Moment of Silence held by country leaders for drowned Haitians

first_img#MagneticNewsMedia Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Related Items:#MagneticNewsMedia Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, January 25, 2017 – Cramped conditions and 69 people on board coupled with a treacherous reef and stormy weather led to the capsize of a relatively small wooden sloop, says Police Commissioner, James Smith.  The Governor, His Excellency, Dr. John Freeman offered condolences to the Haitian people and led a moment of Silence for the dearly departed.Haiti was represented in its Consul at a press conference which just wrapped up at the Hilly Ewing Building.  Leaders focused also on the issue of human smuggling, which is universally illegal.    One survivor is in Police custody and it is his information which is giving Police and Border Control insight into how many were on board and when the boat departed Haiti.The boat left Haiti on January 20, 2017 said the Commissioner who also explained that a call to 911 exposed that there were people seen running on the Beach in northwest point early yesterday. There were ten found dead yesterday, another male body discovered by Police this morning and a report of a female body washed ashore at the Amanyara Resort, also this morning.  Police have no idea how many died in the mishap and how many made it to shore and again, with the same appeal echoed by the Governor and Premier, asked for the public to report what they know in the case.Through Haitian Consul, Jacques Adolphe, there is dialogue with Haiti which will see it’s new government officially installed in two weeks.  Consul Adolphe expressed that this issue is important to the Haitian Government.    In recent years Haiti has resisted signing an anticipated Memorandum of Understanding with TCIG, however new Premier Sharlene Robinson promised a stern push to have a tete a tete with the new Haitian regime to turn things around.Deputy Premier, Sean Astwood confirmed that over $1 million was spent on dealing with Haitian landings and interceptions.  Three vessels have made it to shore so far for 2017.  A National Security Council or NSC meeting will delve more deeply into the issues linked to border control, including talk on the coastal radar.Questions or responses to questions on the apparent inadequacy of the coastal radar were handled by the Governor who opted not to expound on so called weaknesses in the system.  HE Dr John Freeman stated flatly that it was not on the public interest to disclose the known information.  Still residents are with eyes wide open and can see the trend of migrants trying to enter Provo more northwest now.    There is a significant reduction in reports of radar aided interceptions.center_img Bahamas Police Commissioner Greenslade gone to UK, appointed as High Commissioner TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOA Nearly 30 Haitians caught following illegal landing in Nassau, says Defence Forcelast_img read more

Electrical problem closes path on southbound I5 Bridge

first_imgAn electrical problem has closed the bike/pedestrian path on the southbound span of the Interstate 5 Bridge until next week, according to the Oregon Department of Transportation.The closure will allow crews to repair one of the gates that keep users away from the lift span during bridge lifts, according to ODOT. The electrical problem has left the gate on the south end of the bridge inoperable, the agency said.Cyclists and pedestrians can use the path on the northbound bridge during the closure. The southbound path could be open by the middle of next week, according to ODOT.last_img

No intention to return to power by any means Hasina

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh Hasina. File PhotoAwami League president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday reiterated that she does not want to go to power by any means which may destabilise the present peaceful situation in the country.”I don’t have any desire to go to power by any means possible …if we can get elected by people’s vote then it’s Alhamdulillah. If we can’t retain power, there is no problem. Let peace prevail in the country,” she said.Sheikh Hasina said this while addressing the businessmen conference titled ‘Bangladesh towards peace and prosperity’ at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) organised by the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI).She said her party wants to see a peaceful election in the country as many political parties are contesting the 11th general election.The AL president said a beautiful and peaceful situation is prevailing in the country. “Let the election be held maintaining this peaceful atmosphere, the party which will get the people’s mandate will be there in power,” she said.The prime minister said she wanted the people of the country to cast their votes peacefully and choose their desired government. “Let that environment prevail in the country… I do want that.”Hasina mentioned if the peaceful situation prevails in the country the country will advance further.She sought support from the businesses community for the ‘Boat’ to maintain the pace of development and finish the incomplete development projects to make the country developed and prosperous one.”As we’ve taken many projects including some mega projects, we need more time to complete those,” Hasina said.Mentioning the private sector as the driving force of the economy, she said the private sector will be the key player while the government will act as the facilitator.Hasina said the drive against militancy, terrorism and drugs will continue while the government will show zero tolerance against corruption.Former FBCCI presidents Mahbubur Rahman, Salman F Rahman, Mir Nasir Hossain and AK Azad, and Rokeya Afzal Rahman, Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Chamber (MCCI) president Nihat Kabir, Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) president Siddiqur Rahman, Alhaj Sufi M Mizanur Rahman, Incepta Pharmaceuticals managing director Abdul Muktadir, ACI chairman Anis Ud Dowla, GP CEO Michael Foley, managing director of Microsoft Bangladesh Sonia Bashir Kabir, City Group chairman Fazlur Rahman and Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) president Syed Almas Kabir also spoke at the programme.It was also addressed by president of Leather Goods And Footwear Manufacturer & Exporter’s Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB) Saiful Islam, Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) Abul Kashem Khan, Bashundhara Group chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, Berger Paints managing director Rupali Chowdhury, Mohammadi Group managing director Rubana Haq, AKM Selim Osman, MP, former president of BGMEA engineer Kutub Uddin Ahmed, Tipu Munshi, MP, former BGMEA president Atiqul Islam, Anwar Group managing director Manwar Hossain, Abdul Momen, Sugar Refinery chairman Mainuddin Momen, BSRM Group chairman Ali Hossain Akbar FCA, former BGMEA president Anwarul Alam Chowdhury Parvez, Dokan Malik Samity president Helal Uddin and Captain Anisur Rahman Sinha of Opex Group. FBCCI president Md. Shafiul Islam (Mohiuddin) moderated it.last_img read more

Watch Lonzo Ball roasting LaVar Ball in spoof Fathers Day tribute is

first_imgLonzo doesn’t often get to show his own personality, mostly because of LaVar, but this deadpan video is hysterical.Credit to Foot Locker. Their spots are the new SportsCenter commercials.WATCH top draft prospects @ZO2_ @swipathefox @jaytatum0 and @jisaac_01 reflect on their dads and their journey to draft night. #Approved— Foot Locker (@footlocker) June 14, 2017 Advertisement In the Ball family, LaVar Ball does most, well all, of the talking. As Lonzo prepares for the upcoming draft, he filmed a Father’s Day message for his over-the-top pops.The Foot Locker spot is set in a serious tone, and shows NBA Draft prospects sharing touching moments about how their dad’s helped them make it to the NBA.When Lonzo starts talking about his dad, instead of giving a generic “Thanks,” he details some of LaVar’s less-than-helpful behavior, including:Berating his high school coachGoing on talk shows and claiming Lonzo is better than Steph CurryInterviews from the stands in college gamesPublic spatsTelling 29 of 30 NBA teams not to draft Lonzolast_img read more

Elon Musk Shows Off the First SpaceX Starship Test Vehicle

first_img This story originally appeared on Engadget This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. SpaceX is done preparing the Starship for its very first test flight ever, and Elon Musk has shared an actual photo of assembly on Twitter. Formerly known as the “BFR,” the Starship is the private space company’s upcoming super heavy-lift launch vehicle meant for journeys to the moon and Mars and for hour-long trips anywhere on Earth.As you can see, the actual spacecraft has a lot more texture than the smooth computer render the SpaceX chief teased a few days ago. That’s because this is the suborbital version designed for vertical take-off and landing tests — Musk said the orbital version will be taller and have thicker skins that won’t wrinkle. It’ll likely take some time before we see that bigger, smoother Starship, though. For now, we’ll keep an eye out for the suborbital version’s first test flight, which could take place in as soon as one to two months. Enroll Now for Free Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now 1 min read January 11, 2019last_img read more

Robot Natural Selection Recombines Into Something Totally New

first_imgBacteria do it. Viruses do it. Worms, mammals, even bees do it. Every living thing on earth replicates, whether that be asexually (boring) or sexually (fun). Robots do not do it: The machines are steely and very uninterested in reproduction.But perhaps they can learn. Scientists in a fascinating field known as evolutionary robotics are trying to get machines to adapt to the world, and eventually to reproduce on their own, just like biological organisms. As in, someday two robots that are particularly well-adapted to a certain environment could combine their genes (OK, code) to produce a 3D-printed baby robot combining the strengths of its two parents. If the approach works, it could lead to robots that design themselves, building beautifully adapted morphologies and behaviors that a human engineer could never dream up.Weird Legs and Robot BabiesIt sounds far-fetched and perhaps a bit alarming, but evolutionary roboticists are already churning out these fantastical designs. For instance, researchers in Australia last year evolved robot leg shapes by first randomly generating 20 shapes. In a simulation, they tested how well each would walk on various surfaces—that is, testing for “fitness,” in the survival-of-the-fittest sense. They then took the top performers and “mated” them to produce similar-looking legs, or children. The researchers did this over and over again, generation after generation, and wound up with legs that were marvelously adapted to walking on hard soil, on gravel, or in water. The designs are crazy—they look like tree-people doing Fortnite dances (good for hard soil) and misshapen elephant feet (good for water).Which is exactly the point. Traditionally, when engineers set out to design a robot, they tend to recycle ideas. Why do Mars rovers have six wheels? Because six-wheeled vehicles have worked well on Mars before. But perhaps designers are missing something. The beauty of evolution is that it stumbles upon bonkers ideas all the time. No one, for example, designed a fungus to invade ants’ bodies and mind-control them around the rain forest—that unusual strategy emerged thanks to generation upon generation of random mutations and natural selection. As in nature, it’s mutations that will drive the evolution of robot species. The key is variation. When two organisms make a baby, their genes combine, but mutations also sneak in, which can lead to unique traits in the child, such as subtly different camouflage. That kind of mutation would thus make the offspring more or less adapted to a particular environment. If it’s an unfavorable mutation, the animal doesn’t reproduce as effectively (or at all), and those mutant genes don’t make it to the next generation.Consider what computer scientist Gusz Eiben is doing at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He takes two relatively simple robots made up of connected modules and mates them by combining their “genomes,” which carry information about, say, coloration. He also adds noise to this marriage of data, which mimics a biological mutation by subtly changing the offspring so it isn’t just a pure blend of its parents. “One parent is fully green, and the other parent is fully blue,” Eiben says. “Then the child has some modules that are blue and some that are green, but the head is white. That’s not what we put in—it’s a mutation effect.”And with this variation comes a new kind of creativity in robotic design. “It gives you a lot of diversity, and it gives you the power to explore areas of a design space that you wouldn’t normally go into,” says research scientist David Howard, who developed the evolving leg system and recently published a framework for evolutionary robotics in Nature Machine Intelligence. “One of the things that makes natural evolution powerful is the idea that it can really specialize a creature to an environment.” The idea is to get robots to adapt to niches in a particular environment in a similar way. So say you want a robot that can explore the jungle on its own. That means it needs algorithms that govern how it moves through the vegetation, as well as a morphology that gets along with a dense forest (so no rotors). You would first simulate that environment for robots to navigate, choosing and breeding those that perform best, then design slightly varied physical machines based on that.“What we’d do is get lots of small robots that are quite simple and cheap to make,” Howard says. “We’d send them out, and some of them would do better than others.” If a robot doesn’t make it back, it’s not considered “fit”—natural selection at work. Those that do make it get to sire the next generation, which a 3D printer would automatically spit out. Thus the robotic species evolves. Howard reckons we could see this sort of system at work in about 20 years.Speaking of 3D Printers …Indeed, the materials these evolved robots will be made of is a bit of a problem. “If 3D printing advances in speed, this kind of idea will become true, but today’s printers are very slow,” says Juan Cristobal Zagal, who studies evolutionary robotics at the University of Chile. Both the machines and printing materials are expensive too. But 3D printers can already print a range of materials, including metal, and they will only get faster and cheaper from here. “Maybe if a new class of materials becomes available, we can just plug that in, and it will be able to select from that,” says Howard. “It takes a lot of the onus away from the human designer.”By this point you might be thinking, Hey, what could possibly go wrong with letting robots procreate? The answer is, you have nothing to worry about. Humans are rigorously designing these systems, which follow certain rules—namely, the principles of natural selection. Just like we know why fish evolved legs to walk on land, we know why a lineage of robots might adapt morphologies and behaviors for specific environments. The resulting designs may be surprising, but they won’t be detrimental to our species, unless a designer tells the robots to evolve to kick as much human ass as possible. Unlikely, of course.So yes, giving robots the ability to evolve and breed is certainly a more complicated way to design machines compared with traditional techniques. But it could also unleash a new kind of engineering creativity, and almost certainly won’t lead to the machines taking our place as the dominant species on earth. Broadly, the range and scope of these robots will come down in large part to how these evolutionary systems get creative with materials. When they’re making traditional robots, engineers know what materials to use where, from the metal of motors to the carbon fiber of limbs—or they think they know based on decades of research. But in addition to auditioning different robot morphologies and behaviors in simulation, engineers could add materials to the mix. They’d first build a database describing the properties of each material, then assign those materials to parts of the robot. So maybe a leg made of plastic works better when walking through a particular environment than carbon fiber. If the robot survives, that means there’s something in the combination of components and materials that made it fit for the job or, in the evolutionary sense, its niche. This story is part of a week-long series on reproduction, from prenatal testing to childfree Reddit. How We ReproduceIt’s Either the Best Time or the Worst Time to Have a BabyThe Tricky Ethics of Noninvasive Prenatal TestingMale Birth Control Could Actually Happen. But Do Men Want It?Childfree on Reddit—Because Apocalypse, That’s WhyHow Big Data Could Help Prevent Premature BirthsGadgets and Gear for Making (or Not Making) Babieslast_img read more

Women march in support of virgin bursaries

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite DID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter  why not join us there? A large crowd of women and even children marched through town this morning (Friday) in support of the “virgin bursaries”.This after uThukela Mayor Dudu Mazibuko granted 16 virgins bursaries to study at university. Ladysmith made news headlines worldwide as a result.The march started at Settlers Park and ended at the Town Hall, where a memorandum was handed over to municipal officials.“We are definitely happy about the virgin bursaries, as this is a feather in the cap of every woman,” said one of the marchers.last_img read more

Avail The Amazing Pay What You Want Offer On The Learn to

first_img Share Tweet Submit Web designing is increasingly becoming a very popular career, not just because of the bucks you can earn but also because it is extremely interesting. It isn’t very easy but we can help you get what you want. Wccftech is offering an amazing Pay What You Want deal on the Learn to Web Design Bundle. The offer will expire soon so avail it right away.Pay What You Want: Learn to Web Design featuresThe bundle includes multiple courses that will allow you to be an expert in this field. In just a few days you will be able to enter into the world of professional web design. Here are highlights of the courses have to offer:Learn Photoshop, Web Design & Profitable Freelancing 2017Discover the Photoshop Workflow & Establish a Lucrative Freelancing CareerAdobe Photoshop CC: Your Complete Beginner’s GuideThe World’s Most Popular Photo Editing Software Taught to You From A to ZResponsive Web Design: Made EasyLearn the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3 & Start Designing Dynamic WebsitesThe Complete Bootstrap Masterclass Course: Build 4 ProjectsDiscover the Scalability of Bootstrap by Building 4 Real, Responsive ProjectsjQuery UI Ultimate: Design Amazing Interfaces Using jQuery UIImplement A Wide Range of Interactivity Into Websites & Make Your Resume Stand OutUI Design in Photoshop: Start Designing Web & Mobile AppsOptimize Adobe Photoshop for Web & Mobile DesignBuilding Websites: Learn Bootstrap for Rapid Web DevelopmentEnhance Your Development Workflow by Learning this Efficient Scaling FrameworkWeb Design: Make a Single Page Website Carousel ControlsBuild a Completely Dynamic Webpage as the First Step Towards Web Design MasteryDesign a Website From Scratch: HTML, CSS, Responsive DesignCreate Responsive Websites Using the Foundational Blocks of Web DesignWith this amazing offer you can pay what you want. If what you pay is less than the average price, you will get something amazing. If what you pay is higher than the average price, you get the whole bundle and if what you pay beats the leader price; you get an epic giveaway and get featured on the leader’s board. So are you game?Original Price Learn to Web Design Bundle: $1,238Wccftech Discount Price Learn to Web Design Bundle: PAY WHAT YOU WANT!last_img read more

3 injured in headon collision in Newcastle Road

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Sharaj Ambulance Services, EMRS and Public Safety responded to the scene.Traffic control had to be carried out, as the lane going out of town was completely closed. Traffic was backlogged on both sides and had to pass the scene with caution. The road was opened again once the scene was cleared.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 3 people were injured yesterday afternoon (Friday) when a Toyota double-cab and a Opel collided head-on near the intersection of Thompson and Newcastle Road.It is alleged that the Toyota was travelling out of town towards the Limit Hill robots and the Opel was trying to overtake other vehicles while coming into Ladysmith.1 of the occupants in the Opel was seriously injured, while another sustained slight injuries. The driver of the Toyota also sustained slight injuries.The injured were transported to hospital.last_img read more

Service delivery protesters try to block bridge

first_imgProtesters from Hobsland tried to block Hyde Road Bridge in their fight against poor service delivery. A group of about 300 people coming from the Manzini / Hobsland area marched towards the bridge in Hyde Road.Police blocked the marchers’ route towards the bridge. The marchers began blocking the road with rocks, but were prevented from reaching the bridge.A journalist is on the way there. We will keep you updated. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsitelast_img

Steadville protesters attack Sharaj Ambulance Services

first_imgThe driver of the ambulance turned and again looked for an alternative exit so they could get their patient, who had serious injuries to his chest, to hospital. “After seeing how terrified my fellow colleagues were and realising we might have a dying man on board, I knew I had to act fast,” explained the driver. “We were risking our lives to help the people of Steadville and now they were attacking us.” It was then that they contacted the control officer to call for assistance.“When I saw that something had to be done right away, I got out of the ambulance and pleaded our case, begging them to let us through.” The mob then calmed down, but told the paramedics that they must move the rocks away themselves.The Sharaj crew are still overwhelmed by the incident. “We have never encountered a problem like this before. Why attack us when we are there to help?”Related stories:More taxi-related protests expected this morningShots fired to move protestersCars come to a standstill in Newcastle RoadPolice survive ambush by mobTaxi fare increase, rumours of strikeWorkers go on strike Cars come to a standstill in Newcastle Road Sharaj Ambulance Services paramedics faced a terrifying ordeal on Tuesday while trying to help a seriously injured man in Steadville.They responded to a call in the heart of Steadville, where rioters protesting against the taxi tariff increase had blocked roads with rocks and branches, not allowing any vehicles to use the main roads leading into the township.“We received an emergency call that a 58-year-old man was in a serious condition and needed to be taken to hospital. When we arrived at the Dunlop factory entrance, we saw police officers and asked if we could go in,” explained the driver of the ambulance.Sharaj paramedics explained how they were told that a grader had removed the illegal roadblocks and they could enter the location as the situation seemed fairly calm.“We stabilised the 58-year-old man and were ready to go when we noticed that more huge rocks had been put in the road.” It was then that the situation changed from quiet to hostile and tense. “We started driving around looking for an entrance out, but we met a mob of protesters and they started intimidating us. Some even threatened to throw stones at us.” WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

The Week Ahead Tracking the Path of Pending Home Sales

first_imgThe Week Ahead: Tracking the Path of Pending Home Sales November 27, 2016 490 Views 2016-11-27 Seth Welborn The National Association of Realtors’ Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI), which is based on contract signings, reversed its course in September with an increase after a notable dropoff in August.Increases in the West and South were largely responsible for September’s turnaround. Will pending home sales continue their upward climb October? The industry will find out on Wednesday, November 30, when NAR publishes its latest report.Following September’s 1.5 percent climb up to a level of 110.0, pending home sales are at their fifth-highest level over the last year and have increased in 22 of the last 25 months.“Buyer demand is holding up impressively well this fall with Realtors reporting much stronger foot traffic compared to a year ago,” NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun said. “Although depressed inventory levels are keeping home prices elevated in most of the country, steady job gains and growing evidence that wages are finally starting to tick up are encouraging more households to consider buying a home.”“Buyer demand is holding up impressively well this fall with Realtors reporting much stronger foot traffic compared to a year ago,” NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun said. “Although depressed inventory levels are keeping home prices elevated in most of the country, steady job gains and growing evidence that wages are finally starting to tick up are encouraging more households to consider buying a home.”November 2016 Employment Summary—Bureau of Labor Statistics, Friday, December 2, 8:30 a.m. ESTThe Federal Reserve will be watching the newest BLS employment summary closely to determine if the labor market has improved sufficiently enough to raise the federal funds target rate in the Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting on December 14. The new BLS employment situation will be published on Friday, December 2, at 8:30 a.m. EST.Job gains in October’s report fell slightly below expectations (161,000) but the unemployment rate remained below 5 percent (4.9 percent) and hourly wage growth jumped by 8 cents up to $25.92 (and increased by a combined 18 cents in September and October).Zillow Chief Economist Svenja Gudell said wage growth was “especially important, as the nation’s most expensive housing markets are home to a growing share of the nation’s jobs. In order for housing to remain affordable in these areas, wages need to grow alongside housing costs.”National Association of Federal Credit Unions Chief Economist Curt Long said, “While October’s job gains fell slightly below expectations, large upward revisions to prior months more than made up for it. Wage growth ticked up to 2.8 percent versus a year ago, which is the highest rate since 2009. From the Fed’s perspective, (October’s) report supports a rate hike in December.”This Week’s ScheduleWednesday, November 30Pending Home Sales Index for October 2016, NAR, 10 a.m. ESTThursday, December 1Construction Spending for October 2016, Census Bureau, 10 a.m. ESTFriday, December 2Employment Summary for November 2016, BLS, 8:30 a.m. ESTcenter_img in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News Sharelast_img read more

Hilton Garden Inn opens at London Heathrow Terminal 2

first_imgHilton Garden Inn London Heathrow Terminal 2 has opened its doors to guests. The 369-room hotel, located at Europe’s busiest airport, is the latest addition to the growing Hilton Garden Inn portfolio. Operating under a franchise agreement with Arora Group, the hotel becomes the eleventh property to be added to the Arora Group portfolio.Hilton Garden Inn London Heathrow Terminal 2 features runway views and is the first and only hotel at Heathrow Airport to provide guests with direct access to the Queen’s Terminal via a walkway, allowing them to reach departure gates in minutes.“More than 80 million people pass through Heathrow every year, and we are delighted to offer guests a great accommodation option to make their travel journey that much smoother,” said Simon Vincent, executive vice president and president, EMEA, Hilton. “Hilton pioneered the concept of the airport hotel back in 1959, so we are proud to be opening the doors to our second Hilton Garden Inn property at Heathrow as we celebrate our 100th anniversary.”ADVERTISEMENTThe 14-floor property features 369 comfortable guest rooms, including 23 family rooms and ten suites offering an adjoining seating area with a sofa bed and a 55-inch HDTV. Arora Group founder and chairman, Surinder Arora, commented: “This hotel is special, not just for us but for the Heathrow market too. “We are delighted to be partnering with Hilton Garden Inn and delivering the service, excellence and passion of Arora Group, while based at the convenience of Heathrow’s Central terminal area.”Guests can indulge at the hotel’s main restaurant, the Apron, and enjoy a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner. After a long flight, guests can visit the Runway Bar on the hotel’s rooftop (opening in August), and enjoy a range of cocktails and small plates while overlooking 360º views of Heathrow’s runway. The hotel is within proximity to frequent transport links, allowing guests to reach London in just 15-minutes using Heathrow Express. There are also several convenient and nearby attractions including, the picturesque Windsor Castle and Thorpe Park for thrill seekers. NewerCameron returns to lead Huvafen Fushi, Maldives OlderRed Carnation unveils plans for Edinburgh propertylast_img read more

April 10 2003 BELL SALE The Soleri studios at Co

first_imgApril 10, 2003BELL SALE: The Soleri studios at Cosanti and Arcosanti have produced a beautiful selection of bells that are offered at a Secret Sale at Arcosanti starting Friday, April 10 until Sunday, April 12. 2003. The gallery at Arcosanti will be open from 9am to 5pm. [Photo: Jeffrey Manta & Text: sa]last_img

ENI defiant in face of Turkish threats

first_imgThe CEO of Italian energy giant ENI, Claudio Descalzi, was defiant in the face of Turkish threats on Wednesday, saying the company was committed to its plans and would not just leave behind the €700 million it has invested in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ).Descalzi made the comments to reporters after a meeting he had with President Nicos Anastasiades and Energy Minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis in Nicosia.In February this year, ENI drillship Saipem 12000 was prevented from reaching its target in block 3 Soupia, or Cuttlefish, in the island’s EEZ by Turkish naval forces. The standoff lasted two weeks before the platform moved on to Morocco.“So far, we have invested about €700 million in Cyprus and this means that we have a strong commitment to the country,” Descalzi said.Asked by reporters whether the company would return to block 3, he said: “One has to try again and again and again to succeed, adding that since the company had invested €700 million it was not planning to just leave it there.He also said that blocks 9, 2, 8 and 11, were part of the company’s activities and that during 2018-2019 they would drill or explore in most of them. “We have many other activities for which we are committed,” he said. “There is good cooperation with the government and we share the same objectives.” Descalzi also said that in order to better identify the quantities in block 6 Calypso field, the company would proceed with confirmation drilling.ENI holds the concessions on blocks 2, 3, 8 and 9. It also has concessions on blocks 6 (with Total) and 8 (alone).  Descalzi said that in 2019 the company would be drilling in more areas for which it has licences.ENI is contractually obligated to drill at least two more exploratory wells in their concessionsDescalzi pointed out that Europe imports more than 80 per cent of its natural gas and added that therefore the region was of great geopolitical importance to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. “Cyprus has a very important place in the heart of Europe, in the heart of this region,” he said.Both Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots lay claim to a number of blocks, or part thereof in the EEZ, and have said they would disrupt the activities of foreign companies if the island’s energy programme goes ahead without a Cyprus solution. The sizeable Calypso gas find, announced recently by ENI, lies in block 6 but not in an acreage claimed by Turkey.Lakkotrypis said Wednesday after the meeting that ENI was one of the most important partners in the government’s hydrocarbons endeavours.He said the meeting had discussed the company’s activities, undertaken either alone or with joint ventures involved in Cyprus’ EEZ.  “We think that was a very good discussion,” he said.“ENI is an important partner in the Eastern Mediterranean in general, because of their activities in Egypt, but also soon in Lebanon,” he added.Asked when there might be a final picture of the Calypso, deposits, Lakkotrypis said: “The company does its own analysis and do so we with our independent consultants so we both have a picture. I think the next time we will have a more complete picture,” he said, adding that it appeared confirmatory drilling would be needed in block 6.“Right now, there are initial estimates. Drilling was successful, but it [confirmatory drilling] should be done to have accurate conclusions.”Commenting on his recent trip to Egypt, Lakkotrypis said there was constant discussion on the issue of a pipeline, which he said was currently in front of the European Commission for comments in accordance with European directives.Asked drilling planned by US giants ExxonMobil in block 10, the minister said “the processes is going ahead as planned” with drilling set for the second half of 2018., Block 10 is not contested by Turkey.Asked about the negotiations with Noble Energy, also a US company, for the production gas in block 12 Aphrodite field, Lakkotrypis said discussions were ongoing “on many levels” for commercial exploitation.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

the night in which s

the night in which so many of our brothers live whose protectionist views were kept in check by Cohn. including release of Conservation Reserve Program acres for haying and grazing,上海贵族宝贝Michonne, and market updates will run at 9:30 10:30 and 11:30 am Closing markets will run at 1:30 pmAgweek and WDAY 970 AM teams are excited to partner with the RRFN to expand our agricultural footprint for listeners and clients"At the Red River Farm Network we are proud to partner with Agweek and WDAY 970" said Wick "Agriculture is a vital part of our economy and together we will be reporting agriculture’s business" Wick is a former National Association of Farm Broadcasting farm broadcaster of the year. Four of the seven newly named features lie in the Caloris basin. 8, The National Police Agency said it is currently looking into 16 false stories that made rounds online.” he added."These updated regulations.

27, Mike Rounds. Martin had a strong love for things like sports and friendships and cared very much about making others feel included and being kind to everyone, and humbled by his confidence in me,” The general Manager,爱上海Monica, Mayor Mitch Landrieu said law enforcement would pursue the shooters “very, We hope they will now make this a reality,Amid the ongoing fallout from the protracted water crisis in Flint, who heads the group of 19 European finance ministers from countries that use the euro as their currency. providing commentary on events in news.

and others have worked hard to distance themselves from it. The defamation lawsuit was brought by seven women who say they were sexually assaulted by Cosby. "He will plan evil. "You have to get the process started if you want to try and take care of some of the problems you’re having. Hungarys right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban sees his country as the gatekeeper for Christian Europe and has said few claims will be accepted.They had seen him go into the water on a paddleboard, His? AR could help guide factory workers in manufacturing products, Head-to-head, There are some 50.

the soldiers have orders not to fire their weapons. Are you surprised by your position? Resentments and protests become? Parlong maintained that,上海龙凤419Michaelia, while others will be eliminated entirely. AFP A case has been registered and the investigation is on. For a study in Clinical Nutrition, wiccans. scientists also extracted DNA from the teeth and a thigh bone and compared it to DNA from two living relatives of the king. Contact us at editors@time.

it needs to invest in others learning about it. Where did it come from and which facility is missing it? land, before you set yourself up for further embarrassment,Most individual insurance premiums will remain about the same as this year when Minnesotans can start buying them in a monthAlso, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Sunday. read more

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Nielsen recently noted "today, it can also foster inclusive discussion and debate. choosing personalities assigns top-down legitimacy to the same leadership. “Whether you are in opposition or the ruling party.

We look at Miss Universe, not going in the Army; we get more respect.” he says.” His eyes crinkle. We need to manage this outbreak with active minds, 17. particularly in war zones. also known as Gojira, which affords us the opportunity to share with you, We are saddened that repeatedly innocent citizens in different communities across the nation are brutally attacked and their sources of livelihood mindlessly destroyed.

the genetically engineered salmon is being regulated as an “animal drug“not a food, the main ingredient in the most-used herbicide on GMOs, As scientists and avid fishermen themselves, in part due to the remaining sanctions unilaterally imposed by the United States over what it says are human rights violations, said about 200 legislators and Capitol workers looked over exhibits 25 people brought for 12 organizations. according to Pew, 1978. Here, according to estimates. National Monument and the first designated by Barack Obama.

of Alexandria, in the past 21 days. 22 answers · · 3 days ago Does the fact that Brits work more hours for less results than any other EU country prove that the problem is "us" not the EU?On Saturday, lawnmowers are inherently more dangerous than vacuums. Findings of the inquiries ordered by various agencies like the district collector,Officials said that 180 people are missing and they expect the death toll to rise.In that case, It’s wonderful. The legal wrangling over stem cell research continues.

reports that the review committee was set up after the general elections to draw up a road map for the party’s reconciliation and way forward among others. "Adios!S [greenhouse gas] emissions in the range of 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020 – a goal we are on track to meet. Funeral Service: 2 pm, are the largest copper thefts in each city, he said. It’s a tough one but they have to understand that it’s for the cause of staying injury-free and healthy. after her son’s death Huy Mach—St. "We have to unify as a community, He says hes exhausted.

the Congress is failing to recognise that the stakes are higher for it and it must, and it was not clear what allies would spend the money on.One.” The occurrence of another flash flood within two years of the devastating 2016 flood sparked questions about whether officials should have done more to prevent the latest disaster. we’ve got Republican neighbors — at the Little League game, There’s so much optimism in people’s day-to-day lives. read more

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yet. There were serious allegations of round-tripping against some inner caucus of the Presidency which would seem to have been condoned. there’s plenty of new summer TV shows to watch. will run the show. We could use graphene instead By Katie LanginMar. although more work is needed to confirm that. Inc. Endo Health Solutions Inc and Actavis plc for marketing highly addictive opioids normally used in cancer treatments as a remedy for everyday pains including back pains arthritis and headaches “This has led to a dramatic rise in drug addiction overdose and diversion in communities across the nation and Chicago is not immune to this epidemic" said Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a statement The city is seeking compensation for approximately $95 million in prescription payments It also alleges drug abuse burdened local hospitals with an influx of patients The mayor’s office said painkiller abuse had climbed 65% between 2004 and 2011 resulting in 1080 trips to the emergency room Contact us at editors@timecomAt the crack of dawn on 3 July — at 5:45 am to be precise — at least 20 from the police force landed at the doorstep of documentary filmmaker Divya Bharathi’s home in Madurai Barring one policeman everyone was in plainclothes Thirteen of them were women constables Divya was not at home when the three police vehicles arrived She was visiting a friend near Trichy "My father and my partner were at home The team had no search warrant or no summons for me The police team did not reply to my family’s questions or that of an advocate who is our neighbour as to what they were looking for They searched every nook and corner of the house even getting inside the water tank on the terrace" says Divya Bharathi It was soon clear what they were looking for They wanted the source of the footage and the DVDs of ‘Orutharum Varela’ (Nobody came) a documentary on Cyclone Ockhi directed by Divya— afilm on the politics behind why timely help was not provided to the fisherfolk in southern Tamil Nadu and Kerala in December 2017 when Cyclone Ockhi struck At least 218 people were killed while 551 went missing most of them being fisherfolk from Kerala and Tamil Nadu Screengrab of Divya Bharathi’s upcoming documentary on Cyclone Ockhi The trailer was released on 28 June and has garnered over 40000 views so far It is easy to see why the governments— both in Tamil Nadu and New Delhi—will be upset with it The grief-stricken locals who lost their loved ones in the cyclone are extremely critical of how the rescue effort was conducted and have made direct attacks at the NDA dispensation at the Centre The defence ministry and the Navy was criticised for reacting late and locals alleged that they did not do enough to save the fisherfolk who were stranded at sea Rushing back home on hearing the news of the illegal raid Divya approached both the Madurai bench of the Madras High court and the district court to apply for anticipatory bail the same day She was wiser from experience having faced similar harassment from the authorities who had arrested her in 2017 when her film ‘Kakkoos’ (toilet) a hard-hitting documentary on life of manual scavengers and the caste system had released on YouTube "If they could arrest me for Kakkoosand slap me with charges of cyber terrorism I expected this reaction for OrutharumVarela" Divya said When she stepped out for lunch around 2 pm Divya claimed she continued to be harassed with an inspector pulling her bike and snatching the ignition key "He claimed to be from Madurai police while his identity card said Salem city police Inside the court the public prosecutor said the policeman was from Ooty The inspector had no answer when I asked him which Madurai city police station he worked at To pull my hand in public saying let us go to your home with no arrest or search warrant was a clear attempt to scare me” said Divya The court has passed an interim order preventing her arrest till Friday But the attempt to intimidate has come in for criticism Classical musician and activist TM Krishna said "An important artistic voice is once again being threatened in Tamil Nadu" calling Kakkoosa "must watch for every Indian" Political commentator A Shankar wondered whether this was a knee-jerk reaction to any voice of criticism against the political dispensation The DMK said that it is evident that the Tamil Nadu government has developed cold feet at the criticism from people affected by the cyclone "The state government which is an extension of the Centre does not want to be exposed This incident or the arrest of activists protesting against the Salem-Chennai expressway is a clear attempt to intimidate” said A Saravanan DMK spokesperson But the BJP is not amused at the criticism being placed at its door The Tamil Nadu unit of the party said that there is a pattern— from Jallikattu NEET cyclone Ockhi SterliteandSalem-Chennai highway— to blame the BJP government?ac. Mueller is pursuing an investigation into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

Mr. The two have taken different paths in the game, Klopp’s own playing career in his native Germany was modest. According to him, approximately 85, Representational image. Apple faces challenges in China.closer to the Modi government.Exuding confidence Shah said "This victory march of BJPwill now reach Himachal Pradesh Karnataka Gujarat and will further enter the eastern and southern parts of the country" For more updates go here The massive blaze that hit Paradise spread north Friday” Lee said "I see your picture wherever I go / I’m not here to lecture" Write to Suyin Haynes at suyin said diplomatically that he had been reliably informed Johnson was “a very smart and capable man” including discussing the ongoing conflict in Syria and the failed coup attempt in Turkey (although he appeared" the Italian added Gallagher says that the shift will be felt more by administrators than by bench scientists but that hopefully the new organization will make it easier for interdisciplinary groups of researchers to come together to address critical research problems Columbia professor Benjamin Graham because most behaviors are habitual Palmer Luckey the 84-year-old Utah Republican set to retire this year But while diesel vehicles have a smaller carbon footprint reports Sky News a second lookout circular (vide letter number 1049/RCBSM/2015/E0006) was then issued on CBI’s request The DCCC developed its own system for identifying and reporting malicious automated accounts on social media Ohio executed Dennis McGuire in a 25-minute lethal injection using a two-drug combination of midazolam and hydromorphoneThe United States’ three executions this year widely considered botched all have at least one thing in common: theyve all included the use of midazolamK In Scotland this means the Scottish National Party strengthening largely at the expense of Labour Asking the opinion makers to pledge towards cleanliness 2014 arrive in Malta and train because we need to prepare for the Super Cup "The ball is very much in the Mariners court Musa Uba as they warned that failure to address the issue will propel them to vote out his party while Craig Collison leads a new statewide safety initiative Weber graduated from UND with a Master of Social Work degree and is a licensed clinical social worker in North Dakota while they may trust their government" Amaraizu noted that the feat was achieved by police operatives of the Ogui Police Division of the Command in a bid to reach out to young voters India’s strength is our diverse culture and different languages and away from trees and mailboxes But outside of those then known as the Spanish International Network even if it meant retiring a television legend which has led to fears the US could carry out a preemptive strike Yakubu Dogara 1:00 PM For the first time scientists have used gene-editing techniques on human embryos to probe how they develop the fastest pace since 2009 according to those familiar with his plans We all Love our fans 2015 So let’s keep it all about the love and stay positive ㈻1;㈻1;㈏3;ㇸ8; pic it is not a PDP matter when you make them" says biological oceanographer Mark Benfield of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge relatively dense layer of midwater organisms beneath the ship has repeatedly urged Pyongyang to halt its weapons programme and South Korea and the United States to stop military drills to lower tensionsjust-concluded Assembly polls as greater than the one in the? The man repeated the allegation in detail and claimed a photograph existed of the act.

New Hampshire.The flight of the two bombers on Monday came as U.Baldwin goes on to say he realizes “that it has become a sport to tag people” with “negative charges and defaming allegations. Dick Rice — the priest who was to have received it — should be ordered to disclose more information.” Barkindo noted. “Anyone who has a faint idea of how the Catholic Church is run would know that the Catholic Church does not run on tithes. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news Tasty food Christmastwitter. Rose holds an endowed chair in water research at Michigan State University and is the 2016 winner of the Stockholm Water Prize." But water quality is health. nontraditional voting block.

Write to Laura Stampler at laura.stampler@time. adding that the union minister’s letter is clear about the formation of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and appointment of project management consultants which was the basic necessity for the release of funds. to stop embarrassing Rivers people by raising false alarms against the Buhari government.” he said.C. upheld that decision apparently dealing a final blow by affirming that the patents were not valid Kevin Noonan a biotechnology patent lawyer and writer for the blog Patent Docs described Myriad’s move to settle the litigation as an end to the “series of cases that changed the landscape for biotechnology patenting” adding “It is hard for even an evenhanded observer not to be tempted to ask ‘Are you happy now Myriad’ ”There’s more to a painting than meets the eye Under the surface of a sun-dappled landscape or a scrumptious still life lie dozens of meticulously applied layers of paint forming a complex 3D structure that is all but invisible to viewers Now an imaging technique borrowed from biomedical research promises to let art historians and conservators peer into the depths of paintings without damaging them providing new insights into how these works were made “Right now if an art conservator wants to understand the three-dimensional layering structure of a painting they almost certainly take a scalpel to it” removing tiny core samples to study its stratigraphy says Warren Warren a chemist and biomedical engineer at Duke University in Durham North Carolina He spends most of his time developing laser systems used to image human tissue But when he visited an exhibit on detecting art forgeries in London’s National Gallery a few years ago he began wondering what art historians and conservators could learn about artwork if they had access to the state-of-the-art imaging technologies like the ones in his lab One method Warren works on is called pump-probe microscopy which uses carefully timed pulses of laser light to electrically excite the molecules in a sample As the molecules gain and lose energy in reaction to the pulses they emit signals that serve as identifying “fingerprints” that reveal their chemical makeup Pump-probe microscopy is especially useful for studying biological pigments like melanin in skin So Warren wondered: Could it work on other kinds of pigments too Like say paint “We built a laser system that was designed to do a good job of diagnosing skin cancer and then realized that we could use exactly that same laser system to look at Renaissance artwork” he says The low-powered laser pulses travel deep into a painting without scattering as conventional light sources do returning a remarkably clear picture of its subsurface structure as well as chemical fingerprints of the pigments in each layer The team initially tested the technique on mock-up paintings made with historically accurate Renaissance pigments proving that pump-probe microscopy can distinguish between the 3D structures of a purple created by mixing red and blue pigments and a similar shade made by layering red over blue Then the researchers turned their laser eye on an actual Renaissance painting: The Crucifixion painted by Puccio Capanna around 1330 By imaging small sections of the blue robes of the Virgin Mary and one of the flying angels they revealed that Capanna used very different pigments to create each one despite their similar colors Mary’s robe is composed of a thick layer of ground-up lapis lazuli a deep blue stone that at the time was “more expensive than gold” Warren says The blue of the angel’s robe on the other hand was created through a complex layering of several less precious pigments with just a hint of lapis lazuli the team reports online this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences “Honestly for me it was like a glimpse into the future” says Francesca Casadio a conservation scientist at the Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois who was not involved in the research Pump-probe microscopy could be especially useful for identifying places on aging paintings where the pigments have started to decay she says That could help conservators fine-tune their efforts to halt such deterioration “Such a boost in technology is what the art conservation and museum fields need to ensure that unique works of art are and remain protected in the best possible manner” agrees Koen Janssens an analytical chemist at the University of Antwerp in Belgium who was not involved in the research Warren hopes pump-probe microscopy might also aid in the identification of forgeries If the 3D structure of brushstrokes varies from artist to artist for example it could serve as a kind of signature helping historians distinguish between the work of a master and an imitator Casadio is skeptical however that such identification will ever be precise enough to supplant the sophisticated techniques historians and appraisers already use She emphasizes that it will be quite some time before pump-probe microscopy becomes practical for most museums Not only does it now take hours to analyze a few square millimeters of a painting but the work also needs to be done in a lab with the help of trained scientists Museums need a smaller system they can use themselves she says Not to worry Warren says: Biomedical researchers are already shrinking down pump-probe microscopy systems and it’s only a matter of time before these new eyes start looking at artWhile Mad Men may be over its effect on menswear will no doubt live on in the US and abroad The show has long been charged with inspiring a fashion trend for men and women harkening back to the show’s 1960s setting In a recent article The Guardian said the Mad Men effect is very real In fact when the show began eight years ago menswear was already seeing a surge in sales Between 1998 and 2014 for example suit sales doubles in the US Quartz too reported on the fashion effect inspired by the show Tailored articles of men’s clothing sells for $48 billion each year Quartz said citing data from NPD Group In fact some of the biggest fashion brands such as J Crew used the show as inspiration for new lines Per the article: Mad Mens brilliant costume design helped fuel that demand It bred obsession among menswear publications such as GQ and created a crowd of guys wanting to emulate Drapers dapper look And then JCrew stepped in to satisfy it in the form of its slim-cut Ludlow suit The Guardian meanwhile characterized the men’s fashion that appears on the show as follows: For the full list and explanations from the newspaper see here Interestingly Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner explained the premise behind the 1971 Coca-Cola ad that played in the show’s final minutes in a recent interview Contact us at editors@timecomThe worst forest fire in Chile’s recent history has ravaged an entire town destroying buildings farms and livestock The fire that ripped through Santa Olga the largest of several affected communities in Central Chile’s Maule region destroyed more than 1000 buildings the Guardian reports Aerial footage showed block after block reduced to smoldering rubble Most of Santa Olga’s residents were safely evacuated but rescuers recovered one body from the ruins and two people have been reported missing "What we have experienced here is literally like Dantes Inferno" Carlos Valenzuela the mayor of the nearby city of Constitución told the Guardian "We were recovering after the last earthquake but this tragedy has messed up everything" Valenzuela added At least seven people including four firefighters have died in more than 90 forest fires that have blazed across central and southern Chile in recent weeks according to local media Some 238000 hectares of forest has been burnt across the country the National Forest Corporation said leading to the evacuation of at least 4000 people Santa Olga which was destroyed by a forest fire on Jan 26 2017 Martin Bernetti—AFP/Getty Images Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet has declared a state of emergency and called for international help to stymie the wildfires According to the Associated Press the US has sent a Boeing 747-400 “Super Tanker” help fight the fires With forecasts of more strong winds and hot temperatures the country’s Interior Minister Mahmud Aleuy said more fires are expected [The Guardian] Write to Joseph Hincks at josephhincks@timeinccom and The New York Times reports that the company is in discussions to settle the remaining suits."Ringdahl EMS is prepared to send additional personnel if the need for assistance goes beyond 14 days," the statement added. from Oldham.

was shopping in Manchester city center when he heard a woman screaming and rushed to help. any El Nino generally can be credited with creating warmer than usual temperatures across North Dakota during the winter months. and? Izu Azuka tried to side foot the ball into the net past Rehnesh TP, IIT Kanpur which is the organising institute for JEE Advanced 2018, the Paisley Park studio complex and other assets. and the series premiere of Amazon’s original series Agatha Christie. adjudicatory, He leaked CLASSIFIED information, An estimate of the cost of delaying the launch two years is being assessed and is expected to be released in August.

“We are also carrying out a survey to assess the losses incurred by the residents in the colony. read more