Council Agenda: $5 Million to Dredge Shallow Lagoons

first_imgShallow water at the end of the lagoon along W. 17th Street.City Council on Thursday will vote on spending $5 million to dredge lagoons and bayside channels that are too shallow for boat traffic.Council will consider the first reading of a bond ordinance that also authorizes the borrowing of $4.75 million of the $5 million. Council meets 7 p.m. Jan. 22 at City Hall in Ocean City (see full agenda).The ordinance is part of an effort to relaunch dredging operations that were interrupted by lack of a place to dump the dredge spoils. An approved site near the 34th Street causeway was filled to capacity before an outside contractor could complete a 2012 job between 15th and 34th streets. All dredging has been at a standstill since then.__________Sign up for OCNJ Daily’s free newsletter and breaking news alerts“Like” us on Facebook__________For many property owners who pay handsomely for backyard access to bay or lagoon, the shallow waters often are impassable to boat traffic in the hours near low tide. Mayor Jay Gillian’s administration has committed funding to dredging operations but has been stymied by regulations governing where dredged material can be deposited.The bond ordinance authorizes the “preparation and emptying of one or more confined disposal facility sites” in addition to “permitting, engineering and dredging of lagoons and bayfront areas.”The ordinance includes not detail on times or places for dredging. The permitting window opens on July 1.City Council in December approved a shared services agreement that would allow Ocean City to truck material from an existing spoils site to Wildwood to help cap a landfill. Ocean City would have to pay to truck the material, then pay Wildwood $14 a cubic yard to accept the material.——-Some other items of interest on the agenda include:Honoring an Eagle Scout: City Council will recognize the achievement of Bradari Philip Altman of Ocean City’s Troop 32.Changes to Hospitality Zone: City Council will consider the first reading of an amended ordinance that makes minor changes to the sections related to one-family and two-family residences. (See agenda packet below for full text and documentation.)Ice-Cream Vendors: City Council will consider an ordinance that would: reduce the number of bicycle-cart licenses from 20 to 12; allow one vendor to bid on all 12 licenses; change hours of operation to 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; raise minimum bids from truck vendors from $1,500 to $2,000; and prohibit more than one vendor from selling at the same street end at the same time.No Jumping From Bridges: Council will consider creating an ordinance making it unlawful to jump from any bridge within the city limits (a tool Ocean City police currently do not have). Another amendment would allow police to claim as abandoned any bicycle left unmoved on public property for more than 7 days.Resurface Track at Carey Stadium: Council will vote to approve a $577,350 contract with All Surface Asphalt Paving of Point Pleasant to improve drainage and resurface the track at Carey Field adjacent to Ocean City High School. A plan to install an artificial turf field has been temporarily abandoned.Newest Road Improvements: City Council will vote to seek bids on another phase of road improvements, including: 10th Street (from Bay Avenue to the bay), Palen Avenue (from 10th Street to the little feeder road next to the Ninth Street Bridge); West Inlet Road (from Battersea to Crescent); East Inlet Road (from Gardens Parkway to East Atlantic Blvd.); West Atlantic Boulevard (from West Inlet Road to Gardens Parkway); Bridge Boulevard (from West Atlantic to Gardens Parkway); Crescent Road (from West Inlet Road to Gardens Parkway); Landing Road (from Crescent to the bay); West Surf Road (from West Inlet to Wesley Road); and East Surf Road (from Wesley Road to E. Atlantic Blvd.). Read more: New Pavement and New Routes on the North End.See full documentation on all agenda items in the PDF below.Download (PDF, 4.86MB)last_img read more

Special Operations Veteran and Councilman, James Toto, Takes Aim at LoBiondo’s Congressional Seat

first_imgIncumbent Somers Point Councilman James Toto is sworn in to office in January, while his wife Beverly, holds the Bible and City Clerk Lucy Samuelson administers the oath of office. James Toto, a longtime Somers Point resident, said in a statement he intends to run for New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District. Toto will officially announce his candidacy on the “Hurley in the Morning” radio program on Feb. 1 at 7 a.m. with Harry Hurley, WPG Talk Radio 104.1 FM, 1450 AM. Toto will seek the Republican nomination to succeed congressman Frank LoBiondo.“New Jersey’s 2nd district is very unique, it encompasses tourism, gaming, farming and aviation research among other industries,” Toto said in a release. “The people of our district are tired of the infighting in Washington and yearning for simple, common sense solutions to our problems. I love the people of south Jersey and I am looking forward to providing a voice for all of us in Washington” Toto is a disabled veteran who served in the United States Army in Psychological Operations under Special Operations Command. He is a former United States Federal Air Marshall and is serving in his second term as a councilman in Somers Point.last_img read more

Wallace and Gromit’s bakery plot revealed

first_imgThe makers of the latest Wallace and Gromit outing, A Matter of Loaf And Death, have revealed more plot details of the film, which will see the pair running a bakery called Top Bun.The storyline will revolve around the murderous Cereal Killer, who targets local bakers. While Top Bun’s business does well as the competition is killed off, Gromit worries that the pair may become victims themselves. Meanwhile, Wallace is oblivious to the threat as he has fallen in love with former star of the Bake-O-Lite advertisements, Piella Bakewell. However, he soon makes a discovery that points to the identity of the Cereal Killer, but will the truth ever be revealed?The 30-minute programme will premiere on BBC One this Christmas and was produced by Aardman Animations. Kingsmill will be partnering Wallace & Gromit in the run-up to the launch of the new film ‘A Matter of Loaf and Death’. Starting in December, Kingsmill will launch an on-pack campaign called ‘Win a Prize of a “Loaf” Time’. It will feature across the Kingsmill Great Everyday White Bread (440g and 800g), Kingsmill Love to Toast Bread (800g) and Kingsmill Crusts Away White Bread (400g) lines.The National Association of Master Bakers (NAMB) is also promoting the Wallace and Gromit film in craft bakeries through point of sale material.last_img read more

Great American Taxi Whisk Listeners Away With “Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show”

first_imgGreat American Taxi transports listeners to the musical intersection of jam band, blues, rock and Americana on their new album, Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show. While it is said that “laughter is the best medicine,” good music is surely comes in a close second. For their latest release, Great American Taxi continue to show that, whoever has their hand on the wheel, the direction and destination stay the same.The twists and turns in the band’s lineup seem to have finally settled into a cohesive unit that is delivering a sound far greater than the sum of its parts. Not to say that newly minted front man Arthur Lee Land, guitarist Jim Lewin, keyboard player Chad Staehly and company ever strayed from the Gram Parsons spirit the band was forged to follow.“We Can Run” opens things up with a blast of honky-tonk blues that serves as a fitting introduction for new vocalist Land. There are similarities to former vocalist Todd Snider in tone, but similarities are just on the surface level. Songs like “Out On The Town” quickly help illuminate the more earnest direction of the band. It’s easy to see a more whimsical take on the tune with previous line-ups but the more heart felt approach presented here is impressive and distinct.The slow burn blues of “Sunshiny Days” shows a understanding of build and release that lets Land and Lewin trade some powerful licks over booming bass and drums. A groovy banjo intro to “All The Angels” is placed perfectly on the track listing, lifting the slowly darkening mood instantly. The religious iconography in the lyrics serve as sparse cover for the universal advice the band is doling out on the track. “Home” keeps the expansive vibe going with jazz brush drumming and banjo counterpointing lilting pedal steel guitar and fiddle that perfectly underscore the melancholy spirit of the tune.The title track, “Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show,” comes on like a fever dream version of old-timey carnival music with a psychedelic twist for good measure. The wry songwriting on the album reaches a peak on “Like There’s No Yesterday” giving Jimmy Buffett some unexpected competition in the “Looking back on a life from a pirate’s perspective” sub-genre. Closing out the album, “Mother Lode” unwinds in a flat spiral, evoking a hopeful but weary look at the future.Over the course of Dr.Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show, Great American Taxi shows great comfort in a wide variety of song styles and sonic dimensions. Though past iterations have seemed to focus more on the person at the front of the stage this is the first effort that feels like a true group effort. If GAT can continue with this level sanctified mix of righteous music and insightful lyrical content, then let’s hope this configuration is here to stay.last_img read more

Professors discuss options in Syria

first_imgThree Saint Mary’s professors debated potential alternative routes of action in the Syrian conflict during a panel discussion titled, “What is an Ethical Response to the Crisis in Syria?” in the Vender Vennet Theatre on Wednesday. The event was sponsored by the Center of Spirituality, the Department of Religious Studies and the Department of Political Science.  Joseph Incandela, Aquinas chair and professor of religious studies, said when he was first invited to be a part of this panel two weeks ago, he believed a military strike was imminent. However, a military strike against Syria does not guarantee peace because of the uncertainty surrounding the conflict, he said. “So even if this works quote on quote, do we trot out our mission accomplished banner and say our work is done here because all of this other killing could go on, but as long as we got the ones from chemical weapons and those are in the closet stay in the closet than we have succeeded?” Incandela said. “That seems an odd stance to take.” Sonalini Sapra, associate professor of political science and gender and women’s studies, said leaders do not explore other alternatives to military intervention enough.  “There are other ways the U.S. could intervene that could use multilateral institutions like the U.N.,” Sapra said. “They could use their diplomatic means to get the Syrian parties on the ground to agree to a cease-fire and then start a negotiation process that way. I think the diplomatic route has been relatively unexplored until last week. There are other ways to intervene without a military intervention.” Marc Belanger, chair of the political science department, in contrast to Sapra and Incandela, said violence can build as well as destroy and occasionally accomplishes some goals.  “In the last 20 years, three genocides or three situations I consider genocide were stopped not by diplomacy but by violence: I refer to Bosnia, Cambodia and Rwanda,” Belanger said. “Where in every case a far from perfect actor intervened: Vietnam in Cambodia, Rwandan forces in Rwanda and the United States and NATO in Bosnia, to bring to at least a halt for the time being extraordinary levels of destruction. On the other hand, I can certainly list other conflicts where violence did very little but destroy.” Incandela said the best way to stop violence is to prevent it from escalating in the first place, and if it does get to that point, world leaders should consider non-violent and diplomatic options.  “Sometimes violence is like fast food,” he said. “It is eaten in haste and not very fulfilling.”last_img read more

John Abry earns EcoBroker designation

first_imgFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDate: 09.05.08Contact: John AbryREMAX North ProfessionalsPhone: 802.861.3278Fax: [email protected](link sends e-mail) is external)LOCAL REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED TO ADDRESS AND ENCOURAGE THE BENEFITS OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND GREEN FEATURES IN HOMESColchester, VT — 09.05.08 John Abry, of REMAX North Professionals in Colchester has earned the EcoBroker Certified® designation, having successfully completed a unique and informative training program on the energy and environmental issues that affect real estate transactions. John joins the movement of professionals pushing the real estate market toward energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthier design/features in homes and buildings. The performance home movement is getting a boost thanks to this type of high quality real estate professional earning the EcoBroker designation. EcoBrokers®, like John, throughout the country are forging this market and creating competitive advantages for their customers. With national surveys indicating that 80% of consumers consider themselves green-minded, real estate professionals with the EcoBroker designation are in a better position to serve the real estate consumer. Im always looking for the best ways to offer my clients the best value. My EcoBroker training helps me ensure customer satisfaction, my number one priority, John explains. From windows to moisture control to energy savings, I now have more resources at my disposal to help my buyers and sellers make better real estate decisions. The EcoBroker designation doesnt make me an energy and environmental expert, but it allows me to better understand the issues and to convey this understanding to my buyers and sellers.EcoBroker Internationals education and designation program is designed exclusively for real estate professionals who care about the environment and want to help their clients benefit from the energy-efficiency, green, and healthier features of homes and buildings. EcoBroker provides a complete curriculum of energy and environmental training to licensed real estate agents. Real estate professionals must complete the extensive EcoBroker curriculum and training and fulfill additional program requirements to become Certified EcoBrokers®. John is an example of the quality real estate professional the EcoBroker designation continues to attract, explains EcoBroker Internationals CEO, Dr. John Beldock. These real estate professionals are not only distinguishing themselves in a competitive market place, but they are really giving back to the community in very constructive and meaningful ways. Chittenden County needs more contributors like John. The planet and our grandchildren need them too, Dr. Beldock said.From his Colchester office, John explains, With EcoBrokerÒ training, I have broadened the range of real estate opportunities I offer my clients. Whether the transaction involves environmental assessment and mitigation (mold, radon, etc.) or the opportunity to reduce utility bills, Im in a position to help. The real estate industry is changing, and to best serve my clients I need to understand the newest designs, technologies, and environmental issues. My EcoBroker designation helps me stay ahead of the game.John earned his EcoBroker Certified® designation in August, has been a real estate broker for over 5 years and lives in Colchester with his wife & son.For additional information please contact: John Abry REMAX North ProfessionalsPhone: 802.861.3278Email: [email protected](link sends e-mail) is external)EcoBroker International provides a unique energy and environmental curriculum to licensed real estate professionals, leading to the EcoBroker Designation. EcoBrokers mission is to broaden and improve the base of training and continuing education for real estate professionals and in doing so, encourage improvements to the quality of buildings, while reducing their impact on natural resources and the environment. EcoBroker is a BuildingÒ America and Built GreenÒ Colorado Education Partner; the most successful green-building program in the United States. EcoBroker provides state-approved continuing education courses to licensed real estate professionals in states throughout the U.S. EcoBroker can be reached by phone at 1-800-706-4321, online at is external), and by email at [email protected](link sends e-mail).# # #last_img read more

Oil Drilling in the Atlantic?

first_imgLast month, a coalition of conservation groups moved to intervene in a lawsuit over seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean.Used to locate and quantify potential oil and gas deposits, seismic testing involves firing blasts of air from large air guns toward the ocean floor for days or weeks at a time. Seismic blasts have been known to travel more than a thousand miles through the ocean, disorienting, hurting, deafening, or even killing nearby marine life. The Department of the Interior estimates that more than 130,000 marine mammals, including the highly endangered North Atlantic right whale, would be injured by seismic testing along the East Coast. Seismic blasts also drive away fish, drastically cutting commercial fishing production. Studies have shown that seismic testing could potentially harm commercial and recreational fishing—central to coastal economies—by decreasing catch rates by as much as 80 percent.Last month, President Trump issued an executive order seeking to open the Atlantic Ocean to offshore drilling.More than 120 cities along the Atlantic coast have expressed their opposition to offshore drilling. “Coastal communities like Charleston and Beaufort have spoken out for years against seismic testing for oil and gas and drilling because they understand the overwhelming scientific evidence of the risks to marine mammals like the endangered North Atlantic right whale,” says Eddy Moore, energy and climate director at the Coastal Conservation League. “We have already heard from thousands of residents who are prepared to join us in opposing this latest threat to the East Coast’s economic and natural well-being.”last_img read more

Debate over ‘doctor of law’ title continues

first_img July 1, 2006 Regular News Debate over ‘doctor of law’ title continues Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Reversing an earlier decision, the Bar Board of Governors has said it is alright for a lawyer who has a juris doctor degree to say in a Spanish-language ad that he is a “doctor en leyes,” or doctor of laws.But board members said they consider their action a narrow one applying only to the facts of that case. Some board members said they might vote differently if the ad was in English.The board, after approving the ad, asked the Board Review Committee on Professional Ethics, which reviews advertising appeals, to research whether a broader policy is needed and to get input from law schools on what law degrees they confer and any differences regarding the nature of those degrees.The board acted at its June 2 meeting in Key West. The matter had been tabled from April. (See story in the May 15 Bar News. )Steve Chaykin, chair of the BRC, said the issue came to the board after the Standing Committee on Advertising recommended that the board reverse a previous decision denying an attorney permission to use “doctor en leyes” in an ad. The BRC, he added, objected to the SCA decision and recommended that the board stand by its earlier position.Since that previous decision, the advertising committee has reviewed other cases, Chaykin said, and ruled that lawyers could use doctor of laws in ads if that term actually appeared on their law degree (as it does on the certificates from some law schools). It also, in one case, said that three partners in a law firm could use the phrase in an ad, even though the diploma of one awarded a juris doctor instead of doctor of laws.“References to lawyers’ education in advertising must be limited to the actual degree awarded,” Chaykin said. “The committee [BRC] sees the lawyer as trying to hold himself out as having additional qualifications than just being a lawyer.”But others disagreed, noting it is common in Hispanic culture to refer to a lawyer as “doctor.”“In the Hispanic community, people are used to calling their lawyers as doctors,” said board member Ervin Gonzalez. “In the Hispanic community to say I have a doctor in laws is not misleading. Juris doctor is a study of laws. What’s the difference?”Bar President-elect Designate Frank Angones agreed.“If you come from a Spanish-speaking community, doctor is the normal way of addressing [a lawyer],” he said.Angones likened the issue to debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, adding, “I don’t think that doctor, if you are saying it in Spanish, is misleading.”But board member Carl Schwait said the Bar’s advertising rules have to regulate the entire state, and affect English as well as Spanish-language ads. He was also concerned when the term is used in ads seeking medical malpractice clients.“They’re saying, ‘Come to me, I’m a doctor and I will represent you when you sue your local hospital,’” Schwait said. “No one is saying, ‘I’m a doctor, come to me and I’ll write your will.’”“This is misleading and, if you allow this, lawyers across the entire state. . . will have the opportunity to call themselves doctors in law,” board member Gary Leppla added. “The rest of us will say, ‘Why are they representing themselves as something greater than our degree?’”Other board members noted the LL.M. degree is higher than a juris doctor, but is commonly referred to as a masters of law, yet someone with a J.D. could use the title of doctor of laws which implies more learning than an LL.M.President-elect Hank Coxe posed the question, “If I were a member of the Hispanic community and I saw this ad, what would I believe?”“You would believe this person was a lawyer with a degree from a law school,” Gonzalez replied.“Would I be misled?” Coxe asked.“Not at all,” Gonzalez said.The board rejected the BRC’s recommendation by a 16-23 vote. It then, by voice vote, rescinded its earlier disapproval of the ad.Chaykin noted the BRC had a further recommendation — that ads should reflect the language on lawyers’ diplomas.“I think that unless it’s on your degree, doctor of laws should be reserved for those who have an S.J.D.,” he said.Some board members also said they had concerns about whether their action constituted a broad approval to use “doctor of laws” in lawyer ads and whether using the term in English ads was alright.Board member Ben Kuehne said he saw the board’s action as narrow and only applying to the specifics of the case. Angones agreed, saying the board was addressing whether doctor of laws was deceptive, and that can have a cultural aspect.“I did not think that this was broad enough that it would allow me to advertise a doctor of laws in English, because that’s not culturally what this society is used to,” he said. “However, if you’re talking about a particular [Hispanic] market, I don’t see that as deceptive.”The board voted to direct the committee to contact law schools for input on how holders of their degrees should represent themselves. Debate over ‘doctor of law’ title continueslast_img read more

Gboard Is Rolling Out an Enhanced Voice Typing With Google Assistant for Pixel Devices: Report

first_img– Advertisement – Is OnePlus 8T the best ‘value flagship’ of 2020? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below. The feature was spotted being tested by Google a couple of months ago, and now seems to be rolling out to more users. More than just speech-to-text, this is a hands-free system for typing and entering commands.Under the Voice typing menu in Gboard’s settings, a new option called ‘Enhanced voice typing’ appears, which can be enabled. There is also an ‘Auto punctuation’ option, which will automatically add punctuations like commas, question marks, and exclamation marks while dictating, when enabled. Earlier, users had to manually instruct Google Assistant to add the specific punctuations.The enhanced voice typing feature on Gboard with Google Assistant is rolling out to Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5 users, although it still isn’t available for all the eligible devices yet.- Advertisement –center_img Pixel phones from Google are getting an ‘enhanced voice typing’ feature, as per a report. This update by Gboard will allow users to enable enhanced voice typing with voice commands provided by Google Assistant. Besides enhanced voice typing, users can also choose to add auto punctuations with the update. The enhanced voice typing feature is rolling out for Pixel devices, including the recently released Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 in a phased manner.As per a report by 9to5Google, some users have started receiving the enhanced voice typing feature on Gboard. On opening Gboard and tapping the microphone icon, there is a ‘New!’ banner that says you can ‘Save time typing’ by using the Google Assistant features. For example, you can say “Clear” to delete text, instead of manually using the backspace key. Besides that, users will also be able to say “Send” to send a message, instead of clicking on the button.- Advertisement –last_img read more