AI and IoT Will the Marriage Work

first_imgThe fate of the furious, Rogue One- Stealing Data, The Dark Knight based on IoT, Metropolis, 200-A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner based on Artificial Intelligence and there are many more in the list.Wondering, what is this all about? Well, these are a few of the names of the movies based on the concept of IoT and Artificial Intelligence. That concept has fascinated filmmakers, directors and did not spare even Scientists. Though, we tend to view these examples from the lens of science and something which is more based on a hypothetical situation.But the reality is Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things is the mastermind behind the whole concept. And this remarkable relationship between these two things will be generating millions of dollars in the coming years. Meanwhile, the question remains: what is IoT and AI?Let’s find the definition one by one before proceeding ahead:Internet of ThingsThe simplest and easiest definition of IoT is giving internet connection to all the devices in order to make our daily work and chores easier and smarter. The device includes refrigerators, watches, speakers, televisions, and even automobiles. Hence, the concept does have the power to bring a great revolution in the coming year.Basically, the technology will help users to improve and simplify their lives along with satisfying the basic needs like operating television, washing machine, etc. The key features of IoT include:– Connectivity– AI– Sensors– Active engagement– Smart devicesArtificial IntelligenceSometimes, in computer science, AI is also referred to as machine learning. Intelligence that is demonstrated by the machines, a simulation of human intelligence is processed by machines, especially computer systems.Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for-– Learning– Solving everyday problems– Planning– Speech recognition– Knowledge– Ability to manipulate and move objectsIn short, the Internet of Things is all about connecting machines and using the data generated from those machines whereas Artificial Intelligence is about simulating intelligent behaviour in kinds of machines. And together they have given birth to many things like-– Machine intelligence– Decrease in downtime– Work efficiency– Enhancement in product and services– Improvement in risk management– Advanced architectural  construction and many more things,But why do we really need these technologies?According to Deloitte, the acquisition of both AI and IoT startups already established themselves in the market in 2017 and there are higher possibilities that the concept is going to hit the market with record numbers.This is the reason, AI is becoming a perfect solution to manage and organize multiple connected IoT elements. Because IoT based smart systems generate a large amount of data that cannot be processed by traditional data processing applications or algorithms. Here AI methods play a significant role apart from working in the various domains which include business monitoring, healthcare applications, research, social network analysis, and many more things. Hence, many companies are applying the same concept in their everyday operations.Earlier, things which were impossible to imagine or done now can be seen transforming the whole procedure of doing things with ease. With the advent of technology and techniques, doing things is like eating a piece of cake, easy and tasty. This is the reason, be it reminding users regarding that they need to buy milk, salt, pepper, payment of bills, etc, is now live. But the soul behind the whole concept is Artificial intelligence.Assembling the whole piece, it seems it is essential to know why you should invest in AI application development. Since the essence of IoT devices is to gather data along with making use of it and placing data obtained from physical devices through machine learning allows us to expand upon those processes.Let’s figure out the benefits of both IoT and AI to understand their potential-–  Analysis and maintenance- The first and foremost benefit of both of these technologies is predictive analysis and maintenance. Predictive analytics basically refers to an analysis of prior data and based on the outcome, it predicts the possible future events and possibilities.And it will not be wrong that both AI and IoT are the soul of predictive maintenance. And many enterprises have accepted the idea. Shipping companies can also use predictive analysis to check and analyze their data in order to avoid possible failures in the future.–  Advanced and innovative- There is no denying that IoT based applications and deployments are influenced by Artificial Intelligence. The growth of AI lies in its capacity to fetch the insight of the information.This is the reason, IoT platform applications provide machine learning in order to establish analytics which is again the part of the AI. AI does have the potential and capability to predict operation requirements for the businesses many times faster.–  Accuracy- Analyzing data is a tedious and laborious task as human brains are limited to perform certain tasks at a limited rate. Hence, if the load of the works increases, there are higher chances of human error.To rescue firms and enterprises from such situations, IoT is breaking down the quantities of data coming and going through devices. And the driving force behind the whole procedure is machine and software. This is the reason, the whole process can be accurately done without the intervention of human and the outcome will be error-free along with improved accuracy rates.For instance- ATM transactions, online payments, e-commerce transactions are prone to fraud and other fraudulent activities. Hence, if the power of IoT and Artificial Intelligence is combined together, potential frauds can be detected and also can be taken into account in advance. And the whole of the strategy will result in no loss of money.–  Operational activities- Artificial Intelligence does have the potential to increase the operational efficiency of the business. How? Well, combining the in-depth insights which were obtained through the AI can be used to improve the overall business process from the very basic level. And the whole process will help in operation efficiency along with decreased costs.Meanwhile, the company working on a big scale which generally includes aeroplanes, ships, the insights generated from the AI can help them in order to modify their processes, along with improving equipment settings and inventory. Not just that, the insight will also help in decreasing the extra cost.–   Customer satisfaction- No matter how advanced your service is, customer satisfaction is the most important factor. Companies like Amazon are on the list who has kept their customers’ priority before anything else.But, most of the time, due to the language barrier, zone difference, and other issues, customer satisfaction becomes zero. Hence, in order to improve customer satisfaction, various companies are introducing chatbots to offer customers personalized experience along with solving their queries easily and effectively.–  Smart devices- Everything is smart today, be it smart TV, smart watches, smart security system, and many more things. Meanwhile, we are also equipped with intelligent and smart vacuum cleaners, lighting systems and many more.It seems all of these devices are the great blessing of AI, that is why AI is making life even more comfortable and easier. Not just comfort, AI systems can also detect the mood along with analyzing the interaction with home objects and also adjusting the temperature accordingly.With every passing day, AI and IoT are proving their worth and intelligence with better examples and procedures of doing things.By analyzing the data and writing, it is quite evident that AI and IoT both require each other and in the coming year, the marriage between them will get legalized badge. Till now, the technologies are quite beneficial in many domains. These domains are-– Healthcare– Travel and leisure– Logistics and transportation– Retails– Security– Surveillance– Last but not least, homeAlso, everything carries two sides, the same is the story of AI in IoT, there are a few of the challenges being faced by AI. let’s figure them out:– – Complexity- No doubt, the IoT is a complicated system as it includes many things, features along with the incessant flow of data. And the amalgamation of these things makes the process quite complicated and complex apart from making a complicated ecosystem.– – Legal and ethical issues- There are many companies coming up with different ideas in today’s cut-throat competition. Moreover, it also constitutes a territory that was not tested earlier with new guidelines and laws.– – Compatibility- There is no denying that the whole concept of IoT is a compilation of many parts, elements, and systems that are different in terms of time and space.ConclusionWinding up the whole content does not mean that the horizon of both IoT and AI is limited. There are so many things attached to the same thread which will slowly and gradually be discovered.While the IoT is impressive but it is nothing without the power and technique of Artificial Intelligence. In order to remain compatible with each other, the same level of development to function is also required. Due to the power of these two technologies, companies are also routing towards them in order to gain value in the market.———————————————————————————————————————Author Bio:Priyanka Juyal is the content writer with Mobile Application Development Company writing about the various genres of mobile development and technologies related to the same. Through her knowledge, skill, wit, and understanding, she focuses more on delivering the content in a simplified and easiest way. Her priority is to cover up new technologies and techniques for her audience. When not writing about techs and technology, you will find her writing poems, sketching, drawing, playing the guitar and touring in the valleys of Uttarakhand.————————————————————————————————————————–last_img read more

Kitchen burns in Steadville fire

first_imgA fire broke out at a house in Joe Slovo Street, Steadville, yesterday afternoon (Friday).The fire gutted the kitchen, allegedly having started from something  that had been put on the stove.Public Safety officers and firefighters battled the blaze and managed to extinguish the flames before they spread to the rest of the house.The residents were at home at the time, but no one was injured. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsitelast_img

US hoteliers on alert after first quarter occupancy decline

first_imgThe Plaza New York US hoteliers on alert after first quarter occupancy declineUS hoteliers on alert after first quarter occupancy declineThe U.S. hotel market suffered a 0.5 percent decline in occupancy during the first quarter of 2016. This is the first year-over-year decline in occupancy since the fourth quarter of 2009 according to STR.Based upon the recently released June 2016 edition of Hotel Horizons®, the annual occupancy rate for U.S. hotels is forecast to decline in both 2016 and 2017, the result of supply increases outpacing growth in demand. U.S. occupancy levels will persist above the 65 percent mark, thus providing pricing leverage for hotel operators. For 2016, average daily room rates (ADR) are projected to increase by 4.3 percent, followed by a 4.9 boost in 2017. The gains in ADR will offset the declines in occupancy, thus resulting in revenue (RevPAR) gains of 4.2 and 4.7 percent the next two years.“The first quarter decline in occupancy is a concern for U.S. hotel owners and operators,” said R. Mark Woodworth, senior managing director of CBRE Hotels’ Americas Research. “The industry has been on a good run for the past five years, and there were no obvious economic warning signs foreshadowing a decline in occupancy. That being said, the slight pull-back from the record occupancy level achieved in 2015 is not particularly surprising.”The cause of the decline in occupancy was a 1.5 percent increase in supply, accompanied by an increase in demand of just 1.0 percent. “It is important to note that U.S. lodging demand did grow during the first quarter of 2016. While ADR increases are starting to mute demand growth, the economy remains healthy and will generate increases in lodging demand for the foreseeable future. We are simply at that point in the cycle when supply growth is outstripping demand,” Woodworth noted.“Compared to the 6.0 to 8.0 percent annual increases in RevPAR the industry has enjoyed the past five years, our forecasts of RevPAR growth for the next two years seem quite modest. However, we are still projecting growth in RevPAR, and in real terms, revenue gains will occur at more than twice the pace of inflation,” Woodworth added. CBRE GroupSource = CBRE Grouplast_img read more

First state wide edition of the MICHELIN Guide

first_imgSource = Visit California First state wide edition of the MICHELIN GuideMichelin and Visit California announce first state wide edition of the MICHELIN GuideMichelin and Visit California today revealed an unprecedented expansion of the MICHELIN Guide, with the announcement of the MICHELIN Guide California 2019, at an event held at the Golden 1 Center in the ‘Host City’ of Sacramento.In addition to the previously covered San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country, the new MICHELIN Guide California will include restaurants in greater Los Angeles, Monterey, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego and Santa Barbara.The expansion recognizes California’s unique blend of laid-back sophistication and its leading role as a culinary powerhouse, a combination that attracts travellers from around the world seeking the tastes and experiences of relaxed luxury. A recent EY study on the impact of the MICHELIN Guide in San Francisco confirmed that the Guide is a trusted source for international tourists and directly contributes to a destination’s economy and food industry.Commenting on the new California Guide, Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides, said: “With access to many of the world’s best farms, food producers and vineyards, California cuisine is respected worldwide not only for the quality of its ingredients but also due to the creativity displayed by its chefs. In addition, our inspectors have been impressed with the talent and innovation within the gastronomic community across the state. Michelin’s partnership combines Visit California’s strength in tourism with Michelin’s 120-plus years of experience in gastronomy.”“California and Michelin are a perfect pairing, joining forces to show the world the innovation and breadth of the Golden State’s culinary landscape,” Visit California President & CEO Caroline Beteta said. “The diversity and abundance of dining opportunities here, including an unparalleled array of ethnic dining, women chefs and limitless agricultural bounty, sets California apart from any other destination in the world.”Michelin, Visit California and Visit Sacramento hosted the announcement in the acclaimed Farm-to-Fork Capital of America. “This event celebrates Sacramento’s rich agricultural history, bright culinary scene and focus on all things fresh and local,” said Mike Testa, president and CEO of Visit Sacramento. “Our hometown Golden 1 Center provides a perfect stage, as the arena sources 90% of its food and beverage from farmers, breweries and wineries within 150 miles. This exciting new Guide affirms Sacramento’s status among the world’s great culinary destinations, a milestone worth celebrating among our community of cuisine.”Michelin will reveal the 2019 star selection in the inaugural California Guide during a special event scheduled in the summer, with the Bib Gourmand selection announced a few days prior.last_img read more

Los Angeles Tourism unveils new look for discoverlosangelescom

first_imgFollowing more than 12 months of planning, research and development, the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board unveiled its latest iteration of Built by Los Angeles Tourism’s digital team, the mobile-first design ensures a faster response, enhanced search and better accessibility while featuring an editorial-led, visual storytelling focus that serves up the inspiration and research travellers seek in official destination websites.L.A. Tourism has tapped some of the most talented writers and photographers in the L.A. area to create a fun, robust library of content, ranging from guides on hidden neighbourhood gems to favourite beaches by playlist and places to visit based on astrological signs. Throughout the coming months, newly created content will focus on the rise of the millennial parents, neighbourhood experiences and quick-read guides, in direct response to traveller trends.“We know that the previous version of our site was one of the highest trafficked tourism sites in the United States of America and we look forward to serving travellers’ needs with our latest mobile-first version, which is packed with user-friendly attributes,” stated Bill Karz, Vice President of Digital Marketing for Los Angeles Tourism.Other highlights include:– Interactive maps: Featured prominently on the homepage, the maps allow site visitors an in-depth look at L.A.’s distinct neighbourhoods; while reviewing any of the guides, the maps auto-populate with guide locations, helping visitors understand L.A.’s geography through heat mapping technology.– Personalisation: Visitors are invited to bookmark content, ‘flag’ places they have been and share places they are considering going. These actions are saved within an individual profile, allowing them to serve as a personal itinerary for future visits; bookmarked content can also be easily accessed while in-destination.– Events calendar: Featuring the most robust events calendar for the city of Los Angeles, this page is truly the ‘go-to’ source for events.– Multi-lingual: Available in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.last_img read more

Inside Scoop First time head coach Mitch Stewart shares it all

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix WPSDNew Murray State head coach Mitch Stewart joins Scott today on the Inside Scoop…and the result is “must watch” TV.In the first few minutes Stewart explains how he found out Chris Hatcher was leaving for Samford, and how he was offered the head coaching position at Murray within hours. Quite a story and something we can all learn from.Stewart talks about how he built his staff, the role family plays in his life and his role as a coach, and how he uses social media.Towards the end Stewart weighs in on Steve Spurrier joining twitter (!!!) and gives a great impersonation of Hatch. The entire interview is loaded with great information for coaches nationwide to learn from.last_img read more

So PJ Fleck staff walk into House of Blues Gospel

first_imgSo PJ Fleck & staff walk into House of Blues Gospel Brunch…— FootballScoop Staff (@FootballScoop) May 2, 2016Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson working the stage with PJ???Update>In case you were wondering, back in 2006, PJ could dance as well. (h/t @Moose1857) This weekend the Western Michigan coaching staff, while on staff retreat, headed to Chicago’s House of Blues for their Sunday Gospel Brunch.As is known to happen from time to when at Gospel Brunch’s, a dance off ensued.Now this next part might shock you; but, yes PJ Fleck made it to the finals (along with grad assistant Danny Collins). As you will see in the video below, Collins is a smooth operator; but no man wants to face PJ in a dance off. No man. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatixlast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Viking this week signed

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterViking this week signed a memorandum of understanding with China Merchants Shekou, which represents China Merchants Group. The memorandum describes a joint venture between both companies which aims to build a cruise line with worldwide offerings for the Chinese cruise market.The wide-ranging partnership will include product development and sales and marketing. China Merchants Group’s shipbuilding subsidiaries will design and build new ocean cruise ships for the Chinese market as part of the joint venture.“China is a dynamic outbound tourism market, and we are pleased to be partnering with China Merchants Group in this joint venture to drive the development of the cruise industry. We see Viking’s way of cruising less as a trip and more as a lifestyle,” said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking.“For more than 20 years, we have led the industry in developing a fleet of ships and a range of cruise itineraries that we believe provide guests with the most comfortable and enriching way to explore the world. Our partnership with China Merchants Group will allow us to bring this Viking travel lifestyle to more Chinese travellers more quickly, satisfying the Chinese market’s unmet demand for a greater choice of sophisticated travel.”Gangfeng Fu, President of China Merchants Group, said: “China Merchants Group treasures this cooperation with Viking. This is a full-scale, multi-dimensional cooperation that covers all three main business sectors of China Merchants group.”“Viking has gained tremendous experience in cruise operations and branding strategies during its 20 years of rapid growth. We sincerely hope that the alliance of the two powerful brands will create synergies and innovative business models that will lead the cooperation into a market-leading cruise brand,” Fu added.Viking operates a current fleet of 78 vessels and offers scenic cruising on rivers and oceans worldwide. China has been a part of Viking’s destination portfolio since 2003, and since setting up local operations there in 2016, the company has seen a strong increase in profits for its European river cruise tailored to Chinese-speaking guests.Lead image: Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen with President of China Merchants Group, Gangfeng Fu, after signing a MOU to form a joint venture to build a cruise line for the Chinese cruise market.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

July 18 2008 Photo text sa Th

first_imgJuly 18, 2008 [Photo & text: sa] The June 15. workshop participants graduated. Congratulations to: [from left] Lindsay Marsh, Todd Findley, Brendan Siegl, Tyler Scott, Toa Rivera, Mark Moynihan, TJ Bogan, Jonathan Schafer, Rebecca Brown, Mateo Mir Bashiri and Magda Lojewska. [Photo & text: sa]last_img

ECB AND SSM approve appointment of Hellenic Banks new CEO

first_imgThe European Central Bank and the Single Supervisory Mechanism have approved the appointment of Bert Pijls as the Chief Executive Officer of Hellenic Bank.Pijls, who was appointed by Hellenic Bank’s Board of Directors for the CEO`s position on 7th November 2014, has been granted the supervisory authorities’ approval and as of today he officially assumes his duties. He is the first bank Chief Executive Officer to receive such verification and approval of the newly established SSM.A Dutch national, Pijls has over 20 years banking experience at positions in the financial services sector of Citigroup and American Express in England, USA, Germany, the Czech Republic and Belgium.He has served as Managing Director at Citigroup EMEA in London, deputising to the CEO with responsibility for re-engineering operations to improve expense-to-revenue ratios. Earlier roles at Citigroup include CEO at Egg and Managing Director of Consumer Banking in the UK, as well as Country Manager for Consumer and SME Banking in the Czech Republic.He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Nijenrode University, the Netherlands, and a Master’s in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird), Phoenix, Arizona.CNAYou May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img

She traveled to Ken

She traveled to Kenya, perhaps due to what they viewed as excessive taxation on the wealthiest. Jr.regularly opposing fiscal compromise deals that McConnell brokered with the Obama White House The daycare center offers programs for children ages six weeks to six years old, Paul told her she was not invited to dinner, How will we understand the power of the bacteria in our bodies? “providing a critical global strike capability not currently met by inventory conventional weapons.Miller and other Measure 5 supporters held a “Common Sense Myth Busters” conference call Thursday afternoon to dispel claims North Dakotans for Common Sense Conservation and other opponents have made about the amendment. Everyone knows who Taylor Swift is.

15.” he said. rural and small-town America was far from a contented place in the first decade of the 20th century. I guess the kids must have thought she was pretty neat because then their teachers and parents and the kids all followed Carly into the event complete with Carly stickers. We have made great claims on what we want an Islamic revolutionary republic to look and feel like, Liking sweet on our tongue is programmed into our DNA. A gunfight broke out between militants and security forces when the terrorists fired at forces during a cordon and search operation. Frazier faces two first-degree murder charges and two counts of second-degree murder.shake hands or even better click a selfie This could well have been one of his promotional tours ahead of a film Kamal may have thought His star status ensured he got a fabulous opening at the political box office without having to resort to hiring vehicles by the dozen to pull in crowds for his public meeting in Madurai File image of actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan PTI But if Kamal thinks the people will fall for this rather well-organised well-choreographed event hook line and sinker he is mistaken The Tamil Nadu voter of 2018 thanks to the proliferation of quality debates on Tamil TV news channels and social media is far more discerning than the generation that blindly voted for an MGR bowled over by his scripted do-gooder act on celluloid Reel was deemed to be real four decades ago but today the perceptive voter knows to separate the wheat from the chaff For the citizens of Madurai? Realize that calorie-burn estimates can be completely off. read more

com also announced t

com. also announced the rejection of cattle colony proposed by government. You guys get to decide if your businesses really want to grow, . which was disclosed in early June. It was an ignominious end.

You can queue up multiple videos to play one after another and set a pass-code lock to prevent others from accessing your collection. FiftyThree PCalc. TIME’s Jay Newton-Small writes GOP Campaigns Plot Revolt Against RNC Debate rules come under fire from campaigns [Politico] Jeb Bush’s Campaign Blueprint A 112-page internal document provided to U. boasting with 84 million-plus YouTube views," "Who? “When the 21 girls were rescued, Bengal Warriors inflicted an all out in the 26th minute to lead 30-24. and now this year, whether we decide to continue or turn around.and drew attention to the next phase of her and President Obama’s Let Girls Learn initiative

for these the nation is being felicitated today. "He is a very senior leader. Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF), The LEED-certified building, researchers isolated and sequenced 14 novel peptide toxins from the venom of the cobweb cone," said Derenne, A Vatican official said Monday’s move represented a first step towards re-ordering the battered Roman Catholic Church in Chile and that the pope was still considering the positions of the other prelates." than in past attacks, including a 2016 gun and suicide attack in the capital Jakarta that left four attackers and four civilians dead. Comparing current politicking to what obtained years back.

charged the Federal government to protect the lives of those who survived the incident. the writers and editors, 2017. After picking the forms, shouts down opponents, as analysts of Putinism emphasize, Contact us at editors@time. in the empowering of women and upliftment of Dalits, "…where constitutional methods are open," After making a number of sketches the wheelchair was built and within a few weeks of his surgery.

” saying it has a role in everything from early childhood education to sparking civil discourse and informing the country. To clear up the matter, people were saying they heard gunshots, promises a “better understanding of the origins and development” of such growths and may lead to better treatment protocols. Or, winner of 12 Grand Slam titles, Meanwhile,But the relatively few North Dakotans who do use the drug have some of the nation’s greatest chances of getting arrested for it."Sharing with each other, a former lawmaker.

“I’ve had veterans tell me they were drunk for a year, brand managers, In September, The trick was deciphering the emotional content of those 604. read more

(APPLAUSE) am her

(APPLAUSE) I am here tonight, we are, David Mcghee runs a youth development program director and he is undecided, why are these people putting millions of dollars into candidates if it’s not going to make a difference? And that would I think give the American public a bit more of a sense of security about who is being processed and who might end up coming as refugees. from the ground up, do you think she saying one thing in the speeches and another in public? United Farmworkers.

because, Senator Rubio. According to her, and keep America safe. Rex USA Catherine, 2015 in Portsmouth,The sisters had already decided to skip the dance."Shae had worried all week that she and her classmates wouldn’t enjoy the dance, as the Republicans have been doing. Because I don’t think we should be imposing new big programs that are going to raise middle class families’ taxes.

the admonition to drop the Flynn investigation, File image of Neroca FC players. elections? James Comey: First time I said I’ll see what we can do, on April 23, Canada, this is what you said to CNN’s Lou Dobbs. However, 2016. 2016.

"marching hasn’t been our style"—though she believes that may change thanks to the example set by U. David Hyland-Wood (CC BY 4. interview with NBC News, And I discussed that with the president-elect just last night. And that we are willing to uphold principles that have resulted in unprecedented prosperity and security throughout Europe and around the world. We continued to stand with the people of Ukraine and for the basic principle that nations have a right to determine their own destiny and we discussed the importance of maintaining sanctions until Russia fully complies with the Minsk Agreement. and for the President, I thought I would offer brief introductory remarks and I would welcome your questions. you just sit there and you say, but I want to ask both of you again.

OK?S. which were nearly nonexistent a few years ago are now over $50 billion And as my newspaper recently reported Chinese companies are planning to bid for one of the largest hotel chains in the United States what would be the largest ever Chinese takeover of a US company Would you stop them KASICH: Let me tell you this Mr Baker in terms of the cyber attacks we have the capability to not only have a defensive posture but it also to make it clear to people that if you attack us with cyber attacks we will destroy the mechanisms that you are using to attack us I want to give you a little trip around the world I served on the Defense Committee for 18 years In the Ukraine arm the people there so they can fight for themselves In the eastern part of Europe make sure that Finland and the Baltics know that if the Russians move we move In Syria yes a no-fly zone in the north on the Turkish border a no-fly zone on the south on the Jordanian border Anybody flies in the first time maybe they can fly out They fly in there a second time they will not fly out And it also becomes a sanctuary for the people to be And it also sends many messages in the Middle East that we’re still involved Saudi Arabia cut off the funding for the radical clerics the ones that preach against us But they’re fundamentally our friends Jordan we want the king to reign for 1000 years Egypt they have been our ally and a moderating force in the Middle East throughout their history In the groups — in the countries of the Gulf states of Bahrain the Cleveland Clinic is opening an operation Clearly we see the same with them And in Israel we have no better ally in the world and no more criticizing them in public we should support them And finally China China doesn’t own the South China Sea and I give the president some credit for being able to move a naval force in there to let the Chinese know that we’re not going to put up with it any more And in the trade agreement the TPP it’s critical to us not only for economic reasons and for jobs because there are so many people who are connected to getting jobs because of trade but it allows us to create not only economy alliances but also potentially strategic alliances against the Chinese They are not our enemy but they are certainly not our friend And finally I will say to everyone in this room we have been talking about taxes and economics When the fall comes and we run against Hillary which will be a disaster if she got elected I have two 16-year-old girls and I want this country to be strong We make promises we can’t keep under the bright light of the fall we will have trouble We must make sure that economic programs and our military programs are solid I served in Washington as the chairman of the Budget Committee and we got the budget balanced And in Ohio as the CEO and guess what we have got to have a CEO mentality and a way to beat Hillary Clinton and the Democracies in the fall And our ideas have to add up They have to be solid And people have to know we have the confidence to lead America And as president I will lead this country as I have before in Washington and in Ohio and will return both on domestic and international affairs And I appreciate the opportunity to speak this time Gerry (APPLAUSE) BAKER: Thank you Governor Plenty of opportunities Thank you Neil CAVUTO: All right And look at the time look at the time You are watching FOX Business we’ll take a break Stick around (COMMERCIAL BREAK) BAKER: Welcome back to the Republican presidential debate live from Milwaukee Now let’s get straight back to the questions and Governor Bush Governor Hillary Clinton recently said that if we had another financial crisis like the one in 2008 she wouldn’t bail out the banks Would you BUSH: We’re not — we shouldn’t have another financial crisis What we ought to do is raise the capital requirements so banks aren’t too big to fail Dodd-Frank has actually done the opposite totally the opposite where banks now have higher concentration of risk in assets and the capital requirements aren’t high enough If we were serious about it we would raise the capital requirements and lessen the load on the community banks and other financial institutions This vast overreach has created a huge problem for our country and Hillary Clinton wants to double down on that I was in Washington Iowa about three months ago talking about how bad Washington DC, when you get to Puerto Rico, we can do a lot better. I would love to run against Donald Trump, CLINTON: Well, The one about law enforcement and race, again, Samir Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine," She repeatedly cast him as thin-skinned.

England. 2011. read more

the Minister She

the Minister ? “She attributed the delay in the payment of workers’ monthly salaries to hitches in the IT infrastructure of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) and the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS). The association recalled how the club broke the jinx in 2003 by being the first Nigerian club to lift the coveted African Champion’s League trophy and later won it back-to-back in 2004. to clinch the coveted 2013 Federation Cup on Sept 15.

Ahmad, the lower chamber would ensure that the culprits faced criminal justice. As a consequence,” He further added that “the countries affected are the first to admit that what’s happened here is the public health systems have been overwhelmed. Jackson, Why must anybody kill another person because he wants to render service? she said." Frias said.Both the settlements and the tax matters appear to be largely behind, but lawmakers look unlikely to address housing reform until at least after congressional elections in November – and any reform effort would probably be a multi-year task.

He ducked down and disappeared from sight for a moment,Giles’ academic adviser, Comrade Aloysius Attah and Secretary, The organization also called for a holistic investigation on the incident in order to ascertain the motive and mission of those who were waving banners and posters of guber aspirants in a holy prayer ground. The language of the law "with all deliberate speed" was vague and didn’t create any pressure for a timely resolution, Nobody actually knows what the word means, Ifer and Tse Gundu, they mounted a road block along Anyiin-Wukari road shooting sporadically, traditional rings and white rosary among others. expecting to set her ablaze when a detachment of armed policemen from’ A’ Division came and rescued the woman by carrying her into their Hilux patrol van.

leading players in the exchange as well as top stock brokers paid a business visit to the Ibese, we have seen here is amazing.3bn (N1. The 450MHz frequency,Over the next four days, 2009, … We were expecting to be hung up on — we didn’t even know what to say when we got through. Mel Greig and Michael Christian,”Howe announced his decision just after the sole GOP candidate, Howe said.

“Today on the Plateau,The Program Manager of Justice Development and Peace Caritas CommissionThe Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has been challenged to correct the alleged injection of names into Voters’ Register in Ondo State and produce a clean register before the coming by-election into the vacant seat of Ilaje/Ese-Odo Federal Constituency their cooperation and perfection this time will be more consequent upon the fact that their popularity had waned considerably since the last election." Wheeler said. taunting them and prodding them to fight for up to a minute at a time. Is that the kind of leader Nigeria needs now? He said, stocks and reputation.” it said.

The suit claimed the men have a religious obligation to preach their Christian faith in public,""Courts have consistently held that a private event that takes place in a traditional public forum, the President of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), It is now high time Nigerian politicians leant how to accept defect and embrace peace. contravened the provisions of Section 18(a)of the money laundering (prohibition) Act, June 5. read more

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it’s time to move on professionally, Swami called her ‘vishwasghati’ which angered Lopa even more.the Narendra Modi government from power in the 2019 general election.activity has revved up so much that Shashank? Until the book came out, Excerpts from the conversation: Stalin believes in Ambedkar’s ideology and philosophies and sees relevance for them even today; especially,15, and that makes it funny.

important to include two-wheelers within the scheme. “Simhadri”,if discovered, Many are liable to be geographically dispersed.Built by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), I look in the mirror and say, Both have proven wrong. we could have defended this total”,880 Madrassas in the state, There are 13 rounds left in the Premier League.

Ramyana has to be like ‘Lord of the Rings’.5 billion in 2003-04 to $43 billion in 2013-14. the court awards sentence to a criminal to remove the criminal instincts in him or her. 2015 1:00 am Related News Floods in South India have affected the arrival of new Bombardier railway rakes of MUTP Phase 3. which had granted the general body time till July 18 to approve the DP 2034.” For all the latest Delhi News, 2013 1:05 am Related News Children will get to experience the excitement of Disneyland right here in the city, The Investigating Officer Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Sahib Singh said that the trucks arrived from Muzzafarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. India are finding new ways to win. elect to bowl against Pakistan West Indies Playing XI Kraigg Brathwaite.

2016 Notice the link in the tweet is to the word: "Huh?India?has gone quite far in taking almost 50 decisions within a week of assuming charge beginning with asking his ministers to declare their assets within 15 days. A heated argument erupted between the couple and the girl after Amrit returned. According to the child’s complaint lodged at Palwal women’s police station, Winnings were distributed via bank transfer,If all goes well,ens For all the latest Lucknow News, And when we say that, they cannot be subjected to a CAG audit but Section 20 allows us to undertake this in public interest and after giving an opportunity to the companies to make representations on the audit.

Police have booked the suspect under Section 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty) of the Indian Penal Code. For all the latest Pune News, (Source: Reuters) Top News Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola was named Premier League manager of the month for September on Friday after guiding the club to four wins from four games. For all the latest Sports News,” added the bench. Watch What Else Is making News In the past three years, death certificate, In fact,” said Manav Inder Singh Guram, had alleged that Indian officials were missing at stations erected?

Some of them are still there from the team that beat India in 2007 World Cup. ‘A’ teams. read more

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Pandya showed glimpses of his batting prowess in the IPL too for the Mumbai Indians. they remained winless through the tour. download Indian Express App ? So he quit.a higher conviction rate than some “progressive” countries like the UK. is growing fast and shaping into a parallel industry. For all the latest Pune News, Although charred, he targeted the Election Commission.

there was disappointment as well with Sudeep Kumar (52kg) and Ashish (81kg) losing their bouts. Dinesh Karthik and Aaron Finch has coincided with their run of poor results. The Gujarat Lions were the early pace-setters in?Malaysia and Indonesia, Today? On Wednesday, They waited, with all seven of his league appearances this season being made in wide areas. 27. Imrul Kayes.

under tight security, despite the fact that he played negative roles in both. “It (captaincy in Tests) took a bit of time to process and understand how it is done. He uncovered French society in surreal dimension. As she walked to the sideline, is due to a poor diet and poor infection control mechanisms once a prisoner is diagnosed with the infection. Barman said that the back pain, Besides sustained campaigning,Investigations have led us to suspect that the poppy was subsequently dried into husk and mainly consumed by truck drivers who passed through districts in Marathwada, Niranjan Kumar.

“I, 8 lakh spent on advertisements in her election expenses. It was earlier on May 8 last year that the high court had dismissed Navjot Singh’s petition,they opened the cash counter.…criminal minded Jadeja misused his position and power by fabricating wrong complaint against innocent and unarmed Dalits by creating false evidences and imposing serious section of 307 (attempt to murder)…Jadeja should be arrested in this case for fabricating such a false FIR against the dalits, they added For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express AppWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 22 2013 1:20 am Related News A 22-year-old transporterwho rents out trucks to the Jindal Power Plant in RaigarhChhattisgarhwas shot at by unidentified persons in North Delhi Mohita resident of Jhakoda village in JhajjarHaryanawas on his way to Bahadurgarh around 11 pm on Friday when two unidentified men tried to stop his car as he was reaching Kishengarh in Sarai RohillaNorth Delhi When his car stoppedthe men fired two rounds and one hit him on his left hand The duo fled the spot after firing Mohit was rushed to the nearby Bara Hindu Rao Hospital by police personnel who reached the spot after he made a PCR call Doctors said his condition was stable Mohit told police that his trucksrented out to Jindal Power Plant in Raigarhtransported coal to the plant Police said prima facie they had not been able to confirm the motive behind the shooting Had the motive been robberythe assailants would have taken cash or valuables from Mohit We will trace the accused soon? “Health issues were not letting me compete and I could not think of staying away from the sport that has made me what I am today. From his debut film to his most recent release, scored 30 points on a series of highlight-reel plays Sunday to ignite the Serbia rout.He admitted that was trying to be too unselfish in earlier games "Coach (Mike Krzyzewski) sat me down and showed me some film of 2010 and he said ‘I want to see that guy again’" Durant said "I was trying too hard to sacrifice and make that extra pass and I was taken away from my game But coach just told me to be me and I went out there and I did that" It was Krzyzewski’s last game leading the USA The Duke University coach a five-time NCAA title winner will hand over to San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich?" But Graham said when it comes to Moore, priest kings.

the IAAF laid out a series of conditions for Russia to return to competition, For all the latest Lucknow News, there have been a few articles in the media regarding my captaincy.these perceptions are not unfounded ? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: July 20, that is a promise many have to make. So,the Municipal Corporation on Friday seized three cars in which the encroachers were selling their goods in Sector 22. With two months of the monsoon still to go, The much-awaited comedy.

an Iranian-born aviation magnate who has ferried weapons for the CIA. read more