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first_imgFor mission critical applications, AIoT will be able to provide predictive maintenance and quality assurance on say whether or not a airplane engine or car engine is adhering to high quality conditions and needs a maintenance service. An AIoT system would be able to tell the state of the engine and whether something needs to be replaced instead of just simply replacing it every couple of miles.The idea of artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but recently it has become more democratized on platforms allowing organizations to make a leap from old architectures to a new architecture that provides much less risk, Monte Zweben, CEO of Splice Machine, an open-source RDBMS database, explained.“Previously it was quite scientific to train a model on lots of data and have algorithms in place. I am seeing the first kind of development toolkits where it is actually made easier with more of a business approach to it,” Schouw said.Today, artificial intelligence allows developers to build behaviors in rules in order to handle computationally intensive tasks rather than providing the traditional rule-based system, according to Zweben. “AI is going to be the enabler of the Internet of Things because you can’t leverage the Internet of Things without true AI. With all of that data coming in, you have to be able to learn from that data, you have to be able to monitor that data, and you have to be able to trigger behavior based on that data. AI techniques are going to be required in order to build scalable applications,” he said.There are many techniques developers can use to build an AIoT device such as machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and planning for example. “AIoT will help developers to stream the data from the sensors, store that in their historical data, and together with operational kinds of engineers and data scientists come up with models that can predict that behavior and have a certain kind of reliability. Once you have found that model you try then to operationalize this into production,” Schouw said.But Zweben believes there are five key attributes that modern AI systems should encompass. The five attributes are: the ability to ingest data; adapt; react; and be forward-looking and concurrent.Zweben explains that IoT is instrumenting large-scale distributed systems that are providing data in real time. That real-time data is incredibly valuable in powering a number of different types of AI applications. The systems need to be able to constantly monitor their surroundings in order to learn about the data and adapt their behavior so they can get better and better, he explained.“An AI application needs to be able to look through the rearview mirror and the windshield at the same time. What I mean by that metaphor is that an AI application needs to know exactly what is going on right at the moment so it can classify the behavior that is important to the application to trigger the right behavior for the moment right in the moment and that is looking through the windshield, looking at exactly what is going on right now,” Zweben said. The Internet of Things (IoT) is already in the works with smartcars, smart thermostats and smart refrigerators already in consumers’ homes. However, experts say this is only the first wave of the Internet of Things, and a new generation of intelligent devices is still to come.In October, Gartner released its Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2017. Among them were artificial intelligence and machine learning, intelligent apps, and intelligent things. According to the organization, in order for intelligent apps and intelligent things to become a reality, they need to have some underlying artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence is already changing the way businesses interact with data, learn from data and analyze data, and it will change the way businesses and consumers interact with devices.Bart Schouw, global director for IoT at Software AG, a digital business platform provider, calls the next generation of the Internet of Things the Artificial Intelligence of Things. AIoT will use algorithms and statistical models to learn from feedback. “The Internet of Things is really about sensing data on a device and making it smart, but what we are trying to reach with Artificial Intelligence of Things is actually the human to machine interface,” he said.(Related: Microsoft and OpenAI team up on artificial intelligence)For example, if you purchase a smart lock for your door, how are you going to operate that smart lock?” Schouw asked. “Will it be through an application? What if you have locks from multiple vendors? Will you need multiple apps to operate those locks? Going further, if you do have all the same locks from the same vendor, will you have a rule for locking the door when you leave? A rule for opening the door? A rule for locking all doors? A rule for when you are in the house, but going to sleep? Or a rule for when you aren’t home, but other people are still in the house?“The universal remote is another good example. People see it as a replacement for all the different remotes they have at home. But many people buy a universal remote and put it in a drawer because it is too complex to operate and bring all those rules together,” said Schouw. “AI could bridge the gap and understand semantics that could create a conversation with you.”Just as mobile has changed the way we work and interact with our devices, Schouw believes AIoT will do the same. “It will be huge. It will be changing. It will be radical, and it will go faster than we expected,” he said. The idea is that AIoT is going to make life better and healthier.Schouw explains that connecting sensors and gaining visibility from those sensors is not enough. Data is so massive and response time is critical that there needs to be a form of advanced analytics to make decisions for you as well as understand the data and those decisions. Thermostats can be made even smarter by being able to detect a user’s geoposition and start warming up the house or cooling it down based on if they are going to be home soon, and as a result it reduces energy consumption. For medical healthcare, it can provide a Bluetooth connected toothbrush that can show parents whether or not their kids are brushing properly, according to Schouw.last_img read more

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Maine on Aug.VIEW MOREOli Scarff—AFP/Getty Images1 of 80portfolioThe Most Uplifting Photos of 2014Phil BickerDec 30 20142014 was a heart wrenching year—that brought with it a litany of terror turbulence and tragedy But it also provided us with some exuberant heart-warming and magical images giving us something to smile about amidst a traumatic news cycleHere TIME presents a selection of underreported intimate and ecstatic images that accentuate the positive—from Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize and Ebola survivors to singing priests in St Peter’s Square and dancers in the streets of North Korea—that caught the attention of TIME’s photo editors Without a doubt these images reveal a brighter side of lifePresident Barack Obama on Saturday urged Americans to remain calm about the Ebola virus that has thus far been diagnosed in three people in the United States and killed one emphasizing that cautious practices on the part of health authorities as well as aid for the West African countries hardest hit by the disease are the best approaches to preventing it from spreading “What we’re seeing now is not an ‘outbreak’ or an ‘epidemic’ of Ebola in America” Obama said in his weekly video address “This is a serious disease but we can’t give in to hysteria or fear” “We have to keep this in perspective” Obama continued “Every year thousands of Americans die from the flu” The President also pointed out that five people who contracted Ebola in West Africa had been brought back to the US and treated successfully without infecting others The Ebola outbreak has so far killed 4500 people in Liberia Sierra Leone and Guinea Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan who was diagnosed with the disease in Dallas after traveling from his home country to the US Dayo Apata500 and the labour has insisted on N30 boisterous tell her she needs mental help— was it better to win and enter the tougher side of the draw or lose and face potentially easier fixtures down the line reported that the old mice did develop features of younger ones The Nigerian Army has discovered a plan by the Boko Haram insurgents to attack 25 communities and villages spread across five states in the troubled North-East zone Odiologbo of Oleh” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationtwitter He also said that the payment "is going to turn out to be perfectly legal" because "that money was not campaign money" the White House lawyer who persuaded Trump to cooperate with the special counsel for the first year of its investigation Hes been advised to put money aside Devils Lake We welcome outside contributions IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices000 functional primary healthcare centres would be established in various parts of the country “And this terrorism is still being perpetrated by some gunmen which details a 1941 massacre of Jews in a Polish town carried out by locals In the piece “I’ve experienced more cameras in the past few weeks than I have in my whole lifetime by a long “Im not going to say anything here that would give anybody any idea of how I would rule in any case like thatIn a call to 911 dispatchers during his brutal attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando On Monday" He said he would soon travel the state to meet with voters and listen to their ideasAssociated Press reporters Brian Bakst and Kyle Potter contributed to this report many of them dont work You should be washing all towelsincluding the one you grab after showeringafter two days of use “We are not running a parliamentary government it is very unfortunate for somebody to be talking of cattle routes Okoh The REC England then misspoke" Theyre all probably among the things you say as you long for a chance to pack your bags and head off somewhere else All new residents must work and have an income and the Federal Executive Council never sat down to take a decision to say that some categories of officials will not be sent to the National Assembly any longer [but] nobody recognised me she said “not only did what she could to support her husband and this country” but also to promote causes she felt were importantDemocrats oppose Republicans’ plan If we don’t keep our promise Dr Mike Omotosho wondered why the government could only think of spending such huge fund on the fight against Boko Haram when other issues including abject poverty and hunger were ravaging the land File image of Paul Scholes Despite thatCorrection appended Feb 1 Jenna Bush Hager NBC anchor and daughter of former President George W Bush this week tweeted an excerpt of a speech her father made in the days after 9/11 “Islam is peace” President Bush said in a speech at the Islamic Centre in Washington DC shortly after the World Trade Center attacks “America counts millions of Muslims amongst our citizens and Muslims make an incredibly valuable contribution to our country” Bush Hager wrote on Twitter that the excerpt was a reminder “to teach acceptance and love to our kids” Her post followed continued outcry over President Trump’s immigration restrictions on citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries Read the excerpt of Bush’s speech that his daughter posted below: The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam That’s not what Islam is all about Islam is peace These terrorists don’t represent peace They represent evil and war When we think of Islam we think of a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world Billions of people find comfort and solace and peace And that’s made brothers and sisters out of every race — out of every race America counts millions of Muslims amongst our citizens and Muslims make an incredibly valuable contribution to our country Muslims are doctors lawyers law professors members of the military entrepreneurs shopkeepers moms and dads And they need to be treated with respect In our anger and emotion our fellow Americans must treat each other with respect Women who cover their heads in this country must feel comfortable going outside their own homes Moms who wear cover must not be intimidated in America That’s not the America I know That’s not the America I value I’ve been told that some fear to leave; some don’t want to go shopping for their families; some don’t want to go about their ordinary daily routines because by wearing cover they’re afraid they’ll be intimidated That should not and that will not stand in America Those who feel like they can intimidate our fellow citizens to take out their anger don’t represent the best of America they represent the worst of humankind and they should be ashamed of that kind of behavior Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly described Jenna Bush Hagers Twitter post The words were from a speech her father former President George W Bush gave shortly after 9/11 not from Jenna Bush Hager herself Write to Zamira Rahim at zamirarahim@timecomIDEAS Elizabeth Gaynes is the President and CEO of the Osborne Association We need to stop talking about mass incarceration Every speech every op-ed every white paper about criminal justice starts with the same data points: The US has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the world prisoners more prisoners than soldiers more correction officers than marines more prisons than Walmarts Yes the numbers justify calling it "mass" But that label makes it hard to see the individuals People experience imprisonment as something quite personal Its your father wearing greens Your sister is "upstate" Your husbands time in Rikers your Mommy cuffed and driving away in the back of a patrol car When you walk into that visiting room to see your son you see your son incarcerated and other parents visiting their sons not "masses" We can only see people as the worst thing they have ever done if we dont actually see them Plus its not only incarceration thats mass Over time the exo-structure that has developed as part of the prison surge has metastasized into a surveillance state that features excessive policing and millions of people under some form of state control fines cash bail electronic bracelets and an endless stream of efforts to privatize and monetize it And now many politicians want us to use big data: "scientific risk assessments" created by a for-profit company based on proprietary algorithms that we cant see but behind which are humans with the same biases as the rest of us to predict which of us is dangerous We talk about mass incarceration but we still view crime as only an individual level phenomenon blaming it on poor decision-making bad parenting and disrespect for law and order Somehow we ignore the mass community-wide pressures: institutionalized racial privilege and disadvantage labor market failures and poverty We talk about mass incarceration while only proposing individual level solutionsusually punishment and offer little to promote healing for harm or treatment for mental illness for individuals or for communities Or course were all responsible for the choices we make regardless of circumstances But if we are being responsible we have to understand how trauma affects our choices how the single greatest risk factor for committing a violent crime is having been a victim of violence and how even when a person massively transforms his or her life it doesnt seem to matter in our punishment paradigm Nowhere is this clearer than in seeing that the fastest growing group of people in our prisons: older adults Our elders are noteworthy in part because the cost of their incarceration especially their medical care is two or three times the average; and because the rate at which they return to prison when they are released is approximately zero By 2030 older adults will account for one third of all incarcerated people in the US They are already 20% of New Yorks prison population More than 1500 individuals over 60 will return to New York City this year and many will be among the thousands of returning citizens living in its homeless shelters an especially dangerous outcome for older adults and an especially likely outcome for people whose long sentences have disconnected them from a welcoming home Perhaps worse is that there are thousands who are not returning because although they have served decades for violent crimes they are still considered as dangerous as when they went in Thomas Mott Osborne a former warden at Sing Sing who founded the prison reform nonprofit The Osborne Association (which I now lead) wrote that "when hanging was replaced with imprisonment it was more than mere replacing of one form of punishment by another; it brought about the necessity of an absolutely new point of view The whole question shifted from how to keep men in prison to the question of how to send them out" That was 100 years ago now the whole question shifts again: not only how to send them out but why to send them in and why to keep them so long The reason we are told is that this is what victims want If thats true its probably because its all we offered them Victims want safety accountability and support for a healing process And they should get it But prison isnt holding anyone accountable people cant work to pay restitution or support their families or heal from the harm they experienced as children or make amends for the harm they caused as adults Instead of taking about mass incarceration we need to talk about the individuals families and communities that are being destroyed by our current prison system both those who are incarcerated and those who are not Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors and it would make it harder to know who was entering the country and perform contact tracing if travelers later showed symptoms of the virus.

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