Hotel Xcaret Mexico Invites Culture Enthusiast to Experience the Sacred Mayan Journey

first_imgOn May 17th, 300 Messengers of the Moon will make the Pilgrimage from Xcaret to Cozumel for Annual Tradition in the Riviera Maya Riviera Maya, Mexico – April 18, 2019 – Priding itself on sharing the very best of Mexico’s authentic culture with guests, Hotel Xcaret Mexico invites travelers to experience one of the oldest traditions from the pre-Hispanic era, the Sacred Mayan Journey, from May 17th to the 18th. The pilgrimage recreates an ancient tradition where canoers, also known as Messengers of the Moon, departed from Xcaret’s Caleta beach to Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel. This year, 223 canoers from 14 different countries will participate in the event, on board 38 canoes. The experience is part of the resort’s ALL-FUN INCLUSIVE® offering to guests, which includes complimentary access to the Scared Mayan Experience at Xcaret Park and eight other nature park and tours. Hotel guests who wish to bid farewell to the canoers at dawn, will be transported to the park between 4:00 and 5:00 AM. Visitors not staying at the hotel can also attend the event buy buying an admission ticket online or at the Park’s ticket booths. “Our mission at Grupo Xcaret is the preserve our Mexican culture and share it with all those who visit us,” explains said Marcos Constandse, Counselor of the Board and VP of Finance and Business Administration at Grupo Xcaret. “Witnessing the Sacred Mayan Journey takes visitors back in time, allowing them to appreciate one of the most fascinating rituals that dates to Pre-Hispanic times.” On this nearly 20-mile voyage, the Messengers – dressed in traditional attire – take offerings with them to present to the goddess Ixchel in Cozumel. Upon arriving back to Xcaret Park, a welcome ceremony takes place with traditional dances, prayers and celebration that praise the Messengers’ hard work and dedication. Visitors can join in on both the farewell and welcome ceremonies, a unique opportunity to immerse with the local culture. The participants, who sign up and train for the mission months in advance, join the Scared Mayan Journey as an opportunity for internal transformation that tests endurance, character, strength and teamwork skills. Grupo Xcaret has been at the forefront of sustainable tourism in Mexico for over 25 years, offering family-friendly activities that highlight the best of Mexican nature and culture.  The group is committed to the conservation and dissemination of Mexican folklore through yearly events such as the Sacred Mayan Journey, but also daily activities at Xcaret Park, where visitors can enjoy any day the year shows such as the Papantla Flyers (a ceremony declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO), a choreographed Aztec horse show, and Pre-Hispanic dances at the Mayan Village, a replica of an ancient Mayan City, and most notable a show called “Xcaret Mexico Espectacular”, where more than 300 artists take the audience on a journey of Mexico’s history in a display of traditional dances, enactments of Mexican history, legends and a full jamboree from the different regions of the country. After the Sacred Mayan Journey, guests can return to Hotel Xcaret Mexico to enjoy the many amenities available. The 900-suite property is an opulent haven where nature-driven experiences, superior service and the authentic Mexican spirit come to life. From the 10 distinct restaurants that showcase an array of options including traditional Mexican cuisine to the Muluk Spa that offers ancient treatments with innovative methods, guests can enjoy the best of Mexico’s authentic culture in many more ways at the Resort.  About Grupo Xcaret Grupo Xcaret Parks and Tours are a benchmark for sustainable recreation in Mexico and around the world. The parks and tours specialize in offering visitors unique and unforgettable experiences, through unparalleled products and services that highlight the best of Mexico and are respectful of the environment. Grupo Xcaret is the leader in sustainable and socially responsible tourism in the Mexican Caribbean. Operating since 1990, Xcaret, the original park, contains more than 40 attractions surrounded by the jungle, coves and underground rivers. It offers exciting shows, as well as cultural activities that promote Mexican traditions. The other parks and tours are: Xel-Ha, an ecotourism aquatic park; Xplor and Xplor Fuego, parks featuring ziplines, ATVs and underground rives; Xenses, a sense-themed amusement and activities park; Xoximilco, an attraction that pays homage to Mexican culture, traditions and gastronomy; Xichen, a tour to archaeological and cultural sites in the Yucatan peninsula, including the Chichén Itzá pyramid;  Xenotes, a nature tour in the Mexican jungle to visit cenotes; and Xavage, the latest addition to the Grupo Xcaret portfolio, an adventure park set to open in the summer of 2019. About Hotel Xcaret Mexico Hotel Xcaret Mexico is an opulent, oceanfront haven where thrilling nature-driven experiences, superior service and the authentically rich spirit of Mexico come to life. Situated by the azure blue Caribbean Sea and verdant Riviera Maya jungle, the premier all-inclusive resort features striking architecture and design inspired by Mexican traditions, art and culture which reimagines the possibilities of all-inclusive hospitality. Complete with 900 spacious guest suites, 10 distinct dining destinations, multiple swimming pools, a world-class spa and wellness center, the hotel offers guests all the perks and privileges of its exclusive All-Fun Inclusive® concept, where travelers are privy to Grupo Xcaret’s eight nature parks and archaeological tours, free airport transportation and more. Hotel Xcaret Mexico promises an unforgettable experience where guests can discover new ways to connect with nature, themselves and loved ones. For more information, visit . About Xcaret Located near Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Grupo Xcaret’s signature archaeological eco-park was founded in 1990 and aims to showcase the best of Mexican culture while immersing visitors in its magnificent natural scenarios. The park features three underground rivers, a conservation program for marine and terrestrial species, an aquarium, beaches and natural pools, four archaeological sites, a replica of a traditional twentieth century Mexican Hacienda and a replica of a Pre-Hispanic ballgame court, among many other attractions. Xcaret offers daily performances that range from indigenous dances to horse exhibitions, the most emblematic one being “Xcaret Mexico Espectacular” a journey through Mexican history with more than 300 artists on stage. Learn more at xcaret.comlast_img

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