Media rights group calls for justice for victims of attacks

Passing many milestones during this period of two and half decades, the attempts continue to establish, promote a free media culture strengthened with social responsibility. The event was held at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute today. The conference content focused on the struggle to end impunity against attacks on journalists in Sri Lanka, a collaborative approach to media reforms and future challenges. (Colombo Gazette) Standing up for democratic and human rights and values, the Free Media Movement (FMM) continues to be the media watchdog.As the landmark event of its 25th anniversary, the Free Media Movement organized a ‘National Summit on Free Media culture with social responsibility’, with the participation of print, electronic, online media personnel, activists, policy decision makers, academics, intellectuals, civil society organizations and democracy loving citizens. The leading media rights group in Sri Lanka today called for justice for journalists who faced various forms of attacks or threats over the past few years.The Free Media Movement, which celebrates 25 years today, also called for a new media culture in the country. In June 1992, the Free Media Movement was formed by a dedicated group of journalists and media activists with an intention of creating a safe environment for journalists and securing freedom of expression.

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