD also offers many paths and options for advancement in the industry of both early and late phase drug development.” —Former Employee – Director Phase I Clinic Pharmacy Servicesyour_label 23 hours ago 23h Supoprt.comCompany Description: “Support.com is a full-spectrum leader in technical support solutions for businesses and consumers.”Open Roles: Associate Operations Manager — Contact Center, Associate Operations Manager, Sr. Operations Manager, Client Services Technician, Chief Operating Officer, Personal Technology Expert, Technical Customer Solutions Professional & more.What Employees Say: “This is my first work at home position and I love it. Promotion for within as long as you are willing to go for it. Learn what you can learn as they are always willing to help you, but you have to want it There are pay for performance and if you are willing to perform you will make extra pay for that great performance. 401K, Medical, Dental, Vision. All the bells and whistles you could ask for.” —Current Supervisoryour_label N/A Traveling Nurse Remote Reps LLC Pinedale, WY IntuitCompany Description: “At Intuit, we’re building solutions to challenging financial problems for our 50 million customers. Through our products, TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint, we’re helping consumers, small business owners, and the self-employed achieve their dreams of prosperity.”Open Roles: Credentialed Tax Professional, Credentialed Bilingual Tax Advisor, Bilingual Spanish Tax Expert, Seasonal Tax Expert Lead, Tax Expert Canada Remote, Tax Advisor Enrolled Agent or Attorney, Remote Credentialed Tax Professional & more.What Employees Say: “Great training; great base pay; employee-friendly; management is very supportive of nurturing employees and wants you to engage with customers to find a solution for them rather than just selling.” —Current Inbound Salesyour_label N/A In Store Shopper Remote Reps LLC Pinedale, WY 23 hours ago 23h Auth0!Company Description: “Auth0 is a pre-IPO unicorn. We are growing rapidly and looking for exceptional new team members to add to our teams and will help take us to the next level. One team, one score.”Open Roles: Full Stack Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Open Application, Product Manager, Platform infrastructure Engineer, UI Engineer, Principal Engineer, Backend Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, R&D Content Architect, Sr. Design Producer, Engineering Manager & more.What Employees Say: “Amazing company, great people, great support, great leadership, great culture, great benefits, great product.” —Current ADRyour_label Regional Director – Outpatient Services UHS Corporate Office – Remote Orlando, FL N/A Truck Wash Bay Technician & Detailer CR England – Remote Office Casa Grande, AZ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h View More Jobs N/A The growing trend for work flexibility has taken over the country. From health care to communications to tech, each industry offers roles that can be executed from the comfort of your own home. Whether the trend reflects companies’ desires to cut back on expenses or to provide employees with much-desired options, the benefits are all ours.According to employee reviews on Glassdoor, here are great companies that are hiring remote workers.RackspaceCompany Description: “At Rackspace, we accelerate the value of the cloud during every phase of digital transformation. By managing apps, data, security and multiple clouds, we are the best choice to help customers get to the cloud, innovate with new technologies and maximize their IT investments.”Open Roles: Professional Services Project Manager, Senior Account Manager, Client Executive-Enterprise, Senior ERP Project Manager, Alliance Partner Sales Manager, ERP Project Manager, Senior Full Stack Developer, Product Manager IV, Software Developer IV, Security Engineer III & more.What Employees Say: “Great team! Solution Architecture leadership genuinely care about individuals and developing their careers and providing career development opportunities. Pay and benefits are good. Campus, canteen, parking and facilities are of a high standard, which more than makes up for the location. Free breakfast and ad-hoc free lunches. Racker culture!” —Current Solutions Architectyour_label 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Rosetta StoneCompany Description: “Rosetta Stone Inc. is dedicated to changing people’s lives through the power of language and literacy education.”Open Roles: English Online Language Tutor, Spanish Online Language Tutor, German Online Language Tutor, K-12 Field Marketing Specialist, Corporate Account Executive, K12 Language Account Executive, British English Online Language Tutor, Sr. Retail Account Manager & more.What Employees Say: “The HR leadership along with the CEO and Presidents have really pushed out a positive culture focused on respect, teamwork, and performance. Since I started, I’ve seen everyone treat each other with dignity and kindness. It’s a little strange but people enjoy each other here and actually enjoy coming to work and this is RARE. Our Sales, IT, Product, Engineering, and Finance teams are all very talented and inclusive. The diversity program is really taking off and I can’t wait to see how the company grows in that area 1-3 years from now. Employees also get free Rosetta product in any language they choose. So far so good!” —Current Senior Analystyour_label Site Security Field Technician – Level 3 Remote Technology Security Services, LLC Savannah, GA N/A After Hours Driving School Admin CR England – Remote Office Salt Lake City, UT N/A 23 hours ago 23h Red HatCompany Description: “Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions and services, using a community-powered approach to deliver reliable and high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies.”Open Roles: Federal Consulting Client Manager, Associate Consultant, Sales Specialist, Transformation Lead, Platform Technical Account Manager, Site Reliability Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Technical Support Engineer – SAP, Senior Director of Global Alliance Partnership, Senior Container Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud Architect, Senior Application Development Consultant & more.What Employees Say: “Good place to work, the sheer amount of stuff available to learn and do while working here is staggering, not only within your own team but outside as well. Red Hat is about culture, the culture fit is as important as the job fit. If you fit the culture, you’ll thrive. If not, you will not last long.” —Current Senior Quality Engineeryour_label Redox, Inc.Company Description: “Redox is the modern API for healthcare. We allow best-in-class software to easily and securely interoperate with EHRs by connecting to existing health system infrastructure.”Open Roles: Backend Software Engineer, Security Technical Project Manager, Integration Manager, Sr. Backend Software Engineer, Sr. Application Security Engineer, Director of Product Manager, Sales Engineer, Solution Architect, Account Executive, Recruiting Coordinator, Product Marketing Manager & more.What Employees Say: “Coming into this company, I was partially skeptical of all of the positive feedback on glassdoor. In my previous experiences, a work culture could not possible be this fantastic. After 2 weeks of working with Redox a sense of gratitude and comfort overwhelmed me. I had found the job and the company that was perfect for me.” —Current Integration Engineeryour_label 1.6★ 23 hours ago 23hlast_img read more

Almost exactly one year ago Forrester confidently

first_imgAlmost exactly one year ago, Forrester confidently predicted that 2018 would be “the year of Enterprise DevOps.” The blog, authored by the late Robert Stroud, began:DevOps has reached “Escape Velocity.” The questions and discussions with clients have shifted from “What is DevOps?” to “How do I implement at scale?”Continuous testing is not far behind. In early 2014, SD Times proclaimed “Forget ‘Continuous Integration’—the buzzword is now ‘Continuous Testing’” (in the very first article in the publication’s Continuous Testing category).  At the time, the concept of continuous testing seemed about as far-fetched as a Silicon Valley snowstorm to most testers in enterprise organizations—where pockets of DevOps were just surfacing among teams working on “systems of engagement.” But since 2014, the world has changed. As Forrester predicted, the vast majority of enterprise organizations are now actively practicing and scaling DevOps. And the larger focus on Digital Disruption means that it’s now impacting all IT-related operations: including systems of record as well as systems of engagement.When ExxonMobil QA manager Ann Lewis so memorably asked, “Is it all just a bunch of hype? Really?” at the Accelerate 2018 Continuous Testing conference, the clear consensus was a resounding “no.” Digital transformation, DevOps and continuous testing have gotten real for the conference attendees, largely composed of QA leaders across Global 2000 organizations. So real, in fact, that their employers cleared their schedules for a week and sent them to Vienna to learn what’s really needed to achieve Continuous Testing for DevOps…in an enterprise environment.    Here are some of the key lessons learned—shared by leading testing professionals that have already made continuous testing for DevOps a reality in their own organizations:“Test data is a pain the ass”Renee Tillet, Manager of DevOps Verify at Duke Energy, offered her perspective on one of the most underestimated pains of Continuous Testing: Test Data Management. Renee asserted:“If you’re doing test automation, what’s the biggest pain in your ass? It’s test data. We would be in the middle of our sprint—the developers are done, the testers are getting ready to test, and guess what? The tester has no test data. Not only does he not have test data, but he doesn’t have time to go create that test data now. It’s too late. By the time you get to that user story, your definition of ready should include not just what the developer needs, but also the test data you need to verify it. The test plan needs to be ready, and the data needs to be in the environment—or we don’t accept that story into the sprint. Initially, we would create parameterized test cases, we’d put data in them, and they would run in the Dev environment. But then we’d try to run them over in the test environment, which was the next higher environment, and they would fail because the data was different. So, we came up with a data strategy that allowed us to use the same test data in all the environments.”Number of test cases: Less is moreNumerous experts shared that a high number of test cases is no longer something to be worn as a badge of honor. It’s doesn’t help provide the fast feedback that the team expects.  Andreas Aigner, head of service and security management at the Linde Group, explained:“We have a lot of examples in the past where we were been proud of having 3,000+ test cases that ran continuously without uncovering any defects. I said, ‘Is that successful? Does that make sense? Don’t you think you have burned resources? At the end of the day, you have to search for high-value test automation, and you have to focus on the business risks.” Martin Zurl, SPAR ICS, added: “We rely on risk-based testing to prioritize our test cases. We need to understand the way our customers are thinking and test the most important features—not every feature—because we need to speed up our automation. We need to give developers feedback extremely fast, so we focus on the main paths that our customers follow.”Democratize test automationTest automation is just one of the many elements required for continuous testing, but you simply can’t do continuous testing without high levels of test automation. QA leaders across organizations agreed that making test automation accessible and enabling business experts to control their own automation is key for jumpstarting and scaling test automation.Amber Woods, VP of IT enterprise applications and platforms at Tyson Foods, introduced the concept of democratizing test automation: “Other scripting tools for test automation were not well adopted well because they didn’t really get traction within each of the teams. We’ve had success democratizing citizen data scientists and citizen integrators with applications like SnapLogic. Now we’re taking that same approach to test automation, using model-based test automation. This allows our business analysts to start test automation in an easy, fast way that will get us away from what we had before, which was a lot of scripting. Our goal is to get heavy, heavy adoption in the test automation space. Say you’ve got Team A over here, and the Team B over there. Team B’s leaving at a decent hour of the night, and Team A is working all night. Team A asks, ‘Why are you leaving so early? Don’t you have more testing to do?’ Team B responds, ‘Well we’ve got all our testing automated. I’m going to push a button and I’m going go home for the night.’ That gets teams to adopt test automation.”Likewise, Ann Lewis, quality manager at ExxonMobil, spoke to the power of enabling more team members to “control their own automation”:“What warmed my heart is that about six months after we really started getting into test automation, one of the business COE managers called me up and said ‘Wow, where did this come from? I want to put it the hands of all of my business process experts. For the first time, we can control our own test automation. Test automation helps us ensure that, over and over again, business critical functionality works after each application change.’ That actually started a competition amongst different business units—everybody wanted to get on that bandwagon.”API testing is a faster, more stable way to test ~80 percent of your functionalitySreeja Nair, product line manager at EdgeVerve, explained why their journey to continuous testing included API testing as well as test automation:“UI testing is slow—for example, it can take 3 minutes to automate an end-to-end banking flow at the UI level. And if the UI is not ready or it is down, you can’t test at all. Is that a good way to test? Obviously not. We found that the best way to address our problem is to attack the layer below UI presentation layer: the business layer. We realized we could cover 80% of our functionality if we test at the business layer through APIs.  We decided to change our tests from UI-oriented design to API based design. After we first define our test model, we find out which APIs need to be called and then chain the APIs together according to the component model we have designed. Testing a single API is not API testing. If you have a business scenario to test, you need to integrate your APIs to create realistic service-level integration tests.”In-sprint testing can’t focus (exclusively) on new testsAaron Carmack, automation architect and product owner at Worldpay, explained that one of their keys to advancing from “test automation zero to continuous testing hero” was recognizing that updating test cases as your application evolves is just as important as adding new ones: “Our QA teams sit down with the dev team and the product owners as user stories are created to learn what these stories involve and what test cases will need to be updated. Once the sprint begins, we start updating those test cases, creating the new critical scenarios that we need, and updating the existing test that we believe will be impacted by the new user stories. We’re updating tests, creating new tests, and then executing tests based on the new user stories—all within the sprint. Also, when we execute the full regression suite, we identify the failures and commit to addressing them within the sprint. That way, false positives don’t undermine our CI/CD process.”last_img read more