Waterside Stinks Again, Running Feces From Leaking Septic Tank

first_imgWaterside, one of Monrovia’s crowded business districts, has been overtaken by human and animal feces (pupu) from an old leaking septic tank.Sadly, hundreds of petty traders and medium size Liberian and foreign businesses have no choice but to endure the horrible smell and unsightly “pupu water” running down the street all day during the busiest shopping season of the year.The scene of the leaking septic tank at Waterside General Market has been described by some sanitation workers as a serious health and environmental hazard.Initially, businesspeople were hesitant to come face to face with the feces-infested street, owing to the unhygienic nature and health implications.But, during a visit to Waterside yesterday, it was observed that the petty traders, street vendors and foreign merchants were ignoring the stinking odor and carrying on with business as usual.  A few shoppers could be seen covering their noses.Year in and year out, the Waterside commercial district has  continued to endure daunting sanitation and environmental problems due to filth and nasty water from greater Monrovia’s poorly maintained septic tanks and gutters.Many of Monrovia’s gutters are clogged and the bulk of garbage and other waste are carried to the slum communities.Residents and business owners in those affected communities are alarmed by the situation but over the years nothing has been done to address the growing sanitation crisis in spite of their endless complaints and appeals.They lament that the leaking septic tank at this time of the year when the Christmas and New Year celebrations are days away is unfortunate and unacceptable.Several vendors and store owners interviewed sounded urgent appeals to the Liberian Government and partners for swift intervention in the sanitation problem.“We are really fed up asking for the permanent repair and maintenance of this leaking septic tank in this big business place near downtown Monrovia,” street vendor Clarence B. Jallah lamented.Mr. Jallah also expressed grave concern over the unsanitary conditions business people have to operate in down Waterside.Small businesswoman Hawa B. Tengbeh, 56, called on the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) to immediately deal with the situation and prevail on the septic tank owners to repair the damaged facility in order to avoid the outbreak of water and insect borne diseases.In a related development, other angry and frustrated residents called on the LWSC management to work out some concrete modalities with the septic tank owners for immediate repairs to be done.When contacted for comment, LWSC management told the Daily Observer that a solution is being worked out to remedy the grave sanitation crisis in the Waterside business district.It remains to be seen if street vendors, market women with their babies, business houses and shoppers down Waterside will get any relief from the stench and filth anytime soon.  In the meantime, as they say, hold your nose and pass.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Intel yesterday announced the availability of its

first_imgIntel yesterday announced the availability of its new INDE suite of cross-platform development tools. INDE stands for the Integrated Native Development Experience, and the suite includes tools for working in C++ and Java. INDE is available in three flavors, which range from free up to $799.Jeff McVeigh, general manager of performance client and visual computing at Intel, said this new line of development tools is targeted at modern client application developers. “The reality for those developers is that there’s a lot of device diversity: different operating systems, different architectures, some systems are Intel, some are ARM, and there are different IDEs. It’s complicated. They want to target their apps across them all to get the full breadth of solutions, but it’s challenging,” said McVeigh.“The operating systems providers lock you into those tool chains. It’s difficult to get going on things like Android. How do we simplify developers’ needs, specifically around the logic portions of the code? For people doing C++ and Java development, how do they leverage that investment while still being able to deliver a native look and feel to those devices? It provides the full development code flow from setup, to creation, to compilation, to debug and analysis and deployment for those performance-oriented cross-platform applications,” said McVeigh. The three versions of the INDE suite include varying levels of tools based on their cost. The free version includes all the development tools needed to build cross-platform client applications. The mid-tier, known as the Pro Version, includes debugging and analysis tools for $299, while the Ultimate Version at $799 also includes the Intel compiler, Threaded Building Blocks, and Intel’s Integrated Performance Primitives.McVeigh said the tool specifically supports ARM because the staff at Intel wanted the tool suite to be as useful as possible for today’s developers. “Our realization was that to be valuable to the developers there’s a plethora of architectures out there; we need to support ARM as best we can. We don’t have complete consistency on that end, but we provide support for compilation and debug to support [ARM]. We’re providing a one-stop shop for some of the access to platform capabilities, such as h.264, context sensing, OpenCL 2.0, OpenGL ES: things we offered as standalone SDK’s we’re using INDE as a platform for distributing them. We’re going to be using this as the main deployment vehicle of those capabilities,” said McVeigh.The Intel INDE suite integrates with Visual Studio, Eclipse and Android Developer Studio. The three suites of tools are available now.last_img read more