Flip Side: Casual Sex

first_imgToby Hill is out to have fun and get laid The guilt that can accompany casual sex suggests that there is something inherently amiss with it. If we consider where we have received such an instinctive reaction from though, one source seems salient: a religious code, initially intended to perpetuate the survival of a small Middle Eastern tribe a couple of millennia ago. To believe such morality still holds decisive relevance for modern society necessitates a faith in the existence of an omnipotent God, whose commandments must be taken without question. Thus – if today we reject belief in an all-knowing God, then this entire moral value system must crumble; we can no longer talk of the simple ‘immorality’ of casual sex, or invoke our instinctive feelings against it. We’ve seen a similar process occur with homosexuality.So! We need other justification if we are to condemn casual sex without a fundamentalist faith. And such concerns do, of course, exist; pure sensual pleasure rarely comes without a corollary …A popular suggestion is that sex should be a highly emotional act between two loving individuals, and that to reduce it to a tool to induce sensual pleasure is to demean it. Of course, this conception of sex – as a high form of emotional communion – is almost certainly preferable. However, why can’t we just accept the existence of two types of sex? One – animal-like and of only momentary importance; the other, imbued with feeling and thus of lasting significance. To say the first demeans the second seems an arbitrary judgement; surely it is equally probable that the contrast between the two serves to emphasise the value of relationship-embedded sex.A second problem is that of risk. Clearly, one reason that the sexual ethics of deceased societies are of less relevance today is that we have contraception. Safe sex! Of course, no sex is ever entirely safe. There is risk, but many of our recreational activities are risky. As long as this risk is accepted by two consenting adults, then surely it should be their choice whether or not to take it. Really, there can be no reason for anyone today to criticise another for their sexual promiscuity. Rebecca Lacey warns of the dangers of irresponsible sexWhat springs to mind when you think of casual sex? Drunken fumbling at the Bridge leading to more? Perhaps the casual arrangement known as ‘f**k buddies’ or ‘friends with benefits’. The term implies sex without a purpose, detached from any ties. But can you really describe anything about sex as causal?Most Christians would teach that sex should only be within the security of marriage. The Roman Catholic church goes even further and argues that sex should not be causal even within marriage. Men “commit adultery with their wives by desiring sex for its mere pleasure and the satisfaction of instinct”. Sex should be for the purpose of procreation, pleasure is secondary. I’m not saying that you should be married to have sex. I firmly believe in the pleasures of good sex and the freedom of women to enjoy their sexuality. This has obviously become much easier since the development of the pill in 1967. But the idea of ‘casual sex’ is a fallacy. There is no such thing as sex with ‘no strings attached’. Alcohol-fuelled one night stands, often leave a horrible, nauseous feeling of regret at being used the morning after – the type of sex Cosmopolitan editor Lorraine Candy once termed ‘McSex’, cheap, meaningless, greasy. It isn’t possible to detatch emotions from sex. The chemistry agrees: oxytocin and vasopressin, hormones which enter the bloodstreams of men and women after orgasm, increase feelings of bonding and love towards your partner. The increasing acceptance of casual sex in our society may also have contributed to the worrying rise of STDs and abortions: now one in four people will have an STD at some point in their life, and the abortion rate in Britain rose 3.9% from 2005-2006. Chlamydia, which has few or no symptoms and so often goes undetected, can lead to infertility in both men and women, damaging women’s fallopian tubes and leading to sperm damage and inflammation of the testicles in men. Casual sex also takes away the intimacy that you can achieve when in a stable relationship. Worrying how you look and trying not to think about how many other people have slept in the bed you’re in just don’t compare to relishing the lustful, passion-filled sex that feels so good perfected in a loving relationship. last_img read more

Vermont hospitals show low infection rate in national report

first_imgThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) has released its “First State-Specific Healthcare-Associated Infections Summary Data Report”, which gives an overview of where the country stands in efforts to prevent central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI). The report is based on both national and state-specific CLABSI data collected by NHSN.The NHSN report looked at CLABSI data from January – June 2009. During that time, Vermont hospitals reported CLABSI rates that were among the lowest of the seventeen states that were included in the report, and that were significantly lower than the report’s standardized infection ratio baseline of 1.0. Vermont’s ratio for the period reported was 0.27.“This report is good news for Vermonters who depend on Vermont hospitals to provide quality health care services and treatment,” said Paulette J. Thabault, Commissioner of Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care Administration. “Vermont’s leadership in this area has been the result of extraordinary collaboration between consumer advocates, the Legislature, hospital infection preventionists, the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, the Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care, and state agencies.”Jill Olson, Vice President of Policy and Operations at the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, echoed Thabault’s sentiment about the dedication and effort responsible for the positive results reported by NHSN. “Vermont’s results are a credit to the physicians and nurses who take care of Vermonters every day, and to the dedicated hospital infection preventionists who help bring medical evidence into practice at the bedside.” “This is real health care reform: quality and safety improvements for patients. Vermont’s excellent performance demonstrates the importance of transparency and public reporting in spurring quality improvement. It’s a proud day for consumer advocates, hospitals and BISHCA here in Vermont,” said Jeanne Keller, who represents a small business association, Business Resource Services, on the Hospital Report Card Advisory Panel.Vermont was the third state in the country to publicly report hospital-specific CLABSI rates, beginning in 2007, as part of health care quality improvement efforts overseen by BISHCA. Vermont hospitals have participated in the NHSN system since 2006, and Vermont was the first state to utilize the system for public reporting. The CLABSI report is part of BISHCA’s annual Hospital Report Card, which can be found on the BISHCA website. A copy of the NHSN report is also available on BISHCA’s site.According to the CDC, an estimated 248,000 bloodstream infections occur in U.S. hospitals each year. It is believed that a large proportion of these are associated with the presence of a central line – a flexible tube inserted near the heart or into one of the large veins or arteries, and used to administer medication or fluids, obtain blood tests, and directly obtain cardiovascular measurements. Because of where central lines are located, they can cause potentially dangerous bloodstream infections. Bloodstream infections can cause longer hospital stays, increased costs and increased risk of mortality. CLABSI can be prevented through proper management of central lines.About BISHCAThe Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care Administration touches most Vermonters in some fashion, through its regulation and monitoring of a broad spectrum of financial and health industry activities. Regulated entities/areas include, for example: banks, licensed lenders, credit unions, insurance companies and their products, agents, securities firms, broker/dealers and investment advisors, HMO’s and hospital finances.Source: BISHCA. 5.27.2010last_img read more

Gboard Is Rolling Out an Enhanced Voice Typing With Google Assistant for Pixel Devices: Report

first_img– Advertisement – Is OnePlus 8T the best ‘value flagship’ of 2020? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below. The feature was spotted being tested by Google a couple of months ago, and now seems to be rolling out to more users. More than just speech-to-text, this is a hands-free system for typing and entering commands.Under the Voice typing menu in Gboard’s settings, a new option called ‘Enhanced voice typing’ appears, which can be enabled. There is also an ‘Auto punctuation’ option, which will automatically add punctuations like commas, question marks, and exclamation marks while dictating, when enabled. Earlier, users had to manually instruct Google Assistant to add the specific punctuations.The enhanced voice typing feature on Gboard with Google Assistant is rolling out to Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5 users, although it still isn’t available for all the eligible devices yet.- Advertisement –center_img Pixel phones from Google are getting an ‘enhanced voice typing’ feature, as per a report. This update by Gboard will allow users to enable enhanced voice typing with voice commands provided by Google Assistant. Besides enhanced voice typing, users can also choose to add auto punctuations with the update. The enhanced voice typing feature is rolling out for Pixel devices, including the recently released Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 in a phased manner.As per a report by 9to5Google, some users have started receiving the enhanced voice typing feature on Gboard. On opening Gboard and tapping the microphone icon, there is a ‘New!’ banner that says you can ‘Save time typing’ by using the Google Assistant features. For example, you can say “Clear” to delete text, instead of manually using the backspace key. Besides that, users will also be able to say “Send” to send a message, instead of clicking on the button.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Transponders are mandatory for all Modifieds, Stock races

first_imgBOONE, Iowa – Transponders are required again for all Modified and Stock Car competitors at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s.The electronic scoring devices will be used in all races for the two divisions Wednesday through Saturday, Sept. 7-10.Drivers will be able to use their own MyLaps/ABM compatible transponder at Boone Speedway or rent one for $30 for the week. Transponders will be available in the pre-tech inspection tent and a driver’s license or credit card will be held for deposit.Transponders will also be required for the Thursday, Sept. 8 Deery Brothers Summer Series Late Model main event, qualifying and last-chance features on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for Hobby Stocks and Northern SportMods, and Saturday main events for SportMods and Hobby Stocks.The devices will be installed at no charge to those drivers.MyLaps remains the official timing and scoring system of IMCA and Super Nationals.last_img read more

The OpenSSL team has announced two new versions be

first_imgThe OpenSSL team has announced two new versions being released on July 9. OpenSSL versions 1.0.2d and 1.0.1p are meant to fix a critical security defect. The bug doesn’t affect 1.0.0 or 0.9.8 versions, according to the team.The OpenSSL team did not describe the defects that were reportedly corrected.Google’s self-driving cars go to Austin, Texas Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on Windows 10, and plans to wrap it up by this week, the Verge reports. According to the Verge, sources say that a release to manufacturing (RTM) build could be released this week.While Microsoft is working on its final copies of the operating system, Terry Myerson, the company’s executive vice president of operating systems, says Windows 10 will never truly be complete.“We will never be done,” he wrote in a post. “We will be continuing this application and device compatibility work every day as part of our ongoing commitment to Windows as a Service.”OpenSSL announces upcoming releaseslast_img read more