JOLT Cola is Coming Back With OG Cans

first_img Before Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar, there was JOLT Cola. The drink of a generation of nerds, especially computer nerds who needed brain fuel for late-night coding and hacking. It came out in 1985 with twice the caffeine of regular cola, and was popular (at least among nerds like me) through the 90s. It fell by the wayside with broader “energy drinks” like Red Bull popping up, though.JOLT Cola is coming back. Not as Jolt Energy in those weird battery bottles, but as genuine JOLT Cola. In the original can design (or at least a can that’s very similar but with modern nutritional information).Here’s even better news: It isn’t coming back as a pricey boutique soda or an impossible-to-find promotion (I’m looking at you, Pepsi Perfect). You’ll start seeing cans of JOLT Cola appear at Dollar General stores September 21. They’ll be available in 10,000 of Dollar General’s 14,000 stores across the country, though pricing hasn’t been announced. Hopefully it’s a dollar. Also, according to the JOLT representative I talked to, it will have sugar and not corn syrup.I’m excited about JOLT Cola, even if it’s mostly nostalgia. It’s been too long since we’ve had good old-fashioned double-caffeine cola. Energy drinks either taste absolutely terrible or like a whole lot of fruity nothing. A strong cola would be nice. I’ve eased off of energy drinks, myself; trying to cut back, just have regular coffee and tea with a few exceptions. But JOLT? Yeah, I could go for a JOLT.Also, the classic can is the third best energy drink can design ever. I say third best because I’ve had these:BLACKOUT GOD and BLACKOUT DEVIL ZERO! Look at these cans! Drink in their designs! Just don’t actually drink their contents, because they taste absolutely terrible and are a year old. Notice how the KO in BLACKOUT is highlighted in red, like you’re knocking out god with the power of your energy! Check out the radical demon hand holding an orb inside which is the art from the first can! Behold the font choices!Those are Japanese energy drinks you can’t get in the states, and I got them purely for the name and can design. I tried a can once in Osaka, and it tasted like the worst energy drink ever. They look radical, but you can’t get them here and you shouldn’t drink them anyway. That isn’t the case for JOLT Cola, though! If you’re interested, hunt down those old-school hacker fuel cans next month when they pour into Dollar General stores.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Pepsi Abandons Dystopian ‘Space Billboard’ Plan for Russian Gamer SodaCoca-Cola Reveals Sci-Fi Soda For ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge&… last_img

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