We are in the early stages of the streaming wars

first_imgWe are in the early stages of the streaming wars, the point in television history in which we begin to regret the whole idea of “cutting the cord.” Sure, many of us are giving up cable, but in order to maintain a steady diet of television #content, we must pay for a growing number of streaming platforms. Right now Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video dominate the streaming market, and much of the television we want to watch is available in one of those four platforms. Unfortunately, that’s going to change soon, as additional streaming options flood the market and, in doing so, take their properties away from Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. Disney Plus will be the first to arrive this December, and Disney is already pulling its content library from Netflix. Meanwhile, Disney now wholly controls Hulu, and since Disney already owns ABC and recently bought Fox/FX that means that ABC and Fox/FX programming will continue to air on Hulu. In three years, however, Hulu will lose NBC programming while Warner Brothers will also take its library away from Hulu and Netflix for its WarnerMedia streaming service. Got it? In other words, in a few years time, cable will be largely a thing of the past, but consumers will have to choose among a variety of streaming services to fulfill all their content needs: Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon, HBO, NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, CBS All Access, and don’t forget Apple’s forthcoming streaming service, which will be loaded with original content plus there are rumors that Apple may buy Sony at some point.last_img

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