If you follow social media you may have seen the

first_imgIf you follow social media, you may have seen the outpouring of concerned and furious posts after Tuscaloosa’s Cobb Hollywood 16 movie theater was the site of a gun scare on Mother’s Day.Despite a proliferation of posts claiming there was a shooting, Tuscaloosa Police said that’s most certainly not the case. Here’s what police said did happen.Inside a packed theater, two women wound up in an argument that turned physical. Witnesses inside the theater said the panic happened when someone yelled that one of those women had a gun.That sent the patrons inside into a panic; people were leaping over seats, over other people, doing anything and everything they could to escape with their lives.Those who spoke with WVUA 23 this morning said the uncertainty the incident created was terrifying.Amy Holman said her son and daughter wanted to treat her on Mother’s Day, so they went to see Gabrielle Union’s “Breaking In.”“We were close to the end of the movie, when all of the sudden people started screaming up behind us,” Holman said. “I looked back and everyone was standing up and running toward us. We got up to run and got pushed down a couple times, people were falling on top of us.”Holman said that while the incident was scary, her biggest fear at the time was getting trampled.Courtney Stewart agreed, saying the mayhem that erupted inside the theater was dangerous.“As I started to run I fell, so my mom was trying to get me up,” Stewart said. “I’m four months pregnant, so it shook me up really bad.”Stewart said she called her husband, who took her to the emergency room so they could make sure their baby was all right.“I know most people may be minimizing what happened, but to me it was major,” Stewart said.The inciting incident didn’t matter near as much as whoever yelled “gun” in a crowded theater, she said.“Anytime you see people running, you’re not gonna look back and say ‘oh, it’s a gun’ or ‘oh, it’s a knife.’ You’re trying to run for safety,” Stewart said. But she doesn’t blame the person who thought they saw a gun, because their intent was helping others.Tuscaloosa Police Public Information Officer Lt. Teena Richardson said that once police arrived on the scene, the women responsible had already fled the building. Police found no weapons, and no shots were ever fired.Cobb said it’s giving refunds to anyone who was present for the situation.last_img

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