Colombian Navy Seizes 1.3 Tons of Cocaine in Two Ops

first_img View post tag: Tons A total of 1.3 tons of cocaine was seized in just two operation in the waters off Colombia in less than a week.In the most recent operation, the Colombian Navy seized one ton of cocaine being smuggled to Central America. Officials spotted two speedboats carrying suspicious cargo and immediately launched their pursuit. Two people were arrested and, together with the cargo, brought to the authorities. The total worth of this shipment was estimated at 25 million dollars.In a previous interdiction, the Navy seized an amount of over 360 kg of cocaine.Together with the Coast Guard units, the Colombian Navy intercepted a total of 18.5 tons of cocaine so far this year.[mappress mapid=”15812″]Naval Today Staff, Image: Colombian Navy View post tag: Naval Back to overview,Home naval-today Colombian Navy Seizes 1.3 Tons of Cocaine in Two Ops April 28, 2015 View post tag: Navy Colombian Navy Seizes 1.3 Tons of Cocaine in Two Ops Share this articlecenter_img View post tag: Colombian Navy View post tag: 1.3 View post tag: Cocaine View post tag: News by topic Authorities View post tag: americaslast_img read more

HMS Mersey set to return from ‘huge’ deployment

first_img January 9, 2017 View post tag: HMS Mersey View post tag: Royal Navy Back to overview,Home naval-today Royal Navy patrol vessel set to return from ‘huge’ deployment Share this article Royal Navy patrol vessel set to return from ‘huge’ deploymentcenter_img View post tag: SNMG2 Royal Navy’s River-class patrol vessel HMS Mersey is preparing to return to the UK from what will be a lengthy 13-month deployment.A remarkable achievement considering the fact that the ship has a company of just 52.The patrol vessel left Portsmouth in January 2016, heading for the Caribbean before travelling east to the Mediterranean and on to the Aegean.During her deployment the River-class ship has sailed 38,000 miles and visited 31 ports in 19 countries over three continents.The crew has used two million litres of diesel and welcomed presidents, ambassadors, heads of Armed Forces and 350 excitable schoolchildren.The second half of Mersey’s deployment saw her head to the Aegean Sea – via a stopover in Gibraltar – to support the NATO-led operation to combat the migration crisis.The support was an extension of the UK’s contribution and commitment to tackle illegal people trafficking and migration in the region.Mersey worked with Standing NATO Maritime Group 2, led by the German Bremen-class frigate FGS Karlsruhe and then by the Dutch light cruiser HMLMS De Ruyter.Over past 12 months NATO say their operation in the Aegean – which involved 50 ships from 15 nations – resulted in an 80 per cent reduction in the number of migrants trying to reach Greece and Turkey.The offshore patrol vessel – at 80m in length and a draft of less than five metres – was able to provide the NATO taskforce with an enhanced ability to work closer to the shore.SNMG2 worked closely with Greek and Turkish coastguards, alerting them to sightings of migrant vessels and enabling them to turn the vessels back or preventing them from attempting the dangerous crossing in the first place.Mersey deployed to the Aegean from the Caribbean where she was on counter-narcotic operations.In April she played a key role alongside the Canadian Navy and US coastguard in a £12 million drugs bust where 304kg of drugs were seized.Mersey also reinforced trade links with Central America and reaffirmed relationships with foreign partners, including the Mexican Navy. View post tag: River Class Authoritieslast_img read more

Fake Oxford degree minister sacked

first_imgThe President of Iran is due to face a vote of no confidence following a ministerial scandal over a forged Oxford University degree.The turmoil follows the sacking of the Government’s Interior Minister this week, after revelations over the summer that his Law degree was in fact a fake.Ali Kordan was officially dismissed from his cabinet post last Tuesday on charges of dishonesty and lying about his educational record, after months of political wrangling. He had initially denied the allegations of forgery and copies of the degree were even released onto the internet in an effort to prove its legitimacy.However Iranian political blogs soon exposed that the diploma was indeed a crude fake, riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.An official statement released by Oxford University later confirmed that the Interior Minister had never received any type of commendation from the institution, leading to 20 Iranian Government ministers to call for Kordan’s impeachment after he admitted the degree was indeed a forgery. An overwhelming majority of Iranian MPs subsequently voted to dismiss Kordan, with just 45 of 247 members voting that he should keep his job.President faces vote of confidenceThe affair could have additional consequences for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who now faces a vote on his own future after Kordan became the tenth government minister to be sacked during his tenure in office.According to Iran’s constitution, the expulsion of ten ministers should trigger a vote of confidence in the President – which would make Ahmadinejad the first President in Iranian history to ever face such a vote. However, the Iranian sumpreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei condemned the attempts to undermine his country’s government.He told the BBC, “This careless atmosphere of talking against the government is not to be easily forgiven by God.” His remarks appear to be directed against those who have impeached Kordan and came as implicit support for Ahmadinejad’s government.Inflation at a highThe controversy comes at an especially bad time for Ahmadinejad as Iran is to hold a presidential election in just eight month’s time. The country is currently experiencing its own version of the international economic crisis as inflation is at a high of 30% and oil prices are continuing to drop.The Iranian President, who defended Kordan when the allegations against him emerged last August, has refused to speak further on the issue and did not attend the vote to impeach the Interior Minister.A spokesperson for Oxford University said this week that they would not be commenting again on the matter. They had previously confirmed that the academics who ‘signed’ the diploma had all held Oxford posts, but never in the field of Law, and they would never have signed degree diplomas either.last_img read more


first_imgGov. Pence Endorses Eric Holcomb for Indiana GovernorBy Matt Peak,  Evansville IndianaGovernor Mike Pence endorses Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb for Indiana Governor.The Republican Vice Presidential Nominee says he believes Holcomb could best do the job.Pence tapped Holcomb to be the Hoosier State’s Lieutenant Governor earlier this year.Representative Susan Brooks, Todd Rokita, and Senator Jim Tomes have also submitted their name for consideration.The Republicans must caucus and pick their candidate in the next few weeks before squaring off against Democrat John Gregg in November. U.S. Senate Candidate Evan Bayh Visits Evansvilleby Matt Evansville IndianaFormer U.S. Senator Evan Bayh recently began in his “Freedom, Security, and Prosperity for Indiana” Tour.  He stopped in Evansville Friday.Bayh believes he is the man who can help Republicans and Democrats work together.He pointed to his long track record of being governor and U.S. Senator as why people prefer him to Baron Hill, who dropped out of the race last week.Bayh said if he wins, he will work to create jobs, cut taxes, grow small businesses, and make college more affordable.  He also stopped in South Bend, Gary, and Terre Haute.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

JUNE 27, 2017 ‘IS IT TRUE”

first_imgIS IT TRUE that the fireworks were poised to light up the Evansville City Council meeting last night with a host of controversial issues all coming to a head in the beginning of what promises to be a long hot summer?…A request to move $100,000 in local income taxes into the Affordable Housing Trust Fund was voted down 5-4 by City Council after the people of Evansville had spoken their piece against favoritism when it comes to reduced rent in taxpayer subsidized housing?…it is beginning to dawn on the people of Evansville and 5 members of the City Council that the time for lavish handouts is over and the time for responsible financial management is long overdue?…the elected officials in favor of the subsidies to those deemed to be special and deserving were Jonathan Weaver, D-At-Large; Connie Robinson, D-4th Ward; Jim Brinkmeyer, D-6th Ward; Dan Adams, D-At-Large and Republican Mayor Lloyd Winnecke?…this one may come back to haunt a few of these elected officials when it comes time to run again? IS IT TRUE that the police and fire unions for the City of Evansville are apparently so fed up with the way the city is being mis-managed that they have ceased communication with the Winnecke Administration?…all we can say is that the obsession with fun, games, and the downtown have distorted the sense of reality in Evansville to the point of ridiculousness?  Todays “READERS POLL” question is: If the election were held today for Republican nomination for Mayor of Evansville who would you vote for? EDITORS FOOTNOTES:  If you would like to advertise or submit and article in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] . IS IT TRUE we wonder why officials at Henderson Methodist Hospital and officials of a Evansville Hospital are discussing issue of economic concerns? …if members of the local main stream media would had attended last weeks Board of Directors meeting of Henderson Methodist Hospital they would know the answer to this question?  …if you read tomorrows IS IT TRUE you just might get a better idea of what we are talking about?…this is a developing story? IS IT TRUE the City Council has also voted to allow pot bellied pigs as pets in the city limits?…we are wondering what will be allowed next since there are already homes in the city limits with cows, chickens, and at least one donkey?…we are looking forward to hearing a member of the city council bray like a donkey to approve East Side Jack as a household pet?  …if Council President Missy Mosby would spend more time on things like how to stop run away deficit spending instead of a  “pot bellied pigs” issue we wouldn’t be in such a financial mess? IS IT TRUE that every time the Evansville DMD Director speaks in public his know it all attitude is becoming a serious liability for the Winnecke Administration?  …a great example is how he snubbed Rev Steve Ary during last nights Council meeting when Rev Ary was asking some pointed questions about the North main street design problems?  IS IT TRUE we continue to stick by our 2016 predictions that the City of Evansville has major financial problems?  …we predict that this coming budget hearings will be the beginning of the undoing of Mayor Winnecke’s tax and spend away of doing business? Any comments posted in this column do not represent the views or opinions of our advertisers. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE the truth has finally been acknowledged about the city employees hospitalization fund being insufficiently funded?…some folks would use the term “looted” to describe what has happened to the money that should have been set aside for employee health benefits?…The city’s hospitalization fund, from which city employee health insurance claims are paid, has a negative balance of $4.02 million while the general fund balance is $424,000 leaving a shortfall of $3.6 million if the general fund is completely depleted?…City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr. has finally owned up to this ridiculous situation?…fun and games on borrowed money has taken priority over real life in Evansville, Indiana and the band keeps playing on?  …the City of Evansville is now facing a major cash flow problem?  …we wonder when members of the mainstream media are going to report this?last_img read more

News story: New rules for taxation of termination payments

first_imgEmployers will need to pay Income Tax and Class 1 National Insurance contributions (NICs) on an element of all termination payments from today (6 April 2018), whether or not they are contractual payments.The element that is now chargeable to Income Tax and NICs is the amount of the termination payment that represents payment in lieu of notice (PILON).This change applies to payments, or benefits received on, or after, 6 April 2018 in circumstances where the employment also ended on, or after, 6 April 2018.This follows an announcement at Budget 2016 that government would introduce rules to prevent employers from manipulating the system.Fairness and clarityThis measure is intended to bring fairness and clarity to the taxation of termination payments by making it clear that all PILONs, rather than just contractual PILONs, are taxable earnings.All employees will pay Income Tax and Class 1 NICs on the amount of basic pay that they would have received if they had worked their notice in full, even if they are not paid a contractual PILON.This means the tax and NICs consequences are the same for everyone and are no longer dependent on how the employment contract is drafted or whether payments are structured in some other form, such as damages.Foreign service reliefIn addition, foreign service relief on termination payments will be removed for all UK residents, apart from seafarers, from today.UK residents whose employment ends after today who receive a payment or benefit in connection with that termination made after 13 September 2017 will not be eligible for tax relief for any period of foreign service as part of that job.Class 1A NICs and sporting testimonialsClass 1A NIC employer charges on termination payments of more than £30,000 and on sporting testimonials of more than the £100,000 lifetime exemption had also been due to be included, but due to a delay in legislation, these are now due to come into effect in April 2020.last_img read more

Press release: Welsh language scheme to widen access to justice

first_imgThe scheme was developed following a public consultation with feedback from members of the public, businesses and legal professionals.For more information on the Welsh Language Scheme visit GOV.UK. responding in Welsh to correspondence received in Welsh within the same timescale as correspondence in English ensuring events in Wales are publicised in Welsh and that participants can contribute in Welsh publishing Welsh language content on MOJ website Delivering our services in WelshWe will deliver Welsh language services to the same quality and consistency as those provided in English, including by: The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has today improved the way services will be delivered in the Welsh language.Approved by the Welsh Language Commissioner the scheme will cover each of the MOJ’s delivery bodies – Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, the Legal Aid Agency, the Office of the Public Guardian, and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Each body will adopt their own version of the programme.The Department will also now advertise vacancies for staff judges and magistrates in Wales bilingually and place adverts in Welsh language publications.Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary Richard Heaton said:center_img This change supports one of our most fundamental aims – making access to justice easier for everyone. We listened carefully to the feedback from our public consultation and these improvements will allow us to deliver a service that works better for Welsh speakers. staff and judicial vacancy adverts in Wales will be bilingual programme covers prison, probation, legal and courts serviceslast_img read more

Robinson delivers state of the student union address to senate

first_imgAmid donuts and hot chocolate, Senate discussed last-minute business, planned for the new semester and heard from student body president Corey Robinson.The meeting began with the official swearing in of new senators: Sage Guynn from Knott and Michael Semanek from Seigfried. A resolution was also passed that edited the Student Union Constitution’s non-discrimination clause to include age and veteran status.Robinson then gave his State of the Student Address.“We are living in uncertain times,” he said.But uncertainty, he said, was not a setback.“Uncertainty leads to necessity and creates innovation,” he said.Robinson highlighted the successes of the senate during the past semester, including the creation of a sustainability committee and Race Relations Week.“The rule book has gone out the window,” Robinson said. “We have a choice. Go down the well-trodden path or blaze a new trail.”He called on the senators to consider how they can better represent the student body.“Are we really the united voice of our student body?” he said. “Do you represent your dorm or your section? This is the crucial crossroads.”He concluded by encouraging students to follow their ideas.“We can make the student government what we want,” he said. “Blaze your own path. Some will say you’re wasting your time, but many will follow you.”Afterwards, committees met to make some tentative goals for the next semester, including editing the Taxi Bill of Rights, getting better coffee in the dining halls and sending out information on new dining hall hours.Tags: Corey Robinson, Senate, State of the Student Union, Student Body Presidentlast_img read more

Postgraduate service fair to feature over 70 service organizations

first_imgThe Center for Social Concerns (CSC) will host a fair to introduce students to an array of postgraduate service opportunities Wednesday from 5-8 p.m. at the Joyce Center Concourse.The fair will feature representatives from over 70 service organizations situated across the world. According to the event website, the organizations confront topics such as poverty, immigration and refugee resettlement, environmental justice, healthy food, wellness, housing and homelessness, youth development and elder care.“What’s wonderful is there will be organizations that need people to do all different kinds of work,” Karen Manier, postgraduate service administration lead coordinator at the CSC, said. “No matter what your background is or your interests, you can usually find something that would be of interest to you.”Manier said the goal of the fair never differs: It aims to both educate students about postgraduate service — what it is, what it offers and how powerful it can be — and facilitate the process for students who want to do postgraduate service.“If there’s a passion that you have around a particular social issue, [postgraduate service] allows you to not only do good work and help people but also to learn more about things so you can decide to get involved with something in a different way or level,“ Manier said.According to the CSC’s website, though postgraduate service is “basically a full-time job in a non-profit organization,” service members typically receive a stipend and benefits in exchange for working with individuals and communities in need.Though bringing a resume to the event and wearing business casual attire can be helpful, Manier said, the service fair is different from a regular job search in that such formalities are not necessary and any question students ask service organizations is “fair game.”“Everyone wants the same thing, which is to make the world a better place,” Manier said. “These are folks who prefer to have lengthier conversations with the people they’re talking to because it allows them to get to know you better.”About 7 percent of the class of 2016 participated in postgraduate service, totaling to about 150 students, Manier said. The largest portion of those students came from the College of Arts and Letters, which saw 17 percent of its graduates commit to service.“I hope people take advantage of this opportunity, because Notre Dame students are extremely well-liked by service organizations because they’re so well-prepared,” Manier said. “[Students] come in with so much service experience already, tend to do service while here and are smart, energetic and good leaders. Our students are ideal candidates, so these service organizations really want to meet them.”Manier said she would recommend all students, regardless of grade level, to attend the free event.“Even if [undergraduates] just start with conversations now and get a sense of the landscape, they’ll be in a much better position going into their senior year when they’re trying to make those decisions,” Manier said. “It’ll give them a chance to see what’s out there.”As an alumnus of Notre Dame and now the director and founder of the Ignatiun Service Corps, a service organization that will be at the fair, Tom King said he has worked with many students who found their gifts and life-long passions through service.“You can have great, experienced people who have done all kinds of justice work for four years, and they’re a perfect match,” King said. “But then you can have someone that was not engaged [in service] at all, and they can be a perfect match as well. I think that anybody could do it. Just have an open heart.”King said he considers college graduates to be in a privileged class that is required to help “those on the margins.”“The programs all want the student to find the program that’s best for him or her,” King said. “That’s the beautiful thing about a fair like that. The programs want you to find the right match, so they may even lead you to another program. I never feel a spirit of competition among the programs.”Junior spanish and music major Katie Ward, who helped run the service fair last year, said she felt uplifted seeing the positive impact the service organizations have in different communities and the roles that were available to students through them.“I would highly recommend attending the postgraduate service fair, even if you have not considered doing postgraduate service before,” Ward said. “The postgraduate service fair can help you discern whether you feel called to do postgraduate service and also help you see more specifically what organizations might interest you. It’s a laid-back atmosphere, and everyone just really wants to get to know you and build relationships.”Tags: Center for Social Concerns, CSC, postgraduate service, postgraduate service fairlast_img read more

The Cast of Incognito Celebrates Their Off-Broadway Opening

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on July 10, 2016 Let the mind games begin! Charlie Cox, Heather Lind, Geneva Carr and Morgan Spector play a whopping 21 characters between the four of them in Incognito, which opened at Manhattan Theatre Club on May 24. Nick Payne’s (center below) latest play explores three interwoven stories: a pathologist steals the brain of Albert Einstein; a neuropsychologist embarks on her first romance with another woman; a seizure patient forgets everything but how much he loves his girlfriend. Incognito weaves these mysterious tales into a whole that asks whether memory and identity are nothing but illusions. Helmed by Doug Hughes, the limited engagement will run through June 26. Take a peek at the opening night pics, and be sure to catch the Constellations playwright’s latest work! Related Shows View Comments Charlie Coxcenter_img Star Files Charlie Cox, Heather Lind, Geneva Carr & Morgan Spector(Photos: Emilio Madrid-Kuser) Incognitolast_img read more