7 Tips to Make Your Charity Badge a Success

first_imgCharity badge campaigns have the potential to be incredible fundraising mechanisms if successful but are also susceptible to failure if they are not properly implemented.  Below are some tips to ensure that your fundraiser is a great success.Send E-mailsTo get started, email your badge to a number of supporters.  Do not email everyone you can think of, but rather those who would be most likely to make a contribution or share the badge with others.Donate to Your Own BadgePeople are more likely to donate to your cause if they feel that they are part of something bigger.  Before you spread the word about your badge, donate to it yourself and have co-workers or friends do the same (sixdegrees.org).Be Bold with Content on BadgeYou have a very limited amount of space to make your message compelling.  Be bold with your image and text to grab attention and call people to action.Start with a Small SuccessCharity badges allow you to set your fundraising goal and track the success of your campaign.  When starting your first fundraiser, set your goal to an attainable amount and let people know that they made a difference in the goals success (foik network).Write About it on Your BlogIf your nonprofit doesn’t have a blog yet, it should. Check out the article “10 Reasons Why Every Nonprofit Must Have a Blog” to learn why.  If it does, then use the blog to promote your campaign.  Post a description of the purpose of the fundraiser and a badge for supporters to share on your blog.Use Social Networking SitesSites such as MySpace are designed to facilitate social networking and sharing of information.  If you have a MySpace profile, use it to post your charity badge and share it with others.Send Thank You E-mailsThis is good practice for any fundraising campaign and it encourages donors to contribute again in the future.Source: Lance Trebesch and Taylor Robinson from http://www.ticketprinting.com/last_img read more

The hackers targeted the companys secure operatin

first_imgThe hackers targeted the company’s secure operating system, fraud prevention, security network, and Anti-APT solution and services.According to Kaspersky, the source code of the company’s products is undamaged, and the attack will only improve its defensive technologies.“By disclosing the attack we (i) send a signal to the public and question the validity–and morality–of presumably a state-sponsored attacks against private business in general, and security companies in particular; and (ii) share our knowledge with other businesses to help them protect their assets. Even if it does hurt ‘reputation’– I don’t care. Our mission is to save the world, and that admits no compromise,” he wrote. The cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab announced it has experienced an advanced hack attack on the company’s own internal networks. According to the group, the attack was complex, stealthy and exploited a number of zero-day vulnerabilities.“The thinking behind it is a generation ahead of anything we’d seen earlier–it uses a number of tricks that make it really difficult to detect and neutralize,” wrote Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, in a blog post.(Related: Facebook announces ThreatExchange to tighten software security)last_img read more