iPad 3 features and event all but confirmed

first_imgIf you thought yesterday’s iPad 3 rumors were all we were going to be hearing for a while, think again. A new leak, which is almost certainly legit, has all but confirmed both the announcement window and the features of the next iPad.Apple’s special event to announce the iPad 3 will take place during the first week of March in San Francisco. This will be a standard Apple product announcement event — or as standard as it can be without its late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. The release date hasn’t been leaked, but Apple’s recent history suggests that the iPad will launch a week or so after the announcement.iPad 3 features are looking to be exactly what we were already expecting. The leak has also all-but-confirmed that the tablet will have a 2048×1536 Retina display, a “much faster” (probably A6) chip, an improved GPU, and a form factor similar to the iPad 2.It’s rare for Apple product details to leak before being announced (the iPhone 4’s drunken night out is a notable exception). Of course we have no confirmation that this leak is legit, but the source (All Things D aka The Wall Street Journal) generally has an excellent reputation with Apple information, as well as leaks in general. Especially when you consider that it’s consistent with previous leaks, it looks like we now know most of the details of the next iPad.That doesn’t mean that there won’t be any surprises. Sometimes some of the smaller features are the most memorable. Take, for example, last year’s Smart Cover for the iPad 2. That isn’t something that you can learn from leaked specs, but it was one of the most talked about revelations from Jobs’s iPad 2 unveiling nonetheless.We’re sure to hear more about the iPad 3 in the next few weeks, but, unless one of the tablets turns up in a bar, this one is as sure a bet as you’ll find.via All Things Dlast_img read more