Android L ART runtime to include AOT compiler Andr

first_imgAndroid L ART runtime to include AOT compilerAndroid L, the newest version of Google’s mobile OS, will replace its longstanding Dalvik virtual machine with JIT (just in time) compilation with an AOT (ahead of time) compiler running on the new ART runtime.The ART runtime adds improved garbage collection and debugging. AOT compilation compiles bytecode to native machine code on the device at installation, and stores the native code for later execution in both permanent storage and in RAM. The ART runtime does retain the hardware flexibility benefits of JIT compilation, where the OS knows the hardware will not change and so is able to optimize the code to match the processor.For more information, check out the Android L API overview – Rob MarvinMicrosoft announces new Windows Developer Program for the IoTMicrosoft is rolling out a new program designed for Window developers interested in the Internet of Things (IoT). The program utilizes familiar Win32 development and debugging tools, and it provides rapid hardware development and an open community. Bountysource allows open-source developers or any other community members to offer a “bounty” to developers to fix a particular bug or help develop a feature. The platform also holds “fundraisers,” campaigns designed to raise money for a project. Unlike other platforms, the developer behind the fundraiser receives the donated funds regardless of whether the goal is met.Bountysource accepts cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin in addition to U.S. dollars, and the platform currently has more than 16,000 members contributing to fundraisers and project bounties. – Rob Marvin Bountysource, a crowdfunding platform for open-source softwareThe popularity of crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo has finally extended to developers with Bountysource, a crowdfunding platform for open-source software.last_img

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