iPad 3 could have retina display bigger iPod touch rumored

first_imgIt’s quite remarkable, but not surprising, that in this modern day and age even before one model gets released talks of another are plastered all over the web. For example, we have not even got the iPad 2 in our hands, yet more Apple news has been uncovered relating to Apple’s next installment: the iPad 3 and a bigger iPod touch.According to AppleInsider, Apple is looking to expand its tablet range by offering an iPad 3 with Retina Display technology and possibly a new device that will be either a smaller iPad or an iPod Touch with a larger screen.We don’t have the full specs of the iPad 3, but it is said to feature a 9.7″ 2048×1536 IPS panel with FFS technology (fringe-field switching). The latter will enable wider viewing angles and benefit users in terms of its visual quality in direct sunlight, something which has stopped the iPad from being a useful alternative to Amazon’s Kindle.The rumored iPod Touch upgrade could feature a screen size that sits between the current iPhone 4 and iPad, so something between a 4 to 8″ screen we expect. If Apple opted for a 5″ screen, and kept its standard resolution of 960×640, this would offer a 230ppi screen density, or if it was stretched to 7” this would be 164ppi which is still higher than the existing iPad’s 132ppi.We are not sure how the above will pan out, but if the larger iPod Touch does appear later this year, this would allow Apple to compete better with offerings from Android-enabled devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak.Read more at AppleInsiderlast_img read more