Telus approves twoforone stock split

VANCOUVER — Telus Corp. has approved a two-for-one split of its common stock, a move that will double the number of shares outstanding but cut each one’s price in half.Telus says the split, which is subject to approvals from the Toronto and New York stock exchanges, will enhance trading liquidity and improve the affordability of shares for retail investors.Its shares closed Wednesday at $69.04 at the Toronto Stock Exchange. If the split had been in effect then, there would have been twice as many shares valued at $34.52 — assuming no other changes.The Vancouver-based telecom says when the split is completed, there will be about 653.6 million shares outstanding.On April 16, Telus shareholders will receive one additional share for each share owned on the record date of April 15, 2013. After the split-adjusted stock is expected to start trading on April 17.Telus now has had just one class of common shares since Feb. 4, after a lengthy battled with U.S. hedge fund Mason Capital Management. Mason wanted the voting shares to be given a higher value when the two classes were consolidated.At one time, the hedge fund was the largest shareholder in Telus, but has since reduced its stake.The Canadian Press read more

Sandvik developing AutoMine® Access API for interoperability

first_imgSandvik Mining and Rock Technology has announced it will develop an interoperable platform for its world-leading automation system for underground loaders and trucks – AutoMine® at #DisruptMining, an event focused on fostering new technology in the mining industry.“As a world leader in underground automation, we have a responsibility to make this game-changing technology easier to implement for the mining industry,” said Patrick Murphy, President Rock Drills & Technologies, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. “While we feel that customers will achieve the highest level of performance when purchasing Sandvik equipment, we recognize the need to unlock automation’s full potential for all equipment regardless of manufacturer. Customers with mixed fleets will have the full power of AutoMine® behind them as well.”To enable interoperability, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology will introduce the AutoMine® Access API which will provide standard, pre-defined interfaces for connecting third party loaders and trucks for control by Sandvik’s AutoMine® system. An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions and procedures that allows the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.In addition to APIs, to be compatible with AutoMine®, third party equipment designs must conform to the functional safety requirements specified for AutoMine®. “This API is another step in Sandvik’s journey to drive a digital ecosystem that makes mining smarter, safer and more efficient.”Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology released its Interoperability Policy in April 2018, outlining the principles by which Sandvik systems can communicate within a digital ecosystem including data accessibility, fleet data compatibility, data rights and control, and data privacy. “The addition of AutoMine® for underground loaders and trucks to this policy is the next step in Sandvik’s continued journey to set the industry standard for mine automation and digitalisation.”“Sandvik has been leading the market in automation for decades, with more than 400 pieces of equipment using AutoMine® around the world without an injury,” said Murphy. “As more customers embark on their digital journeys, interoperability will be a requirement. We are proud to leverage our experience to drive digitalisation further in the mining industry.”last_img read more