7 Lies Job Seekers Need to Stop Telling Themselves in 2017

first_imgCongrats! You’ve made a set of New Year’s resolutions for both your personal and professional lives. You’re back from a holiday vacation and feeling good with a “new year, new you” mentality. That’s what January is all about.But before you launch into achieving a healthier lifestyle or preparing for that promotion, there’s some real work we’ve got to do first. I say “we” because we are all guilty of this one thing, especially during the new year: lying to ourselves. Whether it’s a little white lie about how much we are really saving with our 401K, or whether it’s a bit whopper like “I’ll never be as good as XYZ,” it’s high time you quit the fibs, falsehoods and fabrications.2017 is about living in your truth and finding a job you love. No matter what. If you keep those two things front of mind, this year will be your best yet.So in that spirit, here are 7 lies you need to stop telling yourself in 2017.Lie #1 “I’ll start looking for a job next year.”NOW is your year to start looking for a new job. There’s no such thing as “perfect timing.” In fact, looking for “perfect timing” is a very good way to procrastinate from actually starting the legwork necessary for a job search. Remember, if you want to look for a new job, you just have to jump in and start. Lie #2 “It’s not a good time to be looking for a new job.”January is a great time to be looking for a new job. With new company goals, new budgets, and a sense of forward momentum, many companies and organizations are looking to acquire new talent for the new year.[Related: Here’s Why Your Job Search Shouldn’t Be a Rush to the Finish Line]Lie #3 “No one is hiring.”This one is easy: just take one look at Glassdoor’s job board.  We have thousands of current job postings in almost every field. If you think no one is hiring, think again. Here are some of the companies we’re most excited for in 2017. Lie #4 “I’m bad at networking.”Networking is a learned skill. Very few people feel like they are natural networkers. Don’t let the idea of networking intimidate you into paralysis. Networking is a crucial part (some may even say the most crucial part) of the job search. Instead of thinking you’re not good at networking, practice on getting better. Start by learning these 7 Networking Secrets Job Seekers Should Know.[Related: 6 Common Networking Mistakes to Avoid]Lie #5 “I’m bad at interviewing.”You’re not bad, you just need to prepare and practice! Interviews can feel difficult and uncomfortable, but preparation and practice can work wonders to ease your nerves and reservations. Here are 8 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask an Interviewer and tips on How to Prepare For The “Tell Me About Yourself” Question.  Lie #6 My current job isn’t that bad.”Remember, you’re looking for a new job for a reason. Don’t let the headache of the job search distract you from your goals of looking for a new opportunity.[Related: 3 Things to Consider Before Leaving Your Current Job]Lie #7 “I don’t have enough time / I’m too busy.”Anyone who has ever looked for a job knows that the job search process is pretty time intensive. However, it’s not a reason to postpone or forgo a thorough job search. Instead, plan and strategize how you are going to approach looking for a new job. Schedule time in your calendar like you would for any other task or activity, and be faithful to the time commitment. You have to make the time to look for a new job. If you need some renewed inspiration, here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Look For A New Job.DISCOVER: 9 Job Trends That Will Emerge In 2017, According to Insiders.last_img read more