This is an attempt to improve privacy that matches

first_imgThis is an attempt to improve privacy that matches browser expectations of customers, wrote Opera in a blog post. Opera has more engineers working on new features for its desktop browser, including the native ad blocker. In a few weeks, it will add a native, unlimited and free VPN client, right inside someone’s browser.According to research by the Global Web Index, young people are leading the way when it comes to VPN usage, with almost one third of people between 16-34 having used a VPN.VersionOne Spring 2016 ReleaseVersionOne announced its Spring 2016 Release, which helps organizations scale agility with SAFe and DevOps. The new features in VersionOne Lifecycle include a new Program Board for working with other teams, as well as multi-team Program Increment Planning capabilities.The VersionOne Continuum for DevOps also includes the availability to view a graphical timeline of work item history and visuals of the development, test and stage phases of a DevOps product workflow.The 2016 release includes the Program Board, Program Increment Planning, Weighted Shortest Job First Ranking, Continuum Pipeline Definitions, and Continuum Delivery Stream History. ALM Connect was also included in this release. The real-time operating system that powers the Arduino 101 and Genuino 101 is open source, ready for those who want to use it for studying purposes.This package contains the complete BSP (Board Support Package) for the Curie processor on the 101. It allows developers to compile and modify the core OS and the firmware to manage updates and the bootloader, according to the Arduino blog.Open-sourcing the firmware will allow more features for the Arduino 101 and Genuino 101, so those who are not using low-level C programming can still be the first to try new features and get updates.More information can be found on the project’s hub.Free VPN integrated for better online privacyIn the developer channel for Opera for computers, developers can now find a way to integrate an unlimited and free virtual private network (VPN). Developers will not have to download VPN extensions or pay for VPN subscriptions to access blocked websites and to shield browsing when on public Wi-Fi with this integration.last_img read more

Mashape is making a bold statement by declaring th

first_imgMashape is making a bold statement by declaring the end of the monolithic application era and going all in with microservices. The company has decided to rebrand itself as a microservices API company under the name of Kong, Inc with a mission to broker information through APIs.  “Microservices are becoming the most important aspect of modern enterprise infrastructure and their connectivity and management will be a critical component for larger companies in the near future,” said Augusto Marietti, CEO of Kong. Mashape originally started out with a marketplace where developers could buy and sell APIs. While the marketplace never turned into the big business Mashape had hoped for, it did turn into a huge developer community. In 2015, the company decided to open source the core technology, which became known as Kong. It was originally used to help secure, manage and extend microservices for the API marketplace. Today, the open-source technology acts as a microservice API gateway for enterprises. “It took off right away in the open-source community, and it was clear we were onto something, so we started selling enterprise support and adding more features,” said Marietti. To build on the success of the technology, the company announced the general availability of its new enterprise platform along with the rebranding. Kong Enterprise Edition is a modern microservices API abstraction platform built for large organizations. It extends beyond the open-source platform with features such as a GUI for editing, adding and deleting APIs; a developer portal with API management features; enterprise-level scalability; security and role-based access control features; and analytics capabilities.Kong Enterprise Edition will also help organizations decouple their legacy services as they transition into a modern microservices-based architecture. “We have a foot in the past and a foot in the future,” said Marietti. “We can help a legacy company start a journey from monolithic applications and move to microservices, and we can also help a company start a microservices architecture from scratch.” Marietti notes while monolithic applications are dying, it will still be another 10 to 20 years before Global 5000 companies completely stop using them. “Adopting Kong Enterprise Edition future-proofs architectural choices, whether the business is still running on legacy and looking to adopt containers or even serverless deployments,” Marietti said.last_img read more