GM Wants IBMs Watson AI To Sell You Stuff While You Drive

first_imgIBM’s Watson does some pretty important work. Now, in addition to making life-saving medical diagnoses and helping California conserve water, Watson is going to help GM advertise stuff to you while you drive.Not exactly the most noble of pursuits, but IBM has never wanted to place limits on Watson. Quite the contrary, in fact. They’re always looking for new applications that can put their groundbreaking AI to good use. And yes, there are people out there who think that advertising in your car is a good use. GM executives, for example.It’s called OnStar Go and it’s pitched as a convenience for drivers. Here’s how it will work. Say you typically stop and grab a cup of coffee on your way to work, but you’re running a little behind and your usual route is clogged with traffic. Not only will OnStar suggest an alternate route, but Watson could chime in with a suitable stand-in for your morning java.Low on gas? Your GM vehicle lets Watson know, and Watson responds by automatically popping up an alert and directing you to a nearby gas station. I’m not sure that I want to see ads on my dashboard yet, but this is one scenario where I don’t think I’d be bothered — especially if I happened to be driving somewhere unfamiliar, which, presumably my car and Watson would also know.As long as GM keeps these “suggestions” fairly tame, OnStar Go seems innocuous enough. It does seem, however, like they’re paving the way for our cars to bombard us with with targeted location-based ads once they go autonomous… but we all knew that was inevitable, didn’t we?last_img

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