There is not enough trust in Guyana’s political circles

first_imgDear Editor,Guyana’s many problems stem mainly from distrust between the PPP and the PNC. This distrust came about when the PPP split, with Forbes Burnham forming the PNC and Cheddi Jagan holding onto the PPP.It has been over 50 years and yet this distrust in between the PPP and the PNC has not been resolved. This political distrust has translated to social distrust at times leading to racial polarisation between mainly Indians (who tend to support the PPP) and Africans (who tend to support the PNC).Guyana’s problems are not social and economical (per se); it is political which affect the social and economic performance of Guyana.Many social commentators have acknowledged that Guyana has a political problem yet few seem to want to make moves to build bridges to end this distrust.It is now up to the ordinary Guyanese man and woman to say “enough is enough”.The PPP and the PNC are not about to turn over a new leaf and work together to build trust. If anything, the political scene is getting more and more acrimonious as we move into elections. It is either they work together or Guyanese kick them both out of High Office.The problem is that there are no viable alternatives and the PPP and PNC know this.So, what can be done? The only alternative left is to go separate ways. When reconciliation is not working then it is time to explore going separate ways unless Guyanese want to spend the next fifty years repeating the mistakes of the past.Some may say that partition is harsh but the PPP and the PNC is the cause of Guyanese problems as they continually seek to blame each other for everything under the sun.They have to work together or go their separate ways (no point in them dragging the Guyanese society down with them.Yours faithfully,Sean Orilast_img

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