Higher ambitions aside it was a highly entertaini

first_imgHigher ambitions aside, it was a highly entertaining season two finale.(Related: Catch up on the whole of ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 2 with our recaps)On “Silicon Valley,” the company’s blunders usually lead to unexpected success. It’s a pattern the real Valley wants desperately to believe in: the remodeled American Dream of failing and learning from that failure before you can succeed.So when Richard made the hotheaded decisions to take on Hooli and then End Frame in live-streamed video compression instead of pursuing other, more creative applications of Pied Piper’s algorithm, it only makes sense that it would lead to Pied Piper inadvertently live-streaming a “127 Hours”-style rescue of a worker trapped by boulders (after being sent to take down the camera for live-streaming a condor egg hatching.) Live-streaming it flawlessly with no blocking and re-buffering events below 5%. “Silicon Valley” had a chance to say something important. Faced with a software intellectual property case mirroring the same core concepts as the Google v. Oracle API copyright case looming over the tech industry, the show that’s gained enough street cred for humor and realism both with coders and a general audience positioned itself for the opportunity to make a statement.Instead they wrapped up the case in Pied Piper’s favor with a convenient loophole in Richard’s Hooli contract that made his employment—and Hooli’s claim over the Pied Piper algorithm—invalid.In fact, on its merits alone, Hooli won. The arbitrator in the sealed binding hearing said as much. By the letter of the law, Richard used Hooli equipment to test the Pied Piper algorithm, and thus Hooli has a right to ownership of Pied Piper’s underlying IP. If it weren’t for the contractual loophole, held back by the arbitrator for no other reason than dramatic effect worthy of the “I have bad news” doctor from “Arrested Development,” Pied Piper would’ve been Hooli’s.The case’s resolution was a mildly disappointing cop out at the end of a middling second season for a comedy that initially stood out largely for its ingenuity.last_img

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