PPP Commissioners slam lack of transparency

first_imgGECOM system– insist publication of nominator lists a statutory obligationThe People’s Progressive Party (PPP) commissioners at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) are unhappy with the lack of accountability at that entity; and this is especially since there are just 43 days to go before Local Government Elections are held.Those commissioners, in an interview with this publication, made it clear that there are times when requests for information get them nowhere. One problem identified by Commissioner Sase Gunraj is the manner in which meetings are held.“You’ve heard in the media us complaining and saying things recently about the quality of the meetings, the discussions, the timing of the meetings; and thoseThe publication of the nominator lists, according to the commissioners, is a necessitystatements are not very complimentary of GECOM,” he said.“Because the meetings are truncated in terms of time, the discussions, sometimes even though they may be long-winded, do not end in implementable decisions,” Gunraj said. “And generally, at the commission level, it’s as though you have to squeeze blood out of stone to get what is happening.”According to Gunraj, those commissioners perceive the operations at the commission level are running on a need-to-know basis.Elaborating on the way meetings are held, PPP Commissioner Bibi Shadick compared what obtains now to the days of former Chairman Steve Surujbally, who demitted office in 2017.“Statutory meetings are held on Tuesdays and are supposed to start at one o’clock. From the first day, the Chairman announces that he’s not going beyond certain hours. First it was five o’clock. Then it came up to four o’clock. Then, if something is being discussed and the Chairman doesn’t (want to stay), he gets up,” she explained.“This has happened on more than one occasion. The thing about it is the commission under Surujbally was long hours, but at least we didn’t have a chairman that used to get up and walk out. This now is happening,” she declared.Retired Justice James Patterson was appointed GECOM Chairman late last year. The commission would be holding Local Government elections on November 12. Already, much controversy has surrounded the elections, including political parties accusing each other of submitting fraudulent lists on Nomination Day.ListsMeanwhile, Gunraj also addressed concerns about the publication of the candidates and backers’ lists. While Government officials have suggested that this should not have been done at all, Gunraj has insisted that the law makes it necessary.“All that is done for elections are a statutory process. Included in that process is that, upon receipt of the lists by the Returning Officer on Nomination Day within the specified period, they are required by law to post that list in a conspicuous place outside the RO office. That was done,” he said.“In fact, myself and other commissioners looked at this exercise at various RO offices throughout the Coast. I was on the East Coast; I know Commissioner Shadick was on the East Bank. I was also at Critchlow Labour College, where it was attended by a large media contingent (and) in person by the Minister of Communities and the Chairman of GECOM.”Gunraj noted that all those officials had observed the process, and he denied claims that the lists were published because of the PPP Commissioners.At a recent Alliance for Change (AFC) press conference, it was reported that that party’s Campaign Manager, David Patterson, had compared publicising of the lists to opening a can of worms. But according to Gunraj, the transparency it afforded highlighted electoral fraud.“It is an outcome of the viewing of these lists that all these issues have now arisen. People started to complain that they never signed lists. People started to complain that they did sign lists, but were duped into so doing,” he said.“They were told they were signing for better roads or old age pension. Another one I heard was they was listing persons to join a Community Policing Group. All of those are instances of fraud,” Gunraj said, adding that no right thinking person should countenance such things.last_img read more

Kejriwal to launch AAP youth manifesto on July 3 in Amritsar

first_imgChandigarh, Jun 25 (PTI) Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today said its youth manifesto will be released by the partys national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in Amritsar on July 3.AAP leader and Delhi Dialogue Commission Chairperson Ashish Khetan said besides releasing the manifesto, Kejriwal will also hold a meeting with “different sections of the society” during his three-day visit to Punjab.It will be the partys first manifesto ahead of the 2017 Assembly polls in Punjab. It will also release manifestoes on issues related to farmers, Dalits, women and other sections of the society.With the party giving importance to the youth who account for more than 30 per cent of the states population, Khetan said to prepare the draft manifesto, members of the partys Punjab Dialogue Committee visited schools, colleges, dispensaries and industries among other places.After talking to teachers, industrialists and other shareholders, it was finalised, he said, adding that youngsters in large numbers took part in the process with the hope that only AAP can change Punjabs current scenario.Punjab Dialogue Committee chairperson Kanwar Sandhu claimed a huge number of state government posts were lying vacant in various departments.”There are schools running without teachers and around half of the posts in ITIs are vacant. Sports teachers posts in schools are not filled which has led to the sports culture of the state being destroyed,” he said.The manifesto has been prepared with “extra diligence” after holding seven dialogues with the youth, said Sandhu, adding that the dialogues were held at Mohali, Sangrur, Patiala, Bathinda, Jalandhar, Malerkotla and Raikot.advertisementA total of 1,610 suggestions were received in writing. Another 340 suggestions were received through e-mail and the team interacted with 6,000 people on social networking websites, said Sandhu. PTI CHS RC ZMN DBSlast_img read more

10 Toughest Job Interview Questions — And How to Answer Successfully

first_img 23 hours ago 23h 3.5★ N/A 23 hours ago 23h 5.0★ 23 hours ago 23h We’ve all been there—pleased that an interview was going really well until the interviewer threw out a real doozy of a question that you just don’t know how to answer. But you don’t have to panic. We asked career coach Hallie Crawford to give us advice on how to answer the most difficult questions you’ve ever been asked. (Yes, we pulled them from real interviews.) Here’s how to answer each really well.1. If your current employer had an anniversary party for you, what five words would be written on the cake to describe you?While it may seem silly, “this question is designed to reveal how you think your manager perceives you,” Crawford says. “Before answering, ask yourself: how do your coworkers describe you? What did your manager commend you on recently?” With the answers to these questions in mind, “don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your reply,” Crawford says. But don’t be too verbose either. “You don’t want to give the impression that your anniversary cake would be too big,” she says, “so try and keep the words short and sweet.”2. Who in history would you want to go to dinner with and why?Before you answer this one, ask yourself whom you admire, past and present. “Perhaps a writer, an actor, a scientist, or even someone from your industry,” suggests Crawford. Then, consider, “what do you appreciate about their accomplishments? Why do they inspire you? Why do you feel that you would be friends? What would you want to discuss with them at dinner?” Crawford prompts you to ask yourself. “Use these elements when answering.”11 Things to Never Say in an Interview, According to a Hiring Manager3. Name a brand that represents you as a person.Yep, not a brand you love—but one that embodies who you are. Now that’s a doozy. But it doesn’t have to be tough, Crawford says. “Think about your top personal values,” Crawford advises. “Now think about brands that also have those values. For example, if you value family and ethical practice, think about companies who are family-based, or create products for families who you know don’t do testing on animals, for example. Explain the values that you feel you share with the brand and why those values are important to you.”4. Please describe an instance where you had to make a decision without all of the necessary information.You came to the interview prepared, which means you have a list of accomplishments you can work from. Using an accomplishment for this question, “describe the situation and what information was missing and any measurable results achieved,” Crawford instructs. By using an accomplishment, you will show a hiring manager how you can persevere.5. Sell me on one idea, and then sell me on the opposite of that idea.“First of all, you want to think of an idea before you can start answering the question,” says Crawford. You may not have to come up with your own idea. “Ask the hiring manager if they have a specific idea in mind,” says Crawford. “If not, consider a recent idea that you discussed with your team or with coworkers. What was your position and why? What was the opposite position and why? Use those arguments. In this question, it is important that you sound convincing when presenting both ideas. This will provide insight into whether you are able to present ideas to your team—even if you don’t agree with the idea.”How to Answer the 50 Most Common Interview Questions6. If a coworker had an annoying habit, and it hindered your quality of work, how would you resolve it?This may seem like a perplexing question, but it’s “designed to get to you how you deal with others,” explains Crawford. “Draw from a real-life experience if possible. What annoyed you? How did you resolve it? Is there a more effective way to handle the situation if it would happen again? Identify the annoying habit and then outline the steps you would take to try and resolve the situation while maintaining a good relationship with your coworker.”7. What part of the newspaper do you read first? What does this say about you?“This kind of question is asked to get to know you better as a person,” says Crawford. And while “at first glance, this seems a fairly easy question,” she says, it’s not. So, “before you answer, think about what genre of articles appeals to you: technology, fashion, current events,” Crawford advises. “Now determine if there is a way to link the genre that appeals to you as a professional. For example, if you are drawn to articles about technology, you could explain that your love of technology means that you enjoy learning new ways of doing things, you are open to change, and look to stay on top of current trends.”8. Throw your resume aside and tell me what makes you you.This is another question designed not to trip you up, Crawford says, but to get to know you better. “Keep in mind that they may have looked you up online and have your cover letter, so do your best not to just repeat something they have already read about you,” she says. “Instead, is there a background story about how you got into your industry? Can you explain your unique selling proposition—why you are unique in your industry? Or, you could explain your top three values and why they are important to you.”6 Anecdotes You Need to Rehearse Before Your Next Interview9. What’s wrong with your past or current employer?At all costs, “remember that you want to avoid bashing your current or past employer and the company,” warns Crawford. “This question is designed to find out why you are looking for a new job. Instead of focusing on them, focus on you. Are you looking for more career growth that what is offered where you currently work? Or a more challenging position?”10. Tell me about the worst manager you ever had.Before you bash your last boss, “remember that your hiring manager has your resume and knows where you have worked, so your managers won’t be completely anonymous,” warns Crawford. “However, you might explain a type of management style that wasn’t ideal for you. And if you haven’t had a bad manager, don’t make one up. Let the hiring manager know that you honestly have gotten along with your previous managers, and focus on how you are able to work with different personality and management styles.” 3.7★ Diesel Mechanic Best Logistics Group Kernersville, NC Electrician Vicon Machinery Pevely, MO 3.7★ 4.7★ Night Time Clean-Up Crew Carwash Avon, IN 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Estates and Trusts Paralegal Donahue Fitzgerald LLP Oakland, CA Post Doctoral Psychological Assistant, Behavioral Medicine Ibemed Ontario, CAcenter_img Advisor Support Specialist Licensing & Registration Advisor Group Atlanta, GA 23 hours ago 23h Medical Assistant Henry Ford Health System West Bloomfield, MI 23 hours ago 23h N/A Browse Open Jobs 23 hours ago 23h Customer Service Representative Central Valley Community Bank Fresno, CA Orthodontist Afdent Fort Wayne, IN 23 hours ago 23h 4.8★ Account Servicing Representative Armco Credit Union Butler, PA 4.0★ 23 hours ago 23h 5.0★last_img read more