K2 Management Expands Board of Directors

first_imgK2 Management has expanded its Board of Directors with the appointment of a vice chairman and a new board member.The renewables engineering consultancy has named Jesper Kristian Jacobsen, who is currently holding the CEO position at Aarsleff, as Vice Chairman.In addition, Mads Bach Christensen, CFO at BEUMER Group A/S, has taken a position in the company’s board.“K2 Management is on a very exciting journey and since the beginning, 12 years ago, the company has grown to over 250 people across all time zones,” said Chairman of K2 Management Kaj Lindvig.“To support the owners to reach their ambitions for the company and give our new CEO the best possible setup to execute on our business strategy, we are expanding the Board of Directors with new skills and broader experience from larger organizations within finance and construction.”Besides the two new appointments, K2 Management’s Board of Directors consists of the Chairman Kaj Lindvig and Co-Founders and Owners Lars K. Hammershøj and Per K. Melgaard.At the beginning of the year, the company announced the appointment of Jørn Zielke as CEO set to take the position during the first half of the year when released from the contract with regional utility Vestforsyning, where he also holds the CEO position.last_img read more

Bulldogs Freshman Team Bolts By Chargers

first_imgThe Freshman Boys Basketball Team won their 5th straight game on Saturday against the North Decatur Chargers 37-19.Batesville got off to a hot start and ended the first quarter up 11-0, with six of those points coming from Calvin Sherwood. They continued pull away in the second quarter, connecting on a pair of 3’s from Wil Freeland and Austin Cornn. The Bulldogs closed out the first half with a 25-5 lead.It was a more even matched game in the 2nd half, with the Chargers winning the 4th quarter by scoring eight points to the Bulldogs five. It still was not enough to overcome the early Bulldog lead. Batesville won the game with a score of 37-19. They were led in scoring by Calvin Sherwood and Trey Peters with eight points each.Batesville plays East Central at Batesville High School on December 7th at 6pm.Courtesy of Chargers Coach Sean Boyce.last_img read more

ExxonMobil hosts oil spill demonstration exercise on Shell Beach

first_imgMore than 100 persons recently participated in an oil spill demonstration exercise facilitated by ExxonMobil Guyana at Waini Point, Shell Beach Protected Area in Region One (Barima-Waini). These representatives were from the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), coastal village councils and other key agencies.“Because we want to ensure that yours and other communities remain beautiful and untouched, ExxonMobil Guyana is committed to safe and environmentally responsible operations. This commitment is highlighted in our Corporate Environment Policy; Protect Tomorrow, Today,” Country Manager Rod Henson indicated in his address to those gathered on the Beach last Friday.According to him, it is the company’s fundamental goal everywhere it operates to ensure that there are no environmental incidents.“Not only do we comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, but we seek to go beyond these where practical and apply international standards where laws and regulations do not exist. Already, we have partnered with key agencies over the years and even here in Region One to ensure that the natural beauty of coastal communities and life beyond the shores remain intact.”Meanwhile, Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley has said that the Administration is pleased that coastal communities are now better able to protect themselves from an oil spill, should one occur.“This exercise while it may seem very simple, it is very important and significant to the development of this newfound wealth in our country in which, as a people at the local level, [we] will be empowered to know what needs to be done if there should be an oil spill,” he explained.Similarly, Captain Salim October of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) stated that while existing concerns of citizens cannot be ignored, this is an important part of the country’s overall preparedness to respond to a potential oil spill.“Engaging in this exercise no doubt is considered proactive and to some extent, it is considered preventative,” he expressed.The demonstration exercise was done with support from the Civil Defence Commission, the Regional Democratic Council, Protected Areas Commission (PAC), the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guard and the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD).Friday’s event is one in a series of drills and workshops planned by ExxonMobil Guyana in coastal communities across the country.last_img read more

Jen Sincero: How to Become A “Badass at Making Money”

first_img Also on Glassdoor: BUY YOUR COPY! Order your copy of You Are A Badass at Making Money now! 21 Words To Never Include In Your Resumecenter_img With her first New York Times bestseller, Jen Sincero had million of women standing in superwoman pose declaring “I’m a badass.” Those who read the 2013 You Are a Badass found themselves ditching the self-doubt and replacing it with a healthy dose of awesomeness and energy.  Readers couldn’t stop laughing at Sincero’s bite-sized anecdotes and laugh-out-loud moments of challenge and triumph. Badass was released just a month after Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and for many Millennials especially, this was the confidence booster that helped them dominate at work.Now, Sincero is out with the highly-anticipated follow-up book You Are a Badass at Making Money helping people everywhere master the mindset and the mantras of wealth. Out April 18th, the book tells the story of how Sincero went from living in a garage to making 7 figures after changing her perception of money and her habit of “half-assing it.” Money has always been a topic that Sincero was passionate about, and when she finally decided to master her own wallet, she found that many of the books out were targeted towards men, written by men, and that they lacked relatable takeaways. So she decided to change the conversation.We caught up with Jen Sincero to discuss her new book, the stereotypes around money and work, and the advice she has for all of us on how to get paid fairly.Glassdoor: Why did you want to focus on money in this follow-up book?Jen Sincero: Money is one of the most common things that my clients struggle with. And, personally, it was my huge stumbling block and then my huge victory. It was actually the reason that the original You Are a Badass was even written because I had to go through all of the self-help to get over my own money issues. My own challenges with money are what got me into coaching in the first place.Glassdoor: Talking about money is seen as taboo, especially for women. Is there an unconscious bias attached women talking about money? Jen Sincero: We all have it bad to some degree. Men are valued when they’re successful; when they’re bread-winners. Women are valued when we’re young and pretty, not too “showoff-y.” There’s a double standard. Successful women are often seen as “bitchy” and “bossy,” whereas if you’re a man you’re “empowered” and “decisive.”Glassdoor: When writing this Badass book, did you have these stereotypes in mind?Jen Sincero: In Badass Money, I wrote an entire chapter on allowance because I really feel, honestly, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for women with making money is allowing yourself to make it. We don’t even realize it, but it is an enormous hurdle. If you haven’t gotten over your issues of being worthy, being allowed and being able to make money, then no matter how hard you work at it, you’re going to really hold yourself back.The One Word Women Should Never Say At WorkGlassdoor: What are some of the biggest misconceptions about making money?Jen Sincero: That you’re an evil, greedy, disgusting person if you focus on making it. That you will have to work hard all the time and never have any fun. That it’s going to be really hard and you’ll have to do stuff that you hate.Glassdoor: You’ve spoken to thousands of people about their issues around money. How do these misconceptions affect the relationship between money and work?Jen Sincero: We’re on Earth once — why would you spend it doing something you hate? At the same time, we’ve been led to believe “Do what you love and the money will follow,” which I think is also a load of garbage. I mean, it can happen but I think you should do what you love, figure out how to monetize it and the money will follow. If you’re going to make your hobby into your career, you have to focus on the income streams and where you can maximize your earning potential the most. You can’t just go fly fishing every day and hope you get rich.Glassdoor: Equal Pay Day is coming up. In your opinion, what keeps the wage gap alive?Jen Sincero: It’s indicative of every other misogynistic aspect of our society. Look how few women are in government. Women need to be a much louder force in our society and we’re not yet. I’ve been quoting lately the Dalai Lama who says, “The Western woman will save the world.” We’ve got the freedom. We’ve got the nurturing ways, we’re community oriented. We’re now educated. We’ve got everything we need, but we can’t save anybody if we’re scraping by. Money is power and women need to get over their BS around making money because we’ve got some big work to do with saving this world. It really does start with having the resources we need to make a really big impact on the world.Glassdoor: Empowered is exactly how I felt when I finished reading the book…Jen Sincero: Absolutely and it’s about getting into the understanding of your own self-worth and the value that you bring and holding your own and also realizing that you’re not taking money from somebody when they pay you. You are giving them a service or a product. We need to realize that and shift our thinking because a lot of women don’t want to” bother people” or don’t want to “be pushy.” When you don’t even acknowledge your worth and you fail to focus on the skills and talent you offer, you fail to get what you deserve.Secrets of the Sisterhood: Glassdoor Women On Their Best Career AdviceGlassdoor: Has there been a time when you had to confront the wage gap, or unleash your Badass to get paid fairly?Jen Sincero: Absolutely. I have certainly had to do it throughout my life. They say, “New level, new devil.” I’ve blasted through all my money issues and now it has paved the way for me to look at all these other issues that I haven’t dealt with yet. We all have to keep going to the spiritual gym. We all have to keep reading the self-help books and constantly surround ourselves with people who inspire us. It’s constant. Self-growth is a muscle. Confidence is a muscle.Glassdoor: What is your spiritual gym made off?Jen Sincero: I stay in touch with just one or two really close friends who are as ambitious and at the same level and some that are higher up than I am just to keep me on my game. I’m almost always reading some sort of self-help book and I read even if it’s just 5 minutes a day just to remind myself that I am the power of your choices and your thoughts. I listen to a lot of guided meditations, do yoga, and I walk a lot which is a very powerful thing for me as well.Glassdoor: The book is peppered with money mantras. What mantras or sayings have been critical to your success?Jen Sincero: My mantra for so long has been “I just want to see what I can get away with.” I included this in the first book You Are A Badass. “I just want to see what I can get away with. I just want to see if I can double my income this year. I just want to see if I can get some clients.” It made it more fun and took some of the drama or pressure out of my journey.Glassdoor: In regards to money, what have been some of your mantras?Jen Sincero: When I was finally starting to make money, I was constantly saying how broke I was and how I couldn’t afford certain things. I switched from saying “I can’t afford it.” Every time I wanted to say that ,I forced myself to say “Money is an abundant resource and I receive it with great glee.”Glassdoor: What was it about that mantra that worked for you? For many people, it’s hard to depend on mantras when they are simply trying to pay the rent?Jen Sincero: Because we are such visual creatures, it forced me to visualize money all around me. When I would focus on “I’m broke” and “I can’t afford it,” I would visualize darkness and be in a sad, low space. This mantra raised my spirits.Glassdoor: Now for a couple of fun ones and then I will let you go. What is the worst career advice you’ve ever received?Jen Sincero: I can’t remember who told me this, but they said, “Don’t shoot too big.”Glassdoor: What was your first job and what did you learn from it?Jen Sincero: I had a paper route when I was 11. I’ll never forget there was this bicycle that I wanted. It was blue, sparking and it had one of those banana seats. I wanted it so badly and my parents said I could have it if I raised the money myself. I got myself a paper route and I loved the feeling. When the people paid me it was such a magical feeling. This was very revealing. That is probably why I wrote the book. Earning money was incredibly motivating and empowering. I went on from there to make no money until I was 40. If I had accepted my 11-year-old self, I would have really done well.last_img read more