Xabi Auzmendi’s big bet

first_img“The best thing is that it hasn’t touched a ceiling” Six months after leaving for a country he knew nothing about – “he didn’t even know what the club’s facilities were like” -, Xabi Auzmendi praises foreign football as an alternative to “a well from which it is very difficult to get out” as Second Division B: “Here the level is similar, but you are playing in the First Division and if you have a good season you can go to Europe. Also, if you do it well, endless possibilities open up for you. There will be someone who thinks differently, but I consider going abroad a very interesting option. ” And the bug bites: “When the first experience is good, the desire to stay outside increases. I have no need to return to Spain. In the future I will think about looking for something more ambitious, trying other leagues … “Lori FC ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Auzmendi celebrates a goal with Lori.Lori FC Xabi Auzmendi launched into a pool in which, six months later, he moves like a fish in water. “When he arrived he asked me for automatisms, but I told him not to straighten, to move freely and to enjoy himself. Since then he has been a key player in the team. He stands out on the pass, whether short or long, he has a spectacular aerial game and a very powerful shot. He is a player with brutal potential. Left-handed, but who handles both legs. The best thing is that it hasn’t touched a ceiling“analyzes David Campaña, your coach at Vanadzor. With one of the lowest budgets in the category, Lori came to lead the ranking, although the stoppage caused by the coronavirus surprised him third, in European positions. “It is a very competitive league, but I feel the confidence of the coach and the teammates and that makes me feel free. I am very comfortable, although I know that I still have a lot of room for improvement,” said Auzmendi. David Campaña, Lori FC coachcenter_img After three years belonging to the Royal Society, Xabi Auzmendi (Lazkao, 1997) lived in 2019 one of the most difficult summers that he remembers. The ‘txuri-urdin’ did not renew their contract and the offers of other clubs were conspicuous by their absence. “It was very difficult,” recalls the Basque midfielder. But everything changed when the proposal came from Lori FC, a modest team from the Armenian First Division. “I saw that there were other Spaniards and I didn’t think twice about it. I had always wanted to play abroad, but I never imagined that my first adventure abroad would be in Armenia“reveals Auzmendi, who has already completely forgotten the bad feelings of the past summer market:” There came a time when I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to risk it. Now I am very comfortable; I’m happy”. His present, however, continues in Vanadzor, a city of 90,000 inhabitants where watching him play football is free. “The club is remodeling its stadium and, meanwhile, we play where we train. Not many people go, and that is that admission is free”, discovers Auzmendi, who has stumbled upon “level” football in Armenia: “The people He has a bad conception of soccer in other countries, but the truth is that it is the most practiced sport in almost all the world. Although the best soccer players are in Spain, there is a level throughout Europe. In Spain, tactically, the teams are much more worked But here football is strong, very aggressive, and that complicates everything. They lack the football education that we have. ” The Basque midfielder has tried this course on all lines. “Less than goalkeeper, center back and right back, this season he has played in all positions. It adapts perfectly to any area of ​​the field, although it is in the elaboration of the game where it makes the most difference. I wish they were all like him, “Campaña analyzes. It seems difficult that Xabi Auzmendi’s bet does not end up being a winner. The future, like Lori’s shirt, is now green hope.last_img

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