McIntoshs beautiful goldplated MC275 amplifier could turn you into an audiophile

first_imgProducts don’t get to be 50 years old unless they are truly special. Sure, luck is a factor and not all products could go through such a length of time without changing, regardless of their quality, but sometimes something amazing happens. Just last month HP’s famous 12c calculator turned 30, and now McIntosh’s MC275 amplifier has hit its gold anniversary.The typical reader is not going to spend $6500 on a McIntosh 50th Anniversary Limited Edition MC275 tube power amplifier, no matter how much they care about audio or how much money they’ve saved away over the years. Even so, it’s impossible not to appreciate the beauty of the limited edition MC275 amp.At the risk of turning an already stunning product into something garish McIntosh added more gold to the device, but they didn’t go over the top. The limited edition model is still classy and elegant, complete with its wonderfully old-school vacuum tubes. The extra gold just completes the looks and ensures that the amp outshines anything else in your cabinet (or home for that matter).The amp has been around since 1961 but newer versions have some features that older ones did not. These include a Sentry Monitor circuit that shuts down the amp if a tube happens to wear out, and Power Control input and output which allows for the device to be powered on or off using a cable connection to another McIntosh product, such as a preamp. There is even a multi-color LED that displays levels… not something you would have expect to see in 1961.The anniversary edition McIntosh MC275 will be available in December.Oh, the standard MC275 amp? It’s not exactly an eyesore…mc275_poweramps-lmc275_poweramps-lmc275_close_3mc275_close_2mc275_close_1MC275angletubesMC275-tubesmc275 amp goldMC275 ampMC275last_img

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