One old lady with handbag takes on jewelry thieves wielding sledgehammers

first_imgIn Northampton, UK earlier this week a well-known jewelry store was attacked by thieves. Instead of entering the store and threatening the staff they instead brought sledgehammers on scooters and smashed the windows in order to get to the valuable goods inside.While all this was going on no one passing by intervened and the staff just panicked and tried to bring down the security barriers on the shop. But one old lady wasn’t going to let them get away with it and decided to attack.About 8 seconds into the video you will see the red coat of a woman appear on the right of the shot. She runs across the road and starts swinging her handbag at the thieves, even grabbing one and pulling him away from the window. She’s physically exhausted by that point, but it’s enough to scare them off. As they escape one thief falls from his scooter and finally other members of the public intervene, holding him down until the police arrive.We commend the 70+ lady for her bravery and quick thinking, it probably saved the shop a small fortune. We only wish other people passing by on the busy road would have been so brave.via YouTubelast_img

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